Broken Fatty

by CakeFetish

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Horror Sci-fi Grimdark Harem Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The multiverse is in shambles
Worlds at war, summoned heros turned tyrants and self proclaimed gods, Gods Enslaving thier weaker counterparts.
In order to restore balance a Group of forgotten gods used thier last remaining power to RESET, everything, Thier souls
Combined to form an all powerfull presence. Setting limitations on all gods whether they are all mighty or lesser,
being That they my not directly interfere with the dealings of mortals unless issued a chalenge, nor directly harming of
one another.

Each god is to choose champions, and host a battle royal in a joint Galaxy created by The PRESENSE and
all participating gods. The influence and power of the gods is the deciding Factor of the amount of champions they are
allowed to summon. Gaining power from thier chosen's feats. Whether its conquering dungeons, slaying opposing champions
or conquering other planets.


Bob..Fat young man with Eating disorder and an addiction to hentai and cake,h

e becomes the chosen of the Lesser pagan god
of bountyfullness champion, Pleading for him to be her champion as the previous two she sommoned refused
.Her existance being in danger of being absorbed into the cosmos due to her dwindelling power .
Accepting the fact that he cant fight for shit , and that his opness is limited from the start.
So aside from gaining the godesses blessing: bountiful bounty = multiples food at cost of mana ,
turning his Flaw into his strength he requests for the ability to gain stats Via eating, more he eats the more stat
points he gets.

Now in a fantasy like world of swords and magic. Filled with wonders and and horrors,

Though not everything is as it seems...


Warnings : Fat OC.. Im talking fat here people.... like fatty onne fat makes a boom boom.. SMUT, Maybe harem,
Gore, Profanity.OP OC, some messed up stuff, eventual World advancement and sexy times with aliens.

I write for fun and to unleash my inner somethings. All haters go fly a kite.

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