It is a nice evening when Jess arrived at the Camping site right next to the see. The son is just setting over the blue ocean. At the horizon she is just abel to see some birds flying. The camping van stops and she can hear her father talking to a man guarding the entrance after a minute of talking exchanging papers and a slide argument about the size of the van they star moving again.
When they hade arrived at their parking place Jess jumped out of the camper .
"Hey mom I will explore the place a bit " "Okey sweaty ". And with that and armed with a block and a pencil she starts to explore . ^ How big will it be ^. She had heard from her mother, that this area is really big, so she stated with the most sensible and went towards the lobby. While she is walking she sees people building up tents and preparing there camper vans, children playing in the street and other people just doing the same as her looking around and having a nice evening walk. The lobby was a nice little but quit modern building it is colored in white and with a big glass wall. She sets down just in front of it on a bench and starts drawing. After a few minutes three boy at circa her age appeared, because she isn't that good with people and is drawing she just continues. One of the boys, he is a bit taller than the others and seems to be there leader,grabs her drawing and observed it. "What is this, ha?", he says with a grin on his faces. He's wearing a base cape with a logo Jess doesn't know, his chest is covered with a mussel shirt in blue and withe and he wears a black short jenes, all of this was just topped by his shoes, snickers from a known company. Jess had seen shoes from this company before in a store at here home town they cost about 200 euros. "Am its called anime it is quit popular but I'm not that good ... " she was shyly trying to explain, but the boy interrupted her " That's crab I mean look at those eyes and ah it just looks so dumm ". The others start laughing and also make fun of her drawing, when a girl arrives. Jess was ready to take another insult but this doesn't happen the girl just takes the drawing out of the boys hand. He starts to complain but the girl doesn't seems to care, she's just looking at the picture. Her long black hear just falls down her body and stops at the hight of her breasts some red strain of hear just topped of with some red strains of hear. Her body being covered with a black short dress matching her hear perfectly. As the looks up from the picture again the boy turned silent. " How about you and your boys just fuck of mh! You think this is crab maybe you should sink of your self for a moment what can you do? Exactly, nothing. ". The boy seems confused he had never heard somebody talking to him like that and she even continues" The only thing you can do is causing problems or fuck other people up. So please go and annoy other people. " " Come on guys those girls are so boring and I want to go to the beach anyways " and with this they go in the direction of the beach were the son is starting to touch the ocean the fading light lays a orange filter over camping ground. " Hi, I'm a Ann what's your name?". " Ahm, I'm Jess." " I really like your drawing it looks so good. How do you do this?". ^ Fuck she's actually going for a conversation, you can do this ". " It's quit easy you just..." ^ I'm having a real conversation with her maybe we can be friends while I'm here. I wish a cut boy could have done this. Why is it so hard find a boy that cares about me^ "And than " "What" " the drawing what do you do next " " Oh sorry I was lost in thoughts. Ahm you get rid of this lines and ,Tarada, there you have your drawings if you want you can have this. " " Thanks, I need to go to our trailer but we can meet tomorrow if you want to." " Of cause." And with that Ann stands up and turns in a street and vanished behind a trailer were some kids have a fight with water bombs. Jess also stand up and goes back to the van. ^ She's so brave. She just made those boys go and it feels like she likes me.^ Jess hasn't that many good experiences with people mostly because she's to shy to openly ask them if they want to something with her. That's why she spends most of her time alone in her room drawing and writing. After a quick dinner she goes to bed, but she can't find rest she's thinking about Ann. ^ She's so beautiful and she still wants to do something with me tomorrow she even likes my drawings^ after a hour of thinking she falls to sleep.


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