Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

This is a sample of the first draft of Tallrock. The edited chapters, and full book are available on amazon. 

An untapped frontier. Reaping and sowing. Redemption through growth.
Matt is running from a life that he no longer wants, and he’s found a solution. By logging in to the newest game, Livia, he gains chances that he can’t get anywhere else. Matt chooses to cut out a new life for himself on the edge of civilization, by venturing to the frontier town of Tallrock. As soon as he gains his class, the newly minted Cycle Mage has one goal: farming.

Now known in-game as Kastigan, he gains a starting bonus parcel of virgin land that he will need to convert to farmland from the ground up. Kastigan needs to decide what to grow, what animals to raise, and who to hire; all while dealing with a Legion Commander who hates him for no apparent reason, surviving in the wild land where monsters roam freely, and uncovering lost relics from a forgotten time.
If he succeeds, he will create a new home for himself. If he fails, he will lose not only his farm, but all the workers, crops, and beasts that he has spent every last penny to acquire.

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A well thought out world, interesting characters, didn't get bogged down in backstory straight away, and a ton of ways the story can go. Only a few small grammer mistakes that didn't take away from the story at all, otherwise I have only good to say. There are few decent base/settlement stories on this site, and this is turning out to be one of the best I've seen. A favorite for sure!

(Review written after chapter 9, but these are super beefy, tasty chapters.)


Very much following this story!

I honesty feel crafting and city building does not receive the love it deserves in the litrp g genre.  So I am delighted to have stumbled upon this story and will be highly anticipat ing further chapters.  This story so far has developed quite well, with logical progression and theme development.  I very much like the main character and have high hopes for the main sidekick.  So, I hope the author feels motivated to continue this story, and also to perhaps consider going to the self-publishing route on Amazon so he can determine how successful his work can be.  Keep it up, dude, and write on!


Really well done.  Great start to the series.  I love the LitRPG genre and you've got an interesting take on this field.  I love stories told from the everyman point of view.  It's why I like Nathan Lowell's books so much.  They are more slice of life than grand adventure.  Hope you don't OP your guy.


This is literally my dream story. I'm so happy that this is a thing.

The main character seems to actually be inteligent and has a plan of what he wants to do.

The world seems real with the way the people act and i forget it's a game until people have user names like "xxx420blazeitxxx" lol


Nice new world-building, crafting litrpg

If any series was going to draw the author's attention away from Red Mage then this qualifies.

Still early on but the usual early chapter litrpg intro and infodump rate as well above average.  Definitely more interesting and attention keeping than most.

I like how so far it appears that the series can be carried by the crafting and character development aspects of the story so that the author doesn't have to rely upon contrived action plot elements to move the story forward but can instead use them when they seem to be best suited to the story.


Really really enjoyable!

I don't really write reviews but I truly felt like this desserved a review! 


The story is really well written and you can tell there was some tought put behind it! I really like how things are going even though you can pretty much guess what's gonna happen. It's a shame the chapters are only posted once a week as I think the author should deffo focus a bit more on this story.

The only thing i thought it was a bit forced was the pact his companion made after saw him crying for one of his kind. Personally thought it all fell into place a bit too well, but over all great story! Keep up the good work


Buy it when available.

This is a story meant to be sold on amazon and I am certain it'll make a lot of money for it's author if he writes as well as he's doing. 


Read this roughly a year ago, enjoyed it then and waited for the day the author came back, and boy howdy an i glad he is back. The story is slow but enough stuff happens to keep it interesting and progressing. Hopping to see more chapters come out soon. Re-Binged in one day.


Sucks that's it on hiatus 

But it will eat some of your time

Not terrible  base building story 

Meh Pom

Very Nice and comfy.

MC has real issues that you can relate to, real life world building is well done with hints here and there. Game world worldbuilding happens mre often of course, but really you mostly learn at the same time as the MC, as opposed to an author shoving bricks of context down your brain, so its okay.