Vestiges: A Rift in Time

Vestiges: A Rift in Time

by SLRowland

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The last thing Theo remembers is diving into the cold depths of Lake Brownstone on a summer morning. In its frigid waters, he hears a mysterious voice.

"Unknown system error. Rebooting in 3…2…1…"

Theo resurfaces into a world where monsters and death reign seem supreme, where an apocalypse rages, and death waits around every corner. The people and places of his past are familiar but... twisted. His family is missing. Along with a gap in time that he can’t account for. With no idea of how he got there, or more importantly how to get back, finding answers seems impossible.

That is until three notifications flash before his eyes.

Objective: Go to town.

Objective: Locate your family.

Objective: Do not die.

**I originally posted this in 2018, but I've decided to revise it, making the characters slightly older, and adding in a little more depth and worldbuilding. This was the first novel I ever wrote, so I want to have fun with it and see where it goes. I'm working on this as a warm-up each day before my other projects, so I'll have a few chapters ready each week.

All feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading!

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S.L. Rowland

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Book 1 was great, esp for a genre that most seem to be viewing as Played Out. excited to see how the edits effect the characters, but even as is, the story is a fun, if insanely tense, read.

And yes do I ever mean tense. I haven't read a book with suspense written this well in years


New and intriguing story

I have read the first 3 chapters, all that is currently posted, and I am very intrigued by the potential of this story. I don't see any big errors, not sure I saw many small ones either; spelling and grammar have been well checked and so far there are no inconsistencies that I have spotted. The writer has done a good job instilling a sense of "what is going on" and the MC seems to make sensible decisions. The story does feel a little bit rushed, but just in the way that most stories on here have a faster pace than a commercial novel. I am giving 3.5 stars, 1 whole star above average, because this story is written and proofread above average but does not have anything yet, that is OMG super fantastic.


To the author: Keep up the good work, I'm very interested in where you're taking this story.