It was a nice fresh morning when Jess wakes up. The son is standing high and son rays tickle her nose witch also woke her up. She wants to stay in bed but her belly forces her to stand up and search for something to eat. As she exits the camping van a nice smell of fresh rolls and fried eggs hits her. " Mh", she moans while she sits down on a chair next to table and starts eating. The taste of the jam with the warm of the roll in her mouth is just incredible for her. " Honey, what do you wanna do today? Me and you father wanted to go to the beach do want to join us?", her mother asks seeming to know the answer. " Don't worry about me mom I'm fine a found a girl named Ann yesterday and she asked if I got any time tomorrow." " Oh. Really. That's nice okey maybe you want to visit uns at the beach than." She sounded a bit confused at first but then she smiled it isn't usual that Jess makes something with friends so for her it was a nice change. After lunch was finished she noticed that they didn't set a meeting point for today. ^ Was it all just thing she said. Topical, they always act like they are that nice but in reality they are just playing her.^ With this she grabbed her drawing board and her pen and went to the lobby. She is sad and demoralized. The day started that good but know it will just be another day spent drawing. The lobby is really busy in comparison to the totally empty place yesterday evening. She sits down and just wanted to start drawing as she hers a to her known voice. " Luckily you came her again. We forgot to set a meeting point for today, didn't we? I just hopped you would be here again. ". ^ It id her so she didn't just payed it yesterday? No, she didn't. She really likes her was this even possible isn't she just a boring girl, who can draw, why should she want to spent time with her?^ " Hi, I thought you just said all this stuff yesterday to make me a bit happier." " I would never do something shameless like that. Do you want to come know or do you want to sit around all day?" " Wait. Okey, I'm ready", she quickly packs together her stuff " But were shall we go know?" " Don' no. To the beach?" "Okey, but we need to make a quick stop at my van so I can pick up my swimming stuff and redress." "No, Problem."
So they made their way to Jess trailer where she put on a pink and blue bikini and grabs a towel. Ann seems to already wear a bikini under her cloths and she also broth towel. Ann wears hot-pants and her hear is curling offer her with t-shirt and creates a nice contrast. ^Again she looks so good. Why doesn't she make friends with cooler people than me. ^ " Okey lets go, shall w" Ann asks mit a nice smilie on her face. " Yes, we should" The to girls start walking down the street the son in the back and the blue ocean in front. In the water and around the beach there are big rocks spread, they look like they were just toughen her by a giant, who didn't wanted them any more. The two undress their self until they just wear their bikinis, Ann's is just black and Jess got a bit jealous when she saw the well formed and definitely bigger breasts of Ann saw. " So lets make a race to this stone.", she points a big rock in the see about 200 m away. "Ahm, okey.", Jess is a bit concerned she isn't that good of a swimmer. "Then, lets go, 3." Jess know relay regrets saying yes to Ann's race Idee but she can't turn back know that would mean she's a cowered and she doesn't want Ann to think of her like this." 2" ^ If i break up know would she even want to be friends with me?^ that thought of losing her as a fiend gives her power again. " 1" ^ I must do this and I can do this. I'll not sit around the next days drawing!" " Go" Ann starts running as well as Jess with greater speed than she ever imagined herself to run. They both jumpe pretty equally but Ann was way faster in the water. ^ I need to go faster when she wins hat high she'll think that I'm to bad in sports so she doesn't want to do anything with me.^ With this she accelerates she's still not fast enough to reach Ann but it isn't as bad as bevor. But then she's something to her right a wave that was bigger than the others it hits her and she swallows water it tastes really salty and Jess starts coughing her power was close to the end bevor but know it's hard for her to even stay offer the surface. Another wave. And another. The coughs even heavier as the next one hits her. Her power was drowned just like she would be in second. She gives up and sinks her lungs fill with air and the blue turns black. Something moves towards her ^ Is it her^ and this was the last before she went unconscious. Ann had seen her stop and fight against the waves she was about 80 meters away but she noticed Jess anyways. She immediately starts swimming towards Jess. For Ann it is terrible to see her desperately cling on to life. And then she vanishes in the water. She swims even faster and grabs her goes behind her and try's to push out the water.
A brith light she can see a bright light. " Is this heaven? ", she asks more to herself than to somebody else. " No dummi, your luckily still alive.", she says with a brith smile. ^What is this running down her cheeks.Tears? Probably just some salt water. ^ " You rescued me, didn't you?", Jess asks. "Of course, do. you think I would just let you die there." ^ She considers us friends?^ Jess is a bit to taken by that and lays down on the sand again. " Hey, your fine?",Ann asks with not that much confidence as bevor. " Yes, Im fine don't worry I feel great.", she answers happily. " Okey than let's bring you to my van it's nearer than yours. Okey?", she asks will stretching out her hand to her. " Okey.", she says as she grabs Ann's hand. The two girls walk down a gravel path next to the beach were you can her the waves crush again the rocks. Ann reaches out with her hand and slightly touches Jess hand. ^How wired. Why is she doing this? It feels a bit awkward but although good feeling the her touch on her hand.^ Ann grads Jess hand gently. Jess was know feeling even more awkward, but she doesn't do anything against the touch. Ann's unnoticeable pulling her to closer to the point where their shoulders touch. As she wants to lay down her had on her shoulder Jess interrupts her," Sorry, but you know your a bit close." ^ What is she doing there? Thats exactly the pose the girl does with the boy, that bevor had a date with her and she likes more than the other boys or better said loves.But can this be the case between me and a another girl? No this is stupid I hopped the hole time to meet my dream man. Man not woman.^ " So here we are." Ann rips her out of her thought when they arrived at her trailer it seems quit big. It's colored in the typical with and was locked on a green middle class care it looks a bit old but it still seems good looking. " Com on in. You can rest a bit remember you nearly drowned." " Ahm, maybe I should just go home and do it there. It musst have been exhausting for you to.", she said but in realty she just needs some time to think about all that stuff that happened after the drowning part. " I don't want you to go know I mean it's not even lunch time.", Ann shouts out," Please stay a little." " Okey I think it will be fine.", she nearly whispers and sits down next to Ann on the couch." What's you're favorite kind of guy?", she asks to stop the new movement towards her but she cant stop it." I never meet someone I had a crush one so I can't really tell . I just have some friend and like them better when they are kind not those stupid dicks like them yesterday.", she answers clearly disinterested in this topic will she lays her arm behind Jess's back." Have you ever thought of being together with a girl?", she then replies. ^ Why does she want to know this is she a lesbian? I mean she touched me earlier and she doesn't seem to be interested in guys. But it is wrong , or is it? I don't know. Why does it feel good when she touches me like she's a boy. Am I a lesbian to ...^ she feels a hand on her leg and another on rubbing gently over her shoulder. As she looks to her right she can see Ann's face moving toward her." I don't want his. I'm not a wired lesbian. Okey, I'm just a normal girl, please leave me be, okey.", Jess roughly spit out while she pushes Ann away from her. She is herself confused how hurting this musst have sounded to Ann." Okey. I will leave you alone if you want. I-I just tough you could like a wired lesbian like me tiers roll down her eyes and ofer her face. Than she turns away and covers her face in the hands." Please go okey" her sentence was interrupted by her breathing than she continues with her now completely recked voice," I don't want you to be here any longer. I don't want you to see me like that." " I didn't mean it like that." " What",she pulls up her head stops crying and looks at her with a glance of hope," What, haven't you meant? Do you want to stay?" " I didn't meant it when I said you're wired.", she says standing in the door. "So, you don't want to stay, right?", she started crying again and leaves in the part of the trailer were presumably her bad is. " Go away, leave me alone.", she crus from the back part of the trailer, "Don't come near me,please." Jess leaves the trailer and walks back home. ^ Was this the right decision to leave her like that? She seemed so strong before but now she was so weak. Did she just played it Reid hole time to hide her feelings?^


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