Battlefield Restart (Original/Unedited)

by Love4NovelGuy

Original ONGOING Adventure Drama Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

After retiring from the battlefield, my life became empty and lifeless. The regrets of my past haunt me in my sleep. Then a change occurred, a King from another world summoned me to fight for his kingdom, but I died even before I could give him my answer. Now, after a fake God allowed me to reincarnate with my memories intact, into a world filled with magic and swords.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: My Life ago
Chapter 2: God? ago
Chapter 3: Enigma ago
Chapter 4: The Loving Mother's Perspective ago
Chapter 5: Magical Talent ago
Chapter 6: Resolve ago
Chapter 7: Magic Book ago
Chapter 8: Common Swordsmanship ago
Chapter 9: Mark's Training ago
Chapter 10: The Strict Father's Perspective ago
Chapter 11: Tenth Birthday ago
Chapter 12: Warlock Hand ago
Chapter 13: Merilin's Worry ago
Chapter 14: The Challenge ago
Chapter 15: Punishment ago
Chapter 16: Duel ago
Chapter 17: Decisive Battle! ago
Chapter 18: The Swordwick Duke's Perspective ago
Chapter 19: The Bet ago
Chapter 20: Combat Body ago
Chapter 21: The Young Miss's Perspective ago
Chapter 22: Let's Spar! ago
Chapter 23: Confession ago
Side Story 1: A Fake God's White Lie ago
Chapter 24: Skill Root ago
Chapter 25: Psionic Retrofit ago
Interlude: Chaos Falls ago
Chapter 26: To Trust ago
Chapter 27: Magicians Armoury ago
Chapter 28: Life and Victory ago
Chapter 29: Monster ago
Side Story: Large Threat ago
Chapter 30: Support Skill ago
Chapter 31: Chase ago
Chapter 32: The Fallen Noble's Perspective ago
Chapter 33: Old Mind, Young Heart ago
Chapter 34: Making Up ago
Chapter 35: To Murder ago
Chapter 36: The Culprit ago
Chapter 37: Objective ago
Chapter 38: Deadlock ago
Chapter 39: The Personal Maid's Perspective ago
Chapter 40: Equals Bond ago
Author’s Note: Update ago
Author’s Note: My Introduction Arc is FINISHED! ago
Author’s Note: Reboot Initiated! ago

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I'd like to start out by saying that I normally never do reviews, seeing as how a good number of them are fairly accurate. However, after reading to the current chapter and then reading the reviews, almost all of them made me facepalm. So far all I've seen is reviews from people who cant get past a measly 15 chapters (half of whats been put out) to even start being able to actually see what the story is about.


So as a reply to the other current reviews.

First is towards Forgiv3n324

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Next, I guess, is korlinki. I'm kinda not sure why I bothered. The 30 minutes he spent skimming this story to give it a bad review. (Guessed his reading speed based on grammar)

Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler

 Now, finally, to a review.


Style ~ Style of writing is pretty good, no real complaints. While it's obvious that the author doesn't have a tremendous amount of experience, it's coming along together nicely and I was able to read up to the current chapter in a single sitting.

Story ~ The story has yet to be fleshed out so I am withholding judgement. So far there hasn't been a great deal of inconsistency. The just in time power buff with a lack of buildup or explanation or how a physical and mental enhancement could transform into what it did irked me a bit, However, that can be somewhat explained by how he haphazardly poked the ability with a stick and a bit of dumb luck along with a seemingly intuitive understanding as soon as the skill is rooted.

Grammar ~ Very few glaring mistakes, some minor problems with sentence structure but nothing that would overly detract from the story while reading. I only had to re-read a single sentence because of awkward wording which is pretty nice.

Characters ~ Too soon to say, characters aren't cringeworthy, most are still developing.


Keep up the good work. If the obvious comfirmation bias on reviews are getting to you, don't let it. It's good so far, keep progressing as slowly or quickly as you see fit. As someone who consistently reads light novels with well over 500 chapters with quite a few over breaching the 1k range or higher I can honestly say that developing a solid base for your novel is very important in keeping people invested in the character. My favorite novel actually has the main character being effectively weak and useless for the 1st 1500-2000 pages.


Alright, well I've spent enough time ranting, happy writing for the author, and happy reading to the viewers.

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First off. I'm reviewing this after 30 chapters. So far it has been a generic reincarnation/Chinese naval gazing story. Sadly it has no useful past life experiences outside of the "mature baby face".

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the story. I won't stop reading it if you keep writing.

That said, the characters are kind of thrown in and then gone. They feel like pretty much just set pieces so far. 

The greatest weakness is the pacing. A standard reincarnation that is too long winded to be completely enjoyable, Check. Young underpowered kid with over powered foreshadowing, Check. Kid sister with family/clan of naval gazing level uppers, check. 

Its standard stuff. But please break it up a bit. We have the type of main character who never gives up. Great. Buuut. Suddenly after a 5 year trainijg skip the character makes tons of developments, weapons and crazy insights. Oh and his sister is suddenly a genius. Too much too fast. 

You don't need training montages or anything, but the break throughs after a few hours of intense navel gazing is...generic and cheap. Another gun plus magic? Lazy.

My thoughts?

First. Make things happen naturally. Don't force god/messiah level stuff all at once.

Second. The kid seems completely oblivious to the world. He should be paying attention to his surroundings if he was this amazing soldier. The other perspectives help, but should be unnecessary.

Third. He is getting educated...but just in fighting. You mention about learning to read and basic math, but it's apparently not useful for this guy to make a plan outside of "git gud". Some wise old man he is. Sneak some of your world building in the schooling. The guy was a soldier, not a scientist, I get it. But that he has no ideas about the threats in the world, the politics, etc with no desire to learn...makes me wonder if magic baby hormones messed him up.

After all that bad juju, I still applaud your passion in writing and hope to see where this goes. 


Love, a random reader.


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An excellent read with some interesting Ideas

The world and story are fleshed out quite well and the reader isn’t overwhelmed with needless back-story or over dun world building.

The story follows a fairly original take on the taken to a fantasy world setup and the powers and usage are an interesting concept that has been explored well. I do find that many story’s tend to end up written into a corner with the MC getting to strong and the fantasy world turns into some cataclysmic nonsense but the author seems to be keeping it slightly slower passed for now.

Grammar is good and I can read and understand everything but there are some mistakes that even I notice but that is to be expected no one can write this much and catch everything.

The characters are interesting and besides a few spots where I was a little confused about the motivation till a little longer than I would have liked they are well executed. I do however feel that there may be too many to follow soon and that may take away from the readers’ ability to empathize with them.

All in all I like this story and will hopefully remember to keep up with it.

Thank you for sharing your work with us.

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I really like this and I hope you continue to write and finish this story, although I hope the ending is like 1000 chapters later or something because I'm just really enjoying this.


Keep it up smile

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I like it hope the author keeps writing

  1. It's a good story, veey interesting, solid world building in my opinion anyway. Grammar needs work lots of miss spelling but easily understood and story flows well regardless. 
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I'd like to start with stating that I like to stay objective in most reviews.

However, I despise almost all of your characters. Not in the "Oh he's a terrible person" way, but the "I would enjoy being able to torture that character to death" way. Not entirely sure why, but I fail to find anything I like about the characters. 

Not really anything wrong with the story or style, not bad, not innovative, but my hatred for the characters(Although very likely irrational) just makes me view the story as worse than it likely is.


Added the following 4/17 

First off, why does the MC want to be a butler in the first place? Why does everyone else assume that he wants to be a butler? Why are all the nobles arrogant pricks? Does the main character just go along with the last thing that someone said to him? Does he even plan for the future besides the vague "Imma be strong"? One would think that after an entire life, he would find value in planning, or at least have a spine and say no to people, or at least plot something to get his way.

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Got tired of it after 14 chapters

What can I say? 14 chapters and the guy is still in the child phase ( It's a reincarnation story) and we have all read 100 reincarnation storys so we all know what the child phase is and when it gets dragggggggggged on well I stop reading because I gets dull fast because all the childhood phase is training phase the only kind of interesting training phase is the cruel kind where MC's family dies quick and cruelly and he is kidnapped and forced into some gruelling shit but when its just born into average loving family/noble family in this case kind of a mix and then just info dump after info dump after info dump well ... yea ... dull ... 

Since I didnt get past the childhood phase I cant really say much about the plot because well its the childhood phase there is no plot that is shown 

Character? A lot of cliches and over used types but their not bad just over used. The MC tho? He is a blit of a blurg? You can't really understand his character it has too many contradictions was 80 yrs old when he died and was an average soldier ( thought hinted otherwise?) who has a 6th sense for surivival and about it but when reborn gets told by the person who reincarnated him that he gets said gods unique power and will be the ONLY one to get said unique power so what does he do when he gets reincarated? tries to follow how others use magic and gets told he's bad at it... duh you have a UNIQUE type (till chapter 14 he still has nvr figured that out so ... ) 

Style? not bad grammar is good no real problems there 

So my advise? If you can get through the childhood phase I think there is good potential to the story because the author obviously has a plan I just cant get through the childhood phase and thats my own personal problem don't let it influence you otherwise, other than that I think it would be a good read to pass the time. 

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Beginning was awesome, and that should end story. But what if you want continue reading. You have mc so weak you fell pity for him and sadness. No op skill no past life experience nothing that help him. Only left hope that autor kill him painless. After 10 CH i can say Goodbye GL hf