Emancipation - An Isekai Story

by The Juggernaut

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

When they tell you 'a hero was summoned'. Do they expound on what it takes to truly be moved? Does it make sense to rip a hole within reality into another dimension, to a planet billions of galaxies away, and accurately transport a single person(s)? No, well truth be told, it takes a whole lot to summon anyone so far away, maybe it might take an attempt in summoning of a Dark God, to transport him.

Then again they never tell you about what it means to travel between Dark Matter. Or what horrors exist there.   

 Cover by Red Bluebery!

I am a new writer, I am trying to find my style of writing. So please have patience. If you see any grammatical errors let me know and I will work to fix them. If you have any criticism please Pm me. or leave a detailed review, not just a single star! Hope we have fun with this.  

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Professionally written!

Because my style and the author's style is so much different from each other, I can only write about my impressions, not a critique or a "good review".



Hands down for the good grammar. It gives you the feeling of reading a published novel, which is not something you can find on the web easily.

The author took his time making detailed descriptions. You can pretty much "see" what is happening, like a painting or a movie. 

However, this can have drawbacks if describing things too much. Because I'm not used at skimming when reading a book, I sometimes find it hard to get over the long paragraphs and It also makes the story feels slow at some parts. 

On the other hand, the author is amazing at describing action scenes and emotions. It just feels so real.



Unique story starts with a large scale battle between the forces of light and darkness. I pretty much enjoyed this. I'll wait and see how the story develops.

The character is very well developed, each has its own distinct personality. The author surely had put so many thoughts about his character. 

And some might say the story is complicated, but I say it's not. Is it because of other readers don't exactly know who the real MC is and what side to root for? 



Super quality writing and grammar, good story, well-developed character. 

100% will recommend.