"Anime Worlds System" Installing:
"Anime Worlds System" Loading:
Initiating AWS
Initiating Host Search Protocol
Host Candidates:
Arthur Kurogami, M, 22
Drake Stone, M, 14
Lucifer Light, M, 18
Clair Westwood, F, 13
Kira Yagami, F, 17
Maria Coldwater, F, 21
Host: Arthur Kurogami
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Arthur Kurogami was an average person who lived an average life. He passed school every year with a 3.5 GPA and spent many nights studying to get into a good college. This would allow him to obtain a good job so he could meet and support a good wife, then having a good family with 2 good kids, a boy and a girl. All of this was to simply live a good life, at least that was the plan.

But of course, things don't always go according to plan. Arthur died before he could finish his last year of college, denying him his good job, his good wife, his good kids and most of all, his good full life. Arthur's death was fairly normal if not a reasonable death. You see, he had died in a gas explosion while rewatching Hunter x Hunter (2011). Anime had always been the one thing in life he enjoyed during his quest for a good life and was unsurprisingly the last thing he thought before he died.
"Welcome New Host: Arthur Kurogami, you have been officially selected to be the latest bearer of the Anime Worlds System." the information transmitted directly into Arthur's mind.
"What happened? And where am I!?!" Arthur shouted in anger and confusion after seeing his current state. He tried to feel his body only to realize that he no longer had one.
"You died in a gas explosion while rewatching Hunter x Hunter." Once again the voice appeared in his mind, though this time he realized that the information was said in a sexless, emotionless voice that definitely wasn't his.
"As for where you are, you are in the Void, the place that comes after death. As I have said earlier, you have been chosen to become my host, the Anime Worlds System or AWS for short. As such, you will select an anime in which you will be implanted into and complete missions that I will set for you."
Arthur was confused, but at the same time understanding of his current situation. He asked the Anime Worlds System "So not only have I died before I could live out my planned, perfect, average life or even be able to finish all of the anime I was watching, but I am being forced to be inserted into an anime of my choice?"
"Yes Host, you must live in an anime of your choice while completing all tasks set for you, or be wiped from the system and live for eternity in the Void"
"Why me? You could have chosen anyone out of billions of other people, so why was I chosen? Also, why do you even exist? What is the purpose of the Anime Worlds System?" Arthur asked in an attempt to gain more information.
"The host of the Anime Worlds System is chosen based on certain requirements that you, my host, just so happened to meet. As for the purpose of the Anime Worlds System, I was created in order fulfill the dreams of those who lived an unhappy, meaningless life and to bring happiness to the poor, unfortunate souls who should not have been born on earth, but instead in another world. We simply use anime as a medium to fulfill that wish."
"Who is this 'we' that you just referenced? And what do you mean by poor, unfortunate souls? I was fine with the way my life was going, I was practically living the 'American Dream'! I shouldn't be considered a sad and meaningless life." Arthur questioned in a final attempt to understand how this 'thing' and his current situation worked.
"System Host currently doesn't meet the level requirement to ask such a question, nor does the host have permission to ask any more questions about the workings of the system. To answer your inquiry about why you are here, look deep down inside your heart. Do you really think that you were happy living that blueprinted life, do you really believe it was a true way to live?"
'I see, this system is capable of reading not only the information on earth but also one's mind and heart. It's capable of telling your true desires to you.' Arthur thought to himself after the system's response.
"Alright, fine then, if I don't meet the level requirements right now, that means eventually, I will meet said requirements as long as I follow the rules and complete your missions?" Arthur said to the system, now having a better grasp on the situation.
Arthur finally decided to ask the system "Ok, what potential worlds can I currently visit then?"
"System opening list of current worlds"
Anime Worlds List:
Soul Eater
Tokyo Ghoul
Assassination Classroom
Seven Deadly Sins
Hunter x Hunter
"System, I choose to venture into the world of Hunter x Hunter"
System confirming: Host would like to be integrated into the Hunter x Hunter world?"
"Yes, that is the world I wish to travel to." Arthur replied to the System cooly, now completely sure of his choice.
"Understood, beginning Host Identity Selection Process. Host, please select your identity/stats"
Name: (Enter Name Here)
Gender: choose (M/F)
Age: choose (0-23)
Talent: Choose (Enhanced body/Enhanced Mind/All Nen Affinity/Large Nen Reserves)
Nen Affinity: Choose 2 (Enhancement/Transmutation/Conjuration/Specialization/Manipulation/Emission)
Time of Insertion: (choose any time)
"System, keep my name and gender the same and make my age 10. Also, I choose Large Nen Reserves as my Talent and for my Nen Affinities, I wish for Conjuration and Transmutation. As for my time of insertion, make it 3 years before the hunter exam that Gon participated in."
"Host, are you sure of your choices?"
"System, I have no doubt in my mind about my decisions." Arthur stated with absolute confidence.
"Understood Host. Beginning Host Integration Process." the system reacted in compliance with Arthur's choices.
Host Identity: Arthur Kurogami
Age: 10
Talent: Large Nen Reserves
Nen Affinity: Conjuration, Transmutation
Time of Insertion: 3 years before the 287th Hunter Exam (where the main storyline begins)
Location: Kukuroo Mountain
Host Integration:
Host Integration Complete
"Enjoy your stay, my faithful Host"


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