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The next day Jess heads to Ann's trailer. Today is a cloudy day. They cover the hole sky and although a strong wind blows around the trailers and camping vans. As Jess reaches the trailer of Ann her, she sees Ann's parents putting in the tables and chairs.^ They must think the wind will get stronger." Hi, ahm, is Ann inside?", Jess asks with a smile will she thinks a about yesterday. They were so close to each other. It felt like nothing could separate them in this moments." Yes, maybe you should be talking to her.", she answers with a slice of worry in her voice.^ What does she mean with this. Whatever Ann I'm coming.^ When she enters the trailer she hears a silent crying in the back.^ Is this Ann? What's wrong today?^ She goes around the edge and sees Ann laying in her bed her head buried in her pillow." What's wrong?", Jess asks know also worried." Haven't you noticed? We are l-l-leaving. My older brother, we leaved him at home, he got sick so we-we need to go.", Ann's voice is filed with pain so it's hard for her to speak.^ Leaving. They. But they can't. Why? Why does this happen to me? We. We just meet. Why?^ Her thoughts go wild while she starts feeling like Ann must feel. Jess falls on the bed and breaks out in tears. The pain. It feels like it's ripping her insides apart. It all just went this fast from this point Ann's parents finish tiding up and come in trying to make the two feel better with empty promises ' We can come back next time' ' You can phone each other when we're home' but this doesn't change anything for the to they're completely destroyed after those tries Ann's parents brought Jess out and got in the care. The last picture of Ann Jess sees is her holding her hand against the window in the back and crying while the trailer drives away. For a long time she stand there waited for them to come back at least she turns away and returns home she doesn't even cry so brocken is she. She sits down at her room staring at the wall now she realizes again and cries out loud.^ Why? Why? Why? The pain it's consuming me! I need to stop it. But without her how can I?^ She stands up and goes in the kitchen part of the camping van. It's cleaned and everything is at is place it's so clean the light would reflect of the surfaces if the sun was shining, but it wasn't. She opens a cupboard.^ I need to end it!^ she pulls out a knife about he length of plate. She turns it to herself. A light beam hits the blade and it reflects in Jess's eye. She starts moving the knife it's ridiculously sharp. It touches her belly but she continues it cuts through her shirt and cuts in her belly but she doesn't care tears fall down of her face.^ Why do they take her with them I need her and she needs me!^ the knife now comes back out of their back again she puls it out. And trouts it in again this theme with more force and anger than before. The tears formed a small river and fall to the ground creating a little lake. The blade of the knife is completely covered with blood of her wound it rains out of her like a wild river painting her shirt from white to deep red bevor it falls down to the floor.^ This live isn't worth it without her! How can it without this feeling? Her touch. Her warms.^ She trouts it in again. And again getting faster with every stab. And with every stab the ocean of blood grows bigger soon it will completely flood the smaller but not small lake of tears. Another stab.^ How can life be the same without her? This pain it wouldn't vanish it would just stay driving me crazy. Maybe I am.^ Her body loses the strength to support it self and Jess falls to her knees splashing in the ocean of blood. Even thou she had fallen doesn't stop her hands from staying even furiously. ^ End my pain, please.^ She falls down the knife impaling her a last time. In her head all the memories of Ann come to her again from the first time she saved her from those boys to the time where she pulled her out of the water to the time wenn they were close than she ever was with anybody else to the point were she left. The picture of Ann where she holds her hand against the window while she cries and drives away. The last picture of Ann in Jess's memories this is the last she sees bevor everything fades to black and her mind begins to slowly crumble to the point were she doesn't even know her own name and her past this is the last picture that stays until everything wants completely black.


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