Narutoverse: Cultivation Style

Narutoverse: Cultivation Style

by YesorNo

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy Romance Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Its all in the title folks. Our hero Lin Feng transcends his own world and lands up in Narutoverse. He tries to gain as much power from the world as possible so that he can impact the barriers of a higher tier world. As he goes about snatching stuff and occasionally creating beautiful buildings... he's from the Grand Architecture Sect after all,,, he pisses off the locals who rise spiritedly in revolt.

How does he deal with his own mess? Read on to find out. Not a mass murdering OP MC fic... if that's your thing. He will struggle with his morality.

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Table of Contents
55 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Where our Hero conducts a Robbery under the Moonlight ago
Chapter 2: Where our Hero Brainstorms in the Nude ago
Chapter 3: Where our Hero copies a certain Badass [TM] ago
Chapter 4: Where our Hero decides to subdue a Monkey ago
Chapter 5: Where our Hero uses talk-no-jutsu ago
Chapter 6: Where our Hero seals a tailed-beast ago
Chapter 7: Where our Hero Moves Seas to Fill Mountains ago
Chapter 8: Where our Hero is reminded of his Fraility ago
Chapter 9: Where our Hero assimilates a Soul ago
Chapter 10: Where our Hero recovers from his injuries ago
Chapter 11: Where our Hero finally finishes his preparations ago
Chapter 12: Where our Hero builds a Castle of Glass ago
Chapter 13: Where our Female Lead is abducted ago
Chapter 14: Where our Hero gets a Wake up Call ago
Chapter 14.5: Where our Hero engages in Introspection. ago
Chapter 14.6: The Beginning of a Partnership ago
Chapter 14.7: Where our Hero learns of Seals and the Public Opinion ago
Chapter 15: Where our Hero underestimates the power of YOUTH!! ago
Chapter 16: The Birth of a Hero is the Death of a Man ago
Chapter 17: The Final Stand ago
Chapter 18: Where our Hero gains an Insight ago
Bonus Chapter ago
Chapter 19: Two Worlds ago
Chapter 20: Where our Female Lead battles the Executioner ago
Chapter 21: Nine Turns on a Riverboat ago
Joke Chapter ago
Chapter 22: Memories (Part 1) ago
Chapter 23: Memories (Last Part) ago
Chapter 23.1: Where Rasa receives a Housecall ago
Chapter 23.2: His Dreams of Her ago
Chapter 23.3: The Saguaro of the Fallen ago
Chapter 23.4: Her Dreams of Him ago
Chapter 24: The Forging of two Hearts ago
Chapter 25: The Incense Game (Part 1) ago
Chapter 26: The Incense Game (Last Part) ago
Chapter 27: Life beneath the Red Moon (Part 1) ago
Chapter 28: Life beneath the Red Moon (Last Part) ago
Chapter 29: A Cupful of Emotions ago
Chapter 30: Kaguya's Beginning ago
Chapter 31: Kaguya's Middle ago
Chapter 32: Kaguya's End ago
Chapter 33: Negotiations (Part 1) ago
Chapter 34: Negotiations (Last Part) ago
Chapter 35: The Advent of Pain ago
Chapter 36: Creation of the Soul Sutra ago
Chapter 37: The Hunt ago
Chapter 38: The Switcheroo ago
Chapter 39: Things come to a Head ago
Chapter 40: Karma Connection ago
Chapter 41: The Ides of War ago
Chapter 42: The Vow of Death ago
Chapter 43: Joining Forces ago
Chapter 44: A Slim Chance ago
Chapter 45: Five Elemental Jutsu ago
Chapter 46: Where our Female Lead takes action ago

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Good to know that all power in naruto world is law, and laws for cultivator is free meal just wait for new kaze*cough*hero for saving human kind lol, that aside wel story so far solid MC do something like ur typical cultivator but it blend so well on story... It's fan fiction so don't hope it'll the same with super Naruto.. What he is only ninja that didn't kill his enemies 


Xianxia set in the Naruto world.

OC travels to the world of naruto and proceeds to ruin peoples day... well written and with frequent updates, this is a solid read.


Just like the Title says

This story is just as i imagine a cultivator in Narutoverse woud act.

Instead of other fanfics where a reincarnated Person adapts to the world and only uses his knowledge and Powers of his past life as a cheat or adition to his progess of local practise, differs this story in its approach.

The cultivator tries to understand the Power of jutsus and bloodlines, to implement it to his own cultivaton and Dao.

As a result of that, we get a new view of the world in a more pragmatic and logic way.

The qualtiy of the writing is also pretty good and has a nice flow without any parts that would disturb you.

Overall a good read, although not one of my Favorits on this site, its a great Naruto fanfic that has great potential.


PS: Sorry for my bad english. Its not my native language.tongue-out


A unique nautoverse fanfic

Overall this is the best cultivation take on the Naruto world I have seen, it thoroughly explains bloodlines in an interesting way.

The mc is strong but not as strong as the likes of Hashirama or Madara yet.  

The cultivation system is well thought out and quite different from the usual stuff. 

Definitely worth a read even though it's in its infancy. 


Pakura is my new waifu

The author of Joie de Vivre recommended this. I was initially extremely sceptical due to the terrible title, but I ended up being pleasently surprised. This is a thoroughly entertaining story that manages to hit all my guilty pleasure buttons. 

P.S. That scene with Pakura was fucking great. It elevated this story from "Eh, this is pretty cool" to "I'm actually anticipating the chapters". 


Other than a couple of typo's this story is almost flawless. It takes the world of Naruto then it replaces it's clothes with it's own. Could use more character building and proofreading but it's more than readable.


Funny and realistic

Reviewed at: Joke Chapter

Cultivator in the narutoverse. His power isn't completely wank and the systems are reconciled. The grammar is very good for a fanfic in this site. No mistakes that I have caught and the pov is consistent. The story is funny too.

Words word's words word's words wirds words word's why is this not 50 words yet what the heck


LOved it, Don't have many words to say i'm not much of a speaker 

But I have many thoughts going around my head like going through a swapy road of life

But this novel lit a spark of Creation in my soul, give me light in my time of peril i'm facing some difficulties now it can be bit serious but this seriously helped lighting my mind

its concept is good mixing wuxia and naruto system seamlessly, its like zoro cutting the mountain form of Pika.

At ch23 at guest