The Destiny Detour

The Destiny Detour

by JennFlathAuthor

In a kingdom putting together the pieces after a series of devastating magical wars, trouble is brewing. At least that's what the Seer's vague warning to Princess Lillya claims. That warning sends young Sorceress Rosaliy and enigmatic ruffian Drake from one end of the world to the other searching for answers (and lost magical children).

The Destiny Detour is third in the Black Pearl Series, but the events of this story occur 10 years after the first two, and it focuses on different characters in the world. It should be able to stand alone. If you are interested, the beginning of the series is available on Amazon and most e-book places:

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Word Count (11)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
71 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Survival ago
Introductions ago
Drake ago
Detour ago
The Art of Spying ago
Direction ago
Family Reunions ago
Shelter ago
Daniella ago
Pegasus ago
Pandemonium and a Toad ago
Message ago
Missing ago
A Door ago
A Demanding Book ago
Distractions ago
Disappearances ago
Enemies ago
Fuming ago
Imposters ago
Walking into a Trap ago
Prison ago
Spellbound ago
On the Move ago
Caught ago
Scattered ago
Shambles ago
A Rocky Situation ago
Searching ago
Explosive ago
Wet ago
Moving On ago
Threats ago
Friends of Drake ago
The Oasis ago
Baysellian Royalty ago
Escape ago
The Party ago
Dead? ago
Zaphia ago
A Stubborn Latch ago
Castle Chase ago
Battle ago
Too Easy ago
Wet ago
Distraction ago
A Locked Box ago
A Fishy Plan ago
Underwater ago
Eavesdropping ago
Granpulpo ago
Arrival ago
Jungle Reconnaissance ago
Anxiety ago
The Island Prison ago
Castle Problems ago
Potion Troubles ago
The Seer ago
Divinating ago
Lost in Translation ago
The Weapon ago
Crystal Palace ago
A Dramatic Entrance ago
Welcome Home ago
Goodbyes, Part 1 ago
Goodbyes, Part 2 ago
Return ago
Revelations ago
Found ago
Worries ago
Repair ago

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Excellent story, hidden gem

This story is clearly written by someone of professional author caliber, definitely not an amateur.

Interesting setting, exciting story, engaging and realistic characters, perfect grammar and spelling. The story started posting 7 months ago and I am baffled as to why it has no reviews and is not trending.

Read this. It is a hidden gem on this website.