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Akane (World A)
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Yuki-san (World B)
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Mary Kaneko
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Dr. Mori
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Class President
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A note from kenbinru

Hello everyone! This formally marks the end of Volume 1 of "I Can't Believe I Have the Girlfriend of My Dreams!" I will be taking a short  one week break, and will return July 8th 2018. I will be starting to post weekly from now on. In the meantime, here is a short preview of things to come in Volume 2. Thank you for reading and the continued support! ~ kenbinru


Breathe in, breathe out...

This shouldn't be that big of a deal right? I've been in worse situations before! I rub my old Masked Avenger pin that my daddy gave me. I probably shouldn't do that since it made the paint worn and faded, but I can't help it!

Just do what you do before every track meet Mary! Just focus on breathing in and breathing out...

I take a deep breath, but it's making my anxiety worse! It's not helping at all!

Maybe this is a bad idea...?

I'm getting embarassed just thinking about it! NGHRNGHRNGHR!

Planning this thing out was a struggle. I've been secretly staying up late and waking up super early before morning track practice just so I can get some test chocolates in. I wanted to get it right for him when the big day came. I've overheard from Daisuke-kun that he likes caramel the most, and so far this batch I made this morning doesn't taste as bad as it usually did.

I-I'm just doing this to thank him for tutoring me...t-that's all!

Today was a special day. Today is the day of the big test, and after what's happened to him so far, I think he would appreciate this chocolate. I hate wearing this stupid mascara and make-up, but mom caught me in the bathroom and so insisted on helping me; she even helped straightened out my blonde hair.

I'm ready for this test no problem. He's been tutoring me well, to the point where the idiot is starting to need my help. It's thanks to him that I can prove to everyone that I'm not just "all brawn, no brain." I'm not just the Roadrunner of Kasumigaseki High!

Walking around school this morning, I saw a lot of girls from my class give away their chocolates to their crushes already. Some girls didn't have the guts to give it to only one guy, so they gave "pity chocolates" for everyone else too. Even I know that would be cruel, and besides, I want my special chocolates to be only for him. Even though I wasn't as big of a fan as he was, only he would appreciate that I decorated the chocolates to look like the Masked Avenger! I made about twenty pieces, but picked out the best dozen, all neatly wrapped into a heart-shaped box. This box was pretty big actually, that it's hard for me to conceal this within my red track suit.

Just calm down Mary! Breathe!

I can't shake this anxiety NGHRNGHRNGHR! Why am I feeling so afraid?!?

What if he says no? Or he hates the chocolate? 

I just haven't had the right opportunity yet!

Where is that stupid idiot!?

I can't believe he's making me walk around school to find him...i-it's be-because I have nothing else better to do! I've even been stealthily avoiding my track teammates since they have zero clue about my feelings towards him. Here I am going out of my way, making some homemade chocolates for him as a thank you, and yet he's disappeared. I'm standing around Class 2-B, but he still hasn't shown up yet! Instead, I noticed that all the boys were eyeing me today.


It's getting uncomfortable hiding this box of chocolates inside my uniform! I have to give it him soon, or else the chocolates might even melt from my rising body temperature! I can't take off my track suit either, since I'd be revealing that I have chocolates for someone. I don't want any misunderstandings!

I need to go the bathroom too...

As I turn the corner, I see him the hallway!


 I-Isn't this basically confessing?!? I can't do it! 

I turn around immediately and head in the other direction.

I have to go all the way around now...

For the rest of the day, I couldn't concentrate at all! I couldn't stop thinking about the chocolates. I have only one shot left, since next period we take our big test that we've been studying for weeks.

I have to give it to him before then! It'll totally motivate that idiot to do well!

I gather my strength, and bravely head over to Class 2-B. The door to the classrrom was wide open, and I could see him sitting down at his desk in the corner!


For some reason the class was quiet. Too quiet. I pause and hide outside the door, peeking my head a little to see what was going on in there. It was Yuki-san standing in front of him.


It's chocolate. There was no doubt about it. I can hear the whispers of people around me saying it was a special limited-edition kind of chocolate that was super hard to find.

I-I...can't watch anymore.

I feel my knees wobble, as my chest tightens up like a boa constrictor is wrapping around me. There's nothing left for me to do as the school bell rings. Next period is starting soon.

It hurts...

It hurts so much...

I stain my sleeve with tears and runny make-up. I head back to Class 2-A with a smile.


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