^ Was it right to just leave her like her like this? No I can't break her heart like this.^ It was morning the rest of the last day Jess spend with thinking about what happened she came to the conclusion that she need to apologize but also make it clear that they'll never be more than friends. So she made her way to Ann's trailer again to do exactly this. Again it is a nice they and the warm son rays hit Jess face as she knocks against the open door of the trailer," Sorry, could I come in again?" " Yes, I guess it's fine.", it's Ann's voce not as filed with cries and tears as yesterday but still not as before this happened. " Ahm, Ann. Are you okey again?", she asks gently as she enters the part of trailer we're she sleeps. " I guess. It's just there is no one understanding me. They never didn't so hide my feelings let nobody know. They all told me that it is wrong to love a girl when you are one too. I thought you'd be different but seems like your not. You called me wired just like the others. I-I thought you'd like me to.", Ann got really serious while talking. ". " Hey, I don't have that many friends either.", Jess sits down right next to Ann and puts her arm around her not sexual, but in a way a friend would do it," You, probably have neither. So please think of me as your friend." It is wired for Jess to be so close to somebody but I feels good. With her other hand she starts petting her leg and while she pushes Ann's head on her shoulder. ^ This feels good her skin is so smooth and her, witch smells cleaned, feels,although nice to touch.^ " You confuse me. Do you want me know or what?", she asks with a sad sounding silent laugh. " Can't we just be close friends?" " Do close friends rub between the upper part of the legs?", she replied, with a less sadder laugh. Jess looks at here hand it actually rubs around this particular place and it feels good to touch it. " Hu, I'm so sorry I didn't meant....",she started to explain but got interrupted by a kiss. ^ Ann actually kisses me it's just my cheek,but she just does how should I react? It feels so good her smooth wet lips touching me. But can this be good it is bad, or is it she's a girl and I like guys. Do I?^ Ann's hand turns Jess's head to her and she kisses her again this time on the mouth. This shocked Jess even more but quickly she starts to enjoy it. Ann know moves without stopping the kiss and stops when she sits on Jess their faces turned to each other. Jess moves her hands under the black t-shirt of Ann and opens up her brah. Ann stats to lose the buttons of Jess's hot pants. Just stoping the kissing for a short time Jess pulls of Ann's shirt and her brah leaving her breasts completely exposed. Ann although pulls but at Jess's pants and then trough them away bevor putting her head between Jess's legs. Jess moans out because she never feeler so good bevor. ^ How can this feel so good when it is so wrong? Even though it is I must continue. I can't let this feeling of being that close to a human just vanish." Jess moans even louder when she feels the two fingers pushing side her. ^ Was this the thing the people call coming? It fells great even though it is that dirty she is liking me down there and even pushes fingers in.^ Ann's pulling her fingers gently back out and starts kissing Jess's neck to the point were she reaches her mouth again." Open up.", she kindly requests and Jess not understanding does as she's told. As the fingers went in her mouth it reeled gross but she adapts to the taste and wishes," I wanna taste yours too." Jess pulls Ann,how isn't prepared for that attack, to her and turns her around so she lays at the bed. Jess touches Ann's breast while with the other hand she was undressing the recast of her. She kisses Ann's belly as her mouth slowly moves down and still stimulates her breasts.^ Why do this? Am I crazy? I thought I like guys but now this. This is so dirty. And I like it.^ Her mouth touches Ann's pussy and she moans to just like Jess did. ^its so wet was mine as wet as hers. Mh, it tastes good. What am I? This feels even dirtier than bevor. Am i slut now?^ "you taste great Ann and you also feel good.", she says stressing it with a stronger grab at her tits. "Mh, Jess it you make me feel so good down their. I never felt that good." Two continued there play for the whole day they just stopped for short breaks when they then laid in each other's arms and for lunch and the dinner.


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