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A note from kenbinru

Hello everyone! I've decided to completely scrap "I Can't Believe I Have the Girlfriend of My Dreams!," in favor of creating a new spin-off about Mary Kaneko becoming a Magical Girl. 

I Can't Believe I Agreed to Be a Magical Girl!

A Light-Hearted Comedy Light Novel.

Mary Kaneko is your average, plain, and timid blonde-haried school girl with glasses. After encountering a talking cat named Mori at school, she is offered the chance to become Earth's newest Magical Girl! Follow Mary Kaneko as she reluctantly tries to fulfill her destiny as a Magical Girl, all while trying her best to win the heart of student body president - Kazuki Kaneshiro!


Romance, Comedy, Psychological, Manga

Get ahold of yourself Mary!

My name is Mary Kaneko. I’m the most average girl you’ve ever met. I’m not that athletic, my grades aren’t the best, and I hate how my blonde hair makes me stand out! It doesn’t help that I’m scared of talking to people, since I just suddenly get so anxious! My short stature just makes me feel like other people are always looking down on me. I was expecting my first year of Kasumigaseki High to be normal, but just now a talking black cat just appeared! I was just walking towards the usually empty library, but suddenly this cat called out to me clearly!

“Are you even listening!” the cat screeches at me.

“Uwawawawa! T-This m-must be a dream!” as I adjust my glasses.

“Like I said Mary, I am the harbinger of hope, Mori. I’m here to recruit you as this territory’s newest magical girl! It’s a great honor y’know.” she sighs.

I couldn’t tell the difference between a male and female cat, but judging from its voice, it sounded feminine.

“W-Why me…?” I asked Mori the talking cat.

“Because Mary, you are pure of heart! There couldn’t be a better candidate for this anywhere!” she explains.

Is that really the case?!?

Surely anyone else would have been better suited! I can’t even tie my shoes properly. Most of the time I would trip and fall onto my face, breaking my glasses. I’ve gone through about three pairs this month!

“I-I can’t do this! T-There’s no way!”

Sure I’ve read stories about magical girls and stuff like the Masked Avenger, but they were so embarrassing! If word got out that I still read that kid stuff, I’d be made fun of by the whole school!

“You can Mary! You just have to believe in yourself. Only a pure heart can access the power terminal.”

“The what…?”

“A pure heart acts kinda like a battery. If a girl has a pure heart, then she can access all the amazing powers of a magical girl!”

“I c-can’t!”

I had a heavy feeling in my chest. There’s no way I could become a magical girl! It sounded completely ridiculous! How could someone meek as me be able to fight off evildoers? Mori walks closer to me, and I instinctively kneel down towards her level.

“Please! You’re the only hope for the universe! Mary Kaneko, destiny has chosen you!”


“Uh…what are you doing?”


I immediately stand up to attention. Someone had appeared behind me!

“Who are you talking to Kaneko-san?” the mysterious person asked.

I turned around, only to find myself in front of Akane Yuki!

“U-Uh! Nothing Yuki-san! I-I was j-just mumbling to myself…yeah!” I tried to laugh off.

“Right…” she reluctantly accepted.

I couldn’t help but be in awe of her presence, since she was the most popular girl at school. Despite us never really talking in class, it made me feel a bit happy that she managed to remember my name. Akane Yuki was the complete opposite of me. She had long beautiful black hair, her skin was fair, and she had a soft-spoken elegance that I could never hope to achieve. Even though she was a bit intimating and well-mannered, everyone got along with her. She had the top grades, was excellent at sports, and she was the sister of the famous private detective. I’m just too shy to approach her.

“Well, please make sure to get enough sleep Kaneko-san.” she suggests. “I mumble to myself sometimes when I don’t get enough sleep too.”


Yuki-san walks away in the other direction. It seems she never noticed Mori. Speaking of Mori, where did she go? I look around everywhere, until I see her suddenly appear at my feet.

“W-Where did you go?”

“I c-can’t be seen by normal humans! I’m stuck in this stupid cat body! How embarrassing would it be if someone I knew saw me in this pathetic state?” she sighs.

I’m looking at you right now!

I take a deep breath, and decide to continue my plan of going to the library to read. With only a few minutes left, maybe I could make it in time to check out a new book.

“Bye.” I waved off Mori the cat.

“W-Wait! You c-can’t leave me! You didn’t accept the position yet!”

“I-I can’t! F-Find someone else!”

I’m too weak. I’m timid. I can’t do it! Someone like Yuki-san would be the perfect candidate to be a magical girl. She was strong, smart, and had a strong sense of justice. I walk towards the library, ignoring my odd encounter with a talking cat.

I’m back in class, and it was now time for my most dreaded class – home economics.

What am I doing!!!

“Alright everyone, today’s objective should be simple.” as the teacher glares at me. “Just follow the recipe for the cookies and you’ll be fine.”

Home economics was definitely my worst subject! Every time we had to make something I would mess up somewhere! Last class when we made fruit salad, I managed to set off the fire alarm! What made it worst of all today was we had to pick partners. After my numerous accidents, nobody would want to partner up with me!

“Do you have a partner, Mary?”


I look to my side to see Kazuki Kaneshiro standing right beside me.

“N-No…?” I stuttered out anxiously.

“Can I be your partner? I think we’re the only ones left.” he smiles.


I can feel my face was getting warm enough to fog up my glasses. It must have been a miracle! Kazuki Kaneshiro was also in the same class as me, and we sat right next to each other. Kaneshiro-san was the student body president that I admired so much. Every single girl would swarm him whenever he was walking around, and it was normal to see him be presented with multiple confessions daily. Although he rarely accepted anything presented to him, he still played along, teasing his fangirls. Like Yuki-san, Kaneshiro-san also had the top grades, but was also the track star of Kasumigaseki High, along with being the student body president. To be honest, I always thought Kaneshiro-san and Yuki-san would be an ideal couple. It seemed they were perfect for each other in every way. There’s no way someone like him would ever look at a bookworm girl like me in a romantic way!

“Alright Mary, how about we spilt up the work?” he asks me.

“Y-Yes Kaneshiro-san!” I was still nervous around him.

“C’mon Mary, don’t be like that.” he laughs. “Just call me Kazuki like everyone else.”

Despite how popular he was, Kazuki still stayed humble.


I instinctively slapped my face lightly. With Kazuki being my partner, there’s a chance that everything will go well today.

“Let’s try our best!” as I pump myself up.

I-I can do this!!!

I can’t believe this happened…

I breathe a heavy sigh. I’m covered in flour, sugar, and some frosting managed to stick to my hair. It was after school now, and I’m the only one left in the home economics room. As part of my punishment for forgetting to close the lid on the blender, I’m here cleaning up my mess. Kazuki got the brunt of the mess I made unfortunately. His face was covered in my cookie dough. He probably hates me now! He wanted to stay afterschool with me to help, but I insisted otherwise. After all, he was supposed to meet with someone afterschool for important student body business. The last thing I wanted was to be a burden.

Maybe after I clean up I can practice making sweets some more…?

“There you are!”

I look behind to see Mori the cat appears before me yet again.

“Have you thought about accepting being a magical girl?” she asks.

“No. I’m not in the mood.”

I was starting to get annoyed of this stupid talking cat. I already made a huge mess today, and I’m completely done with this nonsense magical girl business.

“Please! You’re the perfect candidate for the job! Besides, after seeing you today in class, I might have something you’re interested in.”

“What do you mean…?”

“You might make a certain student body president fall in love with you!” Mori teases.



Did that cat see everything that happened during class? How did she realize that I have a huge crush on Kazuki? I instinctively bury my face into my sticky hands.

“Look! There’s no time anymore! You have to accept now!” she insists.

Mori walks closer to me, nudging my leg. She then jumps up to the kitchen sink, motioning me to look inside, where it was filled with soapy water.

“Wait…what’s happening?!”

The water inside began to form an image! I see Kazuki along with a few other people I recognized from school tied up! It looked like they were hostages at some unknown location!

“Your friend is in danger!” Mori exclaims.

N-No way!

“This can’t be real.” as I suddenly feel a vibration in my pants pocket. I pull out my phone and see a notification.

Breaking news: hostage situation at café. Police negotiating with criminals but no progress made. Stay away!”

“So you understand now?” Mori pleads me with her dreary eyes.

There’s no way…

I feel my knees shaking, and I stop my fall by leaning against the countertop. How could I become a magical girl? Surely anyone else would be up to the job.

I’m scared…

“For the last time – Please become a magical girl!” she pleads. “If you accept, you can save Kazuki!”

I can save him…?

I wanted to scream for help, but no one would hear me. My high school career so far nobody would ever think I’d ever amount to anything. Could I really be able to save Kazuki? I feel an unknown energy course through my veins, as I notice my fists were curling instinctively. It’s time for me to change! It’s time for Mary Kaneko to awaken!

“There’s that determined look! So will you accept?” Mori asks once more.


“Shaddup kid!” as one of the criminals pointed his weapon at me.

“Kazuki-kun, what do we do?!?” asked Renge-san, the president of the literature club.

“Calm down Renge, if we just do what they say, everything will be fine.” I tried to console her.

Just my luck…

I was just going to this new cat-maid themed café that opened, the “Purrfect Café,” just to pick up some new chocolates for someone later, but I got myself and a few students mixed up into this hostage situation. I have to keep myself calm, and hopefully everyone else will follow suit.

“Okay manager, where’s the secret recipe?” threatened the man in a white tiger suit.

A pudgy middle-aged man was sweating bullets. A man wearing a white suit with a large white tiger embroidered on the back was definitely the leader of the group here. The other two criminals were foraging through the cash register, along with stuffing themselves of the many deserts here.

“I-It’s not here! P-Please just let me go!” he pleaded.

The man in the white tiger suit slaps the manager violently.

I can’t stand idly by for this injustice!

“Hey!” I screamed out.

Suddenly everyone turned their attention towards me.

“You heard what he said. He doesn’t have it. So could you release everyone right here.” I said without any hint of fear. “The police are surrounding you outside too.”

The man in the white tiger suit walks closer to me. He gets close to my face.

“What’s a kid like you acting so brave?” He laughs. “Who do you think you are?”

“Then just take me! Let everyone else go.”

“Kazuki! You can’t!” said Renge.

The three criminals begin to break into laughter. The man in the white tiger suit was laughing so hard that he began to cough.

“Haha…kids these days.” He wipes away an invisible tear. “Hey…what if I were to shoot you right now!?”

He aims the gun at me. I’m staring straight down the barrel of his pistol. I instinctively feel the need to close my eyes.

Is this the end…?

“Hold it!”

I slowly open my eyes to realize the man didn’t pull the trigger. Everyone here frantically looks around to find the origin of the mysterious voice. It sounded like a girl, given how high-pitched and shrill it was.

“W-What the?” said the man in the white tiger suit.

I turn my attention towards the back of the café, near the kitchen. A cute short blonde girl in a frilly dress suddenly appeared, carrying a small wand in one hand. Her blue dress was adorned with multiple ribbons all over, with a large white ribbon tied around her neck. For a moment I thought this girl was one of the maids at this café, but upon closer inspection, she didn’t look like she worked here. She stood tall with determination on her face, posing like a superhero in a TV show.

“T-The great magical girl of love and peace, Kagari-chan, is here to bring y-you e-evil doers to justice!” as she points towards the man in the white tiger suit.

The atmosphere in the café suddenly changed, as a moment of silence felt like an eternity.

“Uwawawa!!! That was so embarrassing!” as Kagari-chan’s face turned bright red.

“What the hell is this?!?” as the man in the white tiger suit turns his attention towards this mysterious person.

“Are you kidding me! It’s some punk cosplayer probably.” one of the criminals laughs.

“Take this!” as the man in the white tiger suit unloads a volley of bullets to the girl.

“W-Woah!” she screams.

All the bullets!

The barrage of bullets was ineffective against her! Somehow her wand magically turned into a large bullet-proof shield, protecting her from harm’s way!


“What the! No way!”

Kagari-chan turns her shield back into her small wand. With the flick of her wrist, she turns the wand into a megaphone. Just what is she going to do with that?! I hear her take a deep breath into the megaphone, and she begins to sing a pleasant melody.

“Feel the power….yeah!”

Suddenly the three criminals begin to cover their ears, looking like they were hearing a deafening noise. However, it seemed like this didn’t affect anyone else for some reason.

“M-Make it stop!!!” the man in the white tiger suit screams.

Eventually the three criminals drop their guns, and all fall towards their knees.

“T-That…was the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard…” as I see tears begin to flow from the man in the white tiger suit.

All the criminals begin to cry like babies, much to the confusion of everyone in the café.

“She saved us!” said Renge.

“How did I stray so far from the good path…?” the man in the white tiger suit cries. “It reminded me so much of mama’s lullaby. I’m sorry mama!”

The girl who saved everyone walks towards us, and unties me first.

“Thank you very much.” I smiled to her.

“Y-Yeah…No problem!” she blushes.

Finally, it seemed that everyone came out safe from this incident. As the police figured out the situation calmed down, they began to come into the café. Before I knew it, the magical girl disappears from my sight.

What was her name…? Kagari-chan?

The three criminals finally stop crying, and regain their composure.

“W-Wait…what are we doin’ here Kanji?” asked one of the criminals.

The man in the white tiger suit blinks multiple times, and quickly scans the café.

“H-Huh?!? W-What are we doin’ at a stupid café?” he says, confused.

Maybe the three criminals were suffering from PTSD? I just wished I got a better look at the magical girl. I couldn’t help but feel she looked awfully familiar. It probably isn’t a good time to get those new chocolates for her…

Will I see you again…Magical Girl Kagari-chan?

“Uwawawa!” I let out.

“You did a good job Mary! Your singing could’ve been better, but you got the job done.” Mori complimented me.

I somehow teleported back into my bedroom. It appeared my costume changed back into my regular clothes. I take off my glasses and put them on my nightstand.

“Why is the outfit so embarrassing?” I exclaimed into my pillow. "And why do I have a code name?"

“You have to wear it with pride. Only if you believe in yourself without any doubt, can you access the highest potential of the power terminal.” Mori explains. "And well, you wouldn't want any to know your secret identity right?"

I doubt that either of those things were going to happen anytime.

Still, I had one pressing issue - Why did those criminals all of sudden forget everything. It almost seemed as if they were brain-washed or something.

“Your song’s power is to remove the brainwashing of these criminals. When people’s negative energy is amplified, their darkest desires come to light!” said Mori. “It’s the doing of the Ice Witch.”

“Ice Witch?” I gave a confused look.

“Yes, the Ice Witch. There isn’t much information on her, but apparently someone has been running around and amplifying people’s desires. She’s called the Ice Witch because her cold gaze solidifies people’s determination to get whatever they want!”

That’s kind of a reach for a super-villain name...

“But first, I need you to sign this contract, making everything official.” Mori makes a piece of paper appear in thin air.

Can I really do this…?

I have my doubts, but after saving Kazuki today, I can’t back down now. The world needs my help, and I understand what I need to do. I quickly sign the paper with my signature.

“Good! I’ll send it to the higher-ups.” As the paper disappears. “Now, there’s one thing I want now, a drink!” Mori smiles.

Doesn’t this cat know I’m still a minor?!?

So it seems I’ve become a magical girl, but somehow it made me feel a bit glad inside. I guess I was never cut out for a boring normal every-day life. Maybe I could truly become a hero of justice, just like Kazuki.

Where are you…?

I’ve been waiting all night for her to show up. Do people not understand to be punctual? Even though I’ve never actually met her, we’ve been exchanging messages through text. I don’t remember clearly how I even came into contact with this person, but one day an unknown number messaged me. Everything this person said about me was true, as if they had known me my entire life. Being the study body president, I made sure that we would meet in a secure location, away from anyone I knew.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

I turn around to see someone had suddenly appeared. It was difficult to see under the night sky, but she looked like a young girl, possibly around my age.

“Are you Ice Witch?” I asked.

As I asked to confirm her identity, I could see clouds coming out of my mouth. The temperature suddenly dropped dramatically. She simply nods.

"Yes. Can I confirm you are Kazuki Kaneshiro?” she asks.

I reach into my bag and pull out a box of chocolates. It was sort of like a secret password that stayed between us. I couldn’t help but feel like I was actually offering something to a God. I hand it to her. I hear her approach closer to me with the clicking of her heels.

“Kazuki Kaneshiro, how did the experiment go?” as she inspects the box of chocolates.

Upon closer inspection, she wore a mask which covered about half of her face, but I could see her piercing red eyes. Her long ornate dress was completely black, with a large red ribbon tied behind her back. The Ice Witch had long black hair draped on her shoulders, her skin was fairly pale, and I felt this unnatural pressure inside me with her presence. Ice Witch looked absolutely beautiful.

“If you’re referring to the hostage situation at the Purrfect Café, it went according to plan at the end.” I reported to her. “But, it seems your theory was correct Ice Witch.”

“I see. So a magical girl finally showed up.” she says, as she brings her thumb underneath her chin. “I’ll need to take care of her before my amplification powers are gone for good.” she says with concern.

“Don’t worry; I’ll make sure our wish comes true.” I try to ease her.

Despite her mouth being covered, I had a feeling she was smiling at me.

“Yes. We will do anything to grant our wish, even if a magical girl gets in our way.” she says with determination.

Magical Girl Kagari-chan…will I see you again?

A note from kenbinru

Just something to lighten the mood from the main story. Please vote if you'd like to see this idea become a full series of its own! Of course, the main story will still continue, and will be finished. Until next time! ~kenbinru

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