Temptations Of Wrath (OLD / Dropped)

by Denisat

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Magic Martial Arts Non-Human lead Reincarnation Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content


The Empire once again has prevailed and shown its might to the rest of the world. Yet the legend of the unbeatable Empire is slowly fading. A virus is tearing through its body. The King of Prussia has gone mad and the Princess is nowhere to be found. Therefore, the Council shall lead Prussia to its former glory and unite the Empire under one flag. Unity will only come through iron and blood, not words and treaties. Groups hidden in the underworld have come together to reform the lands. Yet the Council is prepared and another attempt to revolt will be suppressed by all means. There will be no exceptions.

"All traitors shall be hanged without trial."

The demons claiming the land of the elves have been forced to fight against a seemingly unbeatable foe as strong as monsters of old legends. Their extinction is on the horizon, only the birth of a Demon King, a being to unite them all, will help them to overcome their winged foes.

Somehow the two most powerful beings of the universe, Satan and the Allfather, have decided that this world is worthy of their interest. An agent has been sent to fulfil a mission. Unfortunately for everyone, Wrath has started to enjoy her mortal life.


Dropped / Rewritten as "Ira's Faithful"


Be advised that I am not a native English speaker. In addition, I am not a professional author. I'm just your average German student with an average grade in English. This leads to the fact that this novel here is more or less a draft that needs to be fleshed out. That might happen or that might not happen. I don't know. It depends on several factors.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

This is no litRPG. It is a story of fantasy and magic with quite the clusterfuck of history here and there. Thus nothing here has any educational value whatsoever. I might mess your country up, if that happens, feel free to correct me.

© 2017-2019 D.H. / Denisat / Kokodoko / Grenzfrequenz
(nach: Gesetz über Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzrechte (Urheberrechtsgesetz)
§ 10 Vermutung der Urheber- oder Rechtsinhaberschaft)
(according to (English translation): Copyright and Related Rights Act (Copyright Act)
§ 10 Presumption of copyright or right ownership)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Hell ago
Chapter 2 - Your Soulmate ago
Chapter 3 - K.O. ago
Chapter 4 - Regret ago
Chapter 5 - Rebirth ago
Chapter 6 - Stabilise ago
Chapter 7 - Step by Step ago
Chapter 8 - A World of Ice ago
Chapter 9 - Cave Exploration ago
Chapter 10 - Recreation of a Race ago
Chapter 11 - My Loyal Minions ago
Chapter 12 - Merchants Have Wares If You Have Coin ago
Chapter 13 - The Infected ago
Chapter 14 - Wrath, the Detective ago
Chapter 15 - The Teacher ago
Chapter 16 - The City ago
Chapter 17 - The Princess ago
Chapter 18 - Crystallize ago
Chapter 19 - Blood on Paper ago
Chapter 20 - A long Talk ago
Chapter 21 - Intruder ago
Chapter 22 - Death's Child ago
Chapter 23 - Cake, Just Cake ago
Chapter 24 - Imperial Archives ago
Chapter 25 - The Living Library Nul ago
Chapter 26 - Attack ago
Chapter 27 - Mutilated and Mutated ago
Chapter 28 - Wrath ago
Chapter 29 - Fairies ago
Chapter 30 - A Servant Arrives ago
Chapter 31 - Creeping Chill ago
Chapter 32 - Hospital ago
Chapter 33 - A Very Evil Plan ago
Chapter 34 - The Empress ago
Chapter 35 - Theatre ago
Chapter 36 - Tower of the Oracle ago
Chapter 37 - The Hunt's Start ago
Chapter 38 - The Jog of Death ago
Chapter 39 - The Path of the Red Man ago
Chapter 40 - Anchor ago
Chapter 41 - The Wooden Hand ago
Chapter 42 - Poison ago
Chapter 43 - Sharp Tongue ago
Chapter 44 - Search ago
Chapter 45 - Hope ago
Chapter 46 - Espionage ago
Chapter 47 - Young Love ago
Chapter 48 - First Lesson ago
Chapter 49 - Banquet Preparations ago
Chapter 50 - Banquet ago
Chapter 51 - A Game of Spades ago
Chapter 52 - Imp & Drude ago
Chapter 53 - Jinxed ago
Chapter 54 - Dragon ago
Chapter 55 - Calm Storm ago
Chapter 56 - Hot Dogs? ago
Chapter 57 - Gaia ago
Chapter 58 - Steve, Destroyer of Worlds ago
Chapter 59 - Mad Painter ago
Chäpter 6O * HeIIo ago
Chapter 60 - Connecting the Path ago
Announcement ago
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Final Announcement ago

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This is amazing!!! You should read it!!!

There is some of the best humour I've seen in quite some time. The story is just - WOW! 

PS: I am not saying this under pressure that I will not be made non-existing by Wrath :)

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Nice story 👌