The Nerdlettes, Madison and Eddie, learn a secret from their parent's past and have to face it themselves in order to save their parents from impending doom. Madison leaps into it with martial prowess, but Eddie has his own ways of dealing with things. How will these two kids save the day?

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A bright & uplifting read.

*9 chapters had been released at the time of this review, so might contain spoilers up to that point.*

I'll start off by saying that I love superhero stories so I usually set my expectations pretty high, but 'Show and Tell' didn't disappoint. The plot is fairly different from what I have seen around Royal Road so far and it actually reminded me a little of 'The Incredibles' and not in a rip-off, unoriginal way, rather the aura it gave off.

It blends the elements of family, childhood adventures and mystery quite well and I was impressed by the unexpected turn of events around chapter 5. The story has a good balance between actions and thoughts and the pace is appropriate for what it intends to deliver. The premise was especially nice, I really appreciate the author's sense of humor.

The main characters are interesting and have already set relationships, however, I feel like even after 9 chapters, I have not fully invested myself in them. That may just be because the chapters are short and the number betrays the amount of content that has been posted or because the characters are fairly young. That is not to say that they lack potential, there is definitely room for them to grow on the readers, just that I would have liked to learn a little more about them, maybe between the dialogue. As a side-note, I'll point out that I really like how the two children have similar names, haha.

A huge positive is that I feel like this is the kind of story that can be shared and enjoyed with most age groups. For example, I'd have no trouble handing this down to a budding, pre-teen reader and would neither feel any hesitancy in recommending it to an adult. The light and vibrant tone of the story makes it so.

The style is easy to understand and pleasing to the eyes and the grammar is good as well. My only complaint is that there is a lack of scene setting in some instances, but that's my complaint with most stories and it's a minor issue and can be fixed with just a few additional lines.

Overall, it seems to be heading down the path of a warm, inspiring story about self-discovery and friendship perhaps, and the well-written content makes it worth a try!

Personally, I really like this piece and anything that I may have pointed out was simply meant as an encouragement to even greater things. I look forward to the next chapters and I hope this review provided some valuable insight to the readers and the author alike.

Keep up the good work!


My favorite story types is that of self-discovery and my favorite genre is super heroes ... THIS IS BOTH! I like your layers of story and how family history comes back to bite them. A cool little heroes journey.


It had the making of an epic adventure

Reviewed at: Chapter 9: A visit to the Nurses' Office

The plot is fascinating, that said, you need to change the summary. It has been a long time since you updated so I am guessing you gave up on it. However, I must tell you that you have the talent and creativity, you only need the practice.