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"Host Integration Complete. Enjoy your stay my host."
"Alluka? Alluka where are you?" shouted an 8 year old boy. He had silver hair, blue eyes, a similarly blue t-shirt and brown shorts.
"Over here Killua niisan," said a young girl who looked to be about 7 years old. Her eyes were a clear blue, her hair, a deep black, together contrasting greatly against her yellow sweater and green shorts.
"There you are Alluka, everyone has been looking for you," Killua said in an exasperated tone
"Look, Killua niisan! I found a boy," Alluka said excitedly, indifferent to his concern.
"Hold on Alluka, I'll find someone to take care of him," Killua patted her lightly on the head before continuing, "Don't worry, I'll be right back."
"Ok Killua niisan, please come back soon," Alluka called as Killua reluctantly ran off to find some help. He clearly did not like the thought of leaving Alluka alone again.
She turned her head towards the unconscious boy and asked, "Are you ok?"
God my head hurts...what happened? I thought the system would make the traveling easy." Arthur groaned, unaware of the person sitting next to his prone body.
"What's a system?"
Arthur turned in a panic, only to see a 7 year old girl staring at him with a quizzical look.
"Who are you? What are you doing here and how did you get past the gate and Mike san?" the girl inquired, this time looking directly into Arthur's dark brown eyes.
"My name is Arthur, Arthur Kurogami. What's your name? It is not polite to ask someone their name without introducing yourself first." he replied, completely unphased by the barrage of questions.
"Oh, sorry for being rude. My name is Alluka Zoldyck," She said in an apologetic tone, "I am from the Zoldyck family of assassins."
'That's Alluka!?! As in the wish granting Alluka?!?' Arthur shouted internally, producing a shocked face.
Alluka, seeing his surprised face, asked "Are you ok Arthur san? You don't look so good."
Arthur abruptly awakened from his stupor and answered, "Yeah Alluka chan, I am fine. I'm just a little shocked that you're from the legendary Zoldyck family."
"So how did you get here anyways Arthur san? You don't look like you can open the gate or get past Mike san," Alluka questioned.
'I can't reveal the system and I don't have a backstory in this world so I guess I'll have to lie to her. Wait, is Alluka a boy or a girl?' Arthur contemplated before answering her, "I'm not really sure, I can't remember how I got here. The last thing I remember was this bright flash of light, then I woke up next to you in this forest."
"Oh, ok Arthur san, do you know where your home is? I'm sure Ojiisan or Otousan can help you home if you ask them to." Alluka told Arthur, assuring that he was safe.
"I don't remember where my home is or if I even have a home. I can't remember much of anything besides my name. It's really scary that I can't remember anything Alluka chan." Arthur pretends to have amnesia, like every other transmigrator that he had read about in web novels and began to act like a scared 10 year old.
Attempting to comfort the crying Arthur, Alluka declared "It's ok Arthur san, when Killua niisan comes back with Ojiisan or Otousan, everything will be alright. Until then, I will protect you."
"Thanks Alluka san, you're the best," Arthur exclaimed while drying fake tears. "Hey Alluka san, what's your family like?"
"Otousan and Okaasan are kind of cold and mean and play with Killua niisan more than me, but on the inside, they are still nice. Ojiisan is super nice and strong and will sometimes play with me and Killua niisan. Maha Jiisan is Ojiisan's Ojiisan and he is super nice. Ojii-san says that Maha Jiisan is super strong and used to be the strongest in the whole world," Alluka said with a look of excitement in her eyes, "Then there is Illumi niisan, he is kind of mean and doesn't play with anyone except for Killua niisan and Killua niisan says that I should stay away from Illumi niisan. Milluki niisan is also mean and only plays on his computer and watches anime. Kalluto san is weird and always follows okaasan around instead of playing with me and Killua niisan."
"Wow, your family is really big! I hope I can meet your Ojiisan and Maha Jiisan. They sound really cool." said Arthur with a look of excitement although he was really thinking, 'I wonder if I can have them teach me the Zoldyck assassin techniques or how to use my nen. That would be really useful for the future.'
"Yeah, they are the coolest," Alluka said in response. "Well, Killua niisan should be back soon, then I can introduce you to Ojiisan, then Maha Jiisan."
"Hey Arthur san will you play with me till Killua niisan comes back?" Alluka pleaded.
"Sure Alluka chan. What do you want to do?" Arthur replied, thinking that he may luck out and be able to have Alluka grant him a wish.
"Lift me up as high as you can!"
"Ok Alluka chan, get on my shoulders." Arthur gestured for her to climb onto his shoulders by bending down and looking expectantly towards her.
"Okay Arthur san" she laughed as she stepped on his shoulders.
Arthur stood as high as he could with Alluka on top of him, who now showed a brilliant smile at Arthur who complied with her request.
"Let me down Arthur san. Help me climb that tree over there," she said while pointing at the tallest tree that they could see. The tree was about 12 meters high with a trunk as wide as 4 people. The branches were as thick as an adult and the leaves had a dark green tone.
Ok Alluka san, stand up on my shoulders so that you can reach that branch." Arthur instructed while pointing to a branch on the tree 7 feet from the forest floor.
Alluka stood on his shoulders and climbed up the branch before proceeded to scale the entire way up the tree.
"Catch me Arthur san," Alluka shouted while preparing to jump out the tree.

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