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The train reached its final stop at the outskirts of town. The station was still in Planeptune's main city, but it was far away from Planeptune Tower and all the hijinks with Neptune. Noire rose from her seat and left the doors with a bunch of noisy teenagers which were heading the same way as her apparently.

That is, towards the only important landmark in this district. The amusement park Purple World. Noire didn't know what K-sha had planned until she saw the huge gate, but now it was all clear. She guessed that a surprise like that was also part of setting the mood.

Now she only needed to actually find K-sha. Usually she'd have already appeared at her side without delay. It would be rude to say so, but Noire was certain that K-sha had studied and memorized the train's schedule to time everything perfectly. Or was that a compliment?

Noire: "Hm? There she is."

She mumbled as she noticed the familiar red uniform. Even now K-sha was wearing it with pride and style. As a student it really was easy to choose an outfit that fit every occasion. Noire was a tiny bit jealous even.

As she walked over to the black haired girl leaning against a tree with her eyes closed, Noire took notice of one more thing. K-sha was whispering something. But there was no other soul in sight. Talking to herself? Noire could relate- N-not because she talked to herself all the time of course.

Noire: "You chose an extravagant location for our little outing."

K-sha's eyes sprung open and she immediately got fidgety. She ran over to Noire and greeted her cheerfully.

K-sha: "You are finally here! I could barely stand to wait another second to see you again."

There wasn't a hint of annoyance in her voice. Noire was definitely not late either, so it must have just been K-sha's excitement speaking.

K-sha: "So so so! For our date I thought it would be great to visit a Theme Park."

Noire: "It's not a da-"

Why did she even bother anymore? Not like anyone would listen to her. She sighed and nodded. K-sha put a hand to her mouth and chuckled.

K-sha: "You look beautiful today Noire. That dress is so mesmerizing."

Noire: "Thanks. I picked it out with care."

She took the compliment in stride. It was only natural that her fashion sense was superior to most people. Good on K-sha for noticing.

Speaking of noticing, her turquoise eyes focused on something behind Noire. For a second she could see K-sha squint. Noire turned around to see what she was looking at, but there was nothing.

Noire: "Is there something amiss?"

K-sha shook her head with a smile and extended her hand towards one of Noire's pigtails. With a soft pull she retrieved a leaf from it.

K-sha: "All better."

She giggled while Noire blushed slightly.

Noire: "That stupid Neptune dragged me through half a forest. It wasn't my fault or anything."

Her excuse came swift and fierce. K-sha simply nodded and then pulled two pieces of paper out of her skirt pocket. Noire read the letters on it and realized they were entrance tickets for the amusement park. This girl was really prepared.

Noire: "I will pay you back for my card-"

K-sha: "Oh nonono! How could you say that? I'm taking you out on a date, so I'll pay for it. Please enjoy today to your utmost!"

Noire felt her legs becoming weak. This was such a stark contrast to before, it made her want to cry. It would be rude to deny her at this point so she nodded with a light smirk.

Noire: "Then I will pay for the food."

She said and strode ahead confidently. K-sha was not talking back, so this was her small victory at least. Or perhaps she had already expected that and let Noire have a little victory. But that kind of speculation was too paranoid, even for her.

They entered the 'Purple World' side by side.

Neptune: "Did she capture my soul with those demonic eyes?"

A certain purple haired girl was in a cold sweat while pressing her back against a tree. Even with her superior sneaking skills (in what reality?) she was almost discovered! This whole tailing thing looked so much easier in movies and games. When was the right time to look around the corner again? Somehow detectives always knew when it was safe again, but in reality it would be really embarrassing to peek out and be met with those turquoise eyes.

Neptune: "K-sharp totally has cheat codes enabled… What else does she have, X-ray vision? Heat seeking missiles? Fricking laser beams?"

Monologuing to herself was only natural for Neptune. There was always an audience for the protagonist after all. She just couldn't be too loud about it or she might be heard.

As if it wasn't obvious already, Neptune had followed Noire. Right now she engaged in what they called "reconnaissance". There was nothing wrong with looking what the enemy's got packing, right? She hadn't expected them to go here of all places though.

Let's go back about twenty minutes.

Right after Noire left Neptune at the central train station, she had been standing around, not sure what to do. She was still carrying a bunch of bags from her haul at Chuko's shop. With a face that was very unlike Neptune she had resigned herself to go back to the Basilicom for now.

That's when she met Marvy. Also known as MarvelousAQL. Or Marvelous. Seriously this girl had more aliases than a secret agent. Which was sort of fitting, because she was a ninja. Not like one could tell from her loose school uniform that barely managed to conceal her curvy body. She had loosely tied her jacket around her waist and let more buttons of her shirt open than public decency would allow. And then there were the two katanas she had casually strapped to her skirt. Good thing she could probably ninja sprint away from the police before they could detain her.

Marvy: "Hi Neptune! Long time no see."

Neptune: "Marvy! Just the ninja master I need."

She pulled the taller girl over by the red ribbon and talked to her conspiratorially.

Neptune: "Can you do me a favor and carry these to the Basilicom? Just give 'em to one of the guards. Those dudes are lazing around anyway."

Marvy: "I would love to help. Can I ask why you are in such a hurry?"

Marvy was a good girl and immediately agreed to Neptune's random request, but she was also super curious. Must have been part of her information gathering training. Or she just enjoyed gossip like most girls. Neptune cupped her chin and pretended to give it thought. Then she shrugged and told her.

Neptune: "I have to follow Noire. She doesn't know what she got herself into."

Marvy: "So you are stalking her?"

Neptune: "HEY! Them's fighting words! I just wanna look out for a friend."

Marvy: "Do you want me to help with that too? Stealth missions are a ninja's bread and butter."

Neptune: "I would love to have you join my party, but this is something I have to do on my own, catch my drift?"

Marvy: "Okay."

No more questions. Marvy really was a good girl. Neptune was proud of her orange haired friend. If only everyone could be that thoughtful.

Marvy: "You can have my binoculars if you want to spy on her."

With a cheerful smile she pulled a pair of binoculars out of the hammer space in her cleavage. Neptune didn't even question the physics and took it gratefully.

Neptune: "Well see ya later ~"

With a mad dash Neptune made it to the last wagon of the train that was currently leaving the train station and attached herself to the protruding coupling at the end. She clutched it with both hands and held on for dear life.

Marvy: "That looks like fun."

She grinned like a cat and vanished into thin air. She would definitely make good on her promise and bring the bags to the Basilicom. And afterwards…

Now that Neptune had followed them this far she wouldn't stop. Carefully she moved her face along the tree and took a short glimpse at the pair. To her shock they had already gone far ahead. She hurriedly rolled out from behind the tree and on to the next cover. Zigzagging her way along benches, trashcans and other parts of the scenery she managed to catch up.

So far, so good, but now she met her highest hurdle yet. K-sha showed the staff the tickets and they were let in. Before entering they both got armbands to recognize that they had already paid. It was a method to let visitors enter again if they had to leave the park for a bit.

That aside, Neptune had no way to follow them without getting past that checkpoint! She could have transformed and flown over the walls, but there were cameras. And if she used her goddess status to get in for free again… Histy would get mad.

Neptune: "I hope you are happy Lonely Heart, because you just made my wallet one of your kind!"

She pouted and pulled out her nep purse. With a hurting heart and tears in her eyes she spent the rest of her allowance on a ticket. The staff member seemed to recognize her, but didn't say anything. Neptune had been seen all over the theme parks in Planeptune before. It was a well documented phenomenon.

After passing the gates Neptune looked out for her targets. In this crowd it would be hard to keep track if she didn't pay attention. It was like one of those 'Where's Neppu?', 'spot the person' pictures. Even with Noire's fancy outfit she still was buried in the sea of eccentric Gamindustri citizens. Ironically what made Neptune find them again was K-sha's red school uniform. Most uniforms around here were blue, black or purple, so it really stood out.

Those two had first visited the park map in the center of the entrance area. Neptune wanted to follow them immediately, but then thought of something. A good stalker… No, a good private detective knew that the best way not to get noticed was a disguise.

Before catching up to them she would find one of those gift shops. Luckily there were dozens of those around the entrance and exit. A few seconds later she left with her perfect disguise.

On top of her head she was wearing an extremely cute black cat beanie. It only covered half her hair, but if she pulled up her hood it was all good. And the crown piece that made her disguise perfect: The fake bushy mustache!

Neptune: "Everyone knows that you can't disguise yourself without at least one fake mustache."

She congratulated herself on her brilliance. The big brown mustache looked as fake as could be and made her stand out more if anything, but Neptune wasn't one to care about logic.

Now fully equipped for the mission she found the dating girls again and hid behind a lamppost. Her ears perked up to listen in on their conversation.

Noire: "It is a pretty big park. Makes it hard to decide where to go first."

K-sha: "Never you worry. I have already prepared a detailed route for us. It will be so much fun."

Her excitement was almost infectious. Noire seemed relieved.

K-sha: "First we are going to this café and have a light lunch. You have been run ragged by your date with Neptune, right?"

What was that supposed to mean? There was nothing wrong with putting energy into things when you have fun. Neptune would have liked to say something, but she was currently in a strict observer/observed relationship with them. This was a pain already.

Noire: "It wasn't that exhausting. Do you think it's a good idea to eat before getting on the rides though?"

K-sha tilted her head questioningly in response.

K-sha: "You don't get motion sick easily… do you Noire?"

Noire: "W-what? That's ridiculous! I fly around at the speed of sound in HDD all the time. There is no way I can get motion sick from this much."

She crossed her arms and insisted strongly that she was wrong. K-sha nodded approvingly and clapped her hands.

K-sha: "That's right. I also never got motion sick in my life, so we are a perfect match."

Her giggling was reciprocated by a hollow laugh from Noire. There were already some cracks in the brave façade.

K-sha: "But it wouldn't be healthy if we filled our tummies too much. So let's get some refreshments and a light snack, alright?"

Noire: "Sounds good."

They moved to the first stop on their route through the park. Incidentally Neptune felt hungry as well. She hadn't eaten anything aside from the ice-cream this morning. Sadly her wallet was in its death throes, so there was no way to obtain nourishment. Her stomach grumbled.

Neptune: "Go hungry for a day, go hungry for life… Maybe those mushrooms on the sidewalk are edible…"

Those mushrooms were not edible. They didn't make her grow or glow in rainbow colors either. Next time someone should put a sign up or something. Neptune was now inside a big green bush and leaning her shoulder against a waist high wall. She felt sick.

A meter away was the café that they had mentioned before. Neptune was using a pamphlet she picked up as a cone around her ear to listen in on them once again. Those two had taken a seat at a table not too far away and were waiting for their food and drinks.

Noire: "…an amusement park in Planeptune? Wouldn't you be more familiar with the ones in Lastation?"

K-sha: "I'm sorry! Lastation's parks are great too."

Noire: "Ah no, I wasn't angry or anything. I was just curious."

She waved her worries away. K-sha put a finger to her chin and recalled her reasoning.

K-sha: "One of my classmates recommended it to me. Her name is Miss Platinum. She reaaally loves thrill rides and action. When I asked her about theme parks she said this one had just reopened in Planeptune and was amazing."

While they were talking the waitress appeared and put down their drinks. Noire was enjoying lemonade, while K-sha was drinking apple juice. Their choices seemed a little childish, but then again, K-sha was a high-schooler. And coffee had no effect on Noire at this point, so sugar was a better replacement to wake her up.

While circling her glass with one index finger a little and creating small swirls in the golden liquid Noire asked something.

Noire: "Do you enjoy your campus life?"

K-sha nodded.

K-sha: "I get along with everyone. I was… worried when my secret came out. That I was the Gold Third of Lastation. That I was not who I pretended to be… But instead it was a relief. Everyone treats me just the same way as before those things happened."

She gave Noire a melancholic, but also sweet smile. Her eyes were lowering and she took a sip of her juice.

Noire: "I'm glad for you. They probably knew already… It's not easy to hide things from those closest to you."

K-sha: "Noire, did you ever want to go to school?"

Noire: "Hm… I don't know. It might have been fun?"

Her mouth was awry and she answered honestly. But she would have liked to wear a school uniform once - outside of cosplay.

K-sha: "Noire is a goddess after all. You already know everything important in this world. The things they teach in school are baby stuff for you."

Her admiration was blinding and made Noire a little uncomfortable. There were things that she didn't know either. Actually she thought students were kind of impressive. They learned all these unnecessary things and had such a good general knowledge. A goddess had a long life, so it wasn't a waste of time to learn everything, but for a student… They wasted their youth on all this knowledge gathering.

Noire: "That's probably true."

Yet she just laughed it off and agreed.

K-sha: (But it would have been so cute to see her in a school uniform.)

Neptune grunted. School sounded horrible. Well aside from recess and hanging out with friends and lazing around all day. But homework though. Still, wearing a school uniform sounded nice. And seeing Noire in one especially.

Noire: "Oh by the way. How is 'she' doing?"

She took back control of the conversation and asked out of curiosity. K-sha immediately caught on to her meaning. Her knowing eyes darted around and then she leaned forward.

K-sha: "She is healthy and still as cute as ever. The dorm mother hasn't discovered her yet. But she really misses you Noire. Uni came by last week for the first time in a while and she wouldn't stop cuddling with her."

Noire: "I am sorry about that. Work just piled up."

She was genuinely sorry.

K-sha: "You are like her mommy, so you have to pay attention to her."

Noire: "Why am I her mother now?"

K-sha: "O-oh?! D-did you want to be the daddy!? I am fine with that too! T-then I will be a good mother."

She held her blushing cheeks and almost squealed. Noire sighed.

Noire: "I will buy her a toy next time, so please forgive me?"

Anything to escape that kind of talk.

As they continued their conversation innocently and received their food, the unwanted observer got worried. No, worry was too weak a word for this rising emotion.

Fear? Horror?

What was that extremely suspicious conversation?! 'She'? Toy? Noire and Uni's attention? Something to hide from the world? It couldn't be. This exchange was twisting at her ears and especially Neptune's brain.

C-could they be talking about… a child?

Neptune: "What have you done K-sharpie? This violates so many laws, mostly those of reproduction and biology!"

It wouldn't be weird to call those two lovers at this point.

Neptune: "Begone evil spirits that sound like Iffy; outta my mind!"

Why had Iffy ingrained such a stupid flag into Nep's gray matter? There was no alternative for her, but to misunderstand!

Neptune: "I can't accept this… I'll get to the bottom of this bottomless well!"

Vert: "I concur."

Vert said.


In the bush right next to her.

Neptune: "HAWAAAAAHHH!?"

Her surprised yell was interrupted by Vert's white gloved hand that covered Nep's big mouth forcefully. Some of the park visitors had already heard them and were looking for the source for the ghastly scream.

Noire: "Did you hear that? Wasn't that-?"

K-sha: "Probably just one of the people on the rollercoaster."

Noire: "I guess so…"

After a few seconds had passed and they hadn't been discovered Vert released her titanic grip on Neptune's jaw. Planeptune's CPU caught her breath and stared at her big bosomed colleague.

Neptune: "Okay pal, what's your business inside this bush of mine? Is it because it's green? Do you think all matching colors belong to you?"

Vert: "Nothing of the sort. I just happened to pass by and was interested why Neptune was hiding in these bushes."

Her calm reply was taking the wind out of Nep's sails.

Neptune: "Something smells fishy about this and we ain't anywhere close to the sea."

Vert: "It might be appropriate to take a look into a mirror for this, my dear Neptune."

She said with a set smile. Even while sitting inside a bush she managed to sit upright and with elegance. Neptune understood the irony of her situation, but Vert was at fault too.

Neptune: "'Tis normal for the goddess to visit her own amusement park in her own nation."

Vert: "Is it also normal for a goddess to stalk another one?"

Neptune: "Low blow, Vertinator! This is a battle between women. Everything is allowed in war and friendship."

Vert: "That's not how the saying goes. But I understand what you want say. Far be it from me to stop you. I'll not get in your way."

Neptune: "Really?"

Vert: "Yes, of course. My business here was not with you directly."

She winked and exited the bushes. Vert dusted off her light dress and left.

Vert: "That mustache really brings out your eyes."

She added over her shoulder. Neptune stared after her with furrowed brows.

Noire and K-sha had left the café as well while she was distracted.

Neptune: "Ah dangit!"

No twintailed prey escapes Neptune for too long and she found their new route immediately. They had headed straight for the biggest, most dangerous looking rollercoaster in the whole park. Of doom.

Neptune had rode it once before, but she didn't remember having too much of a good time. Why was that again?

K-sha: "It apparently has 16 loops and 24 U-turns in a row."

Her eyes were sparkling.

Noire's face turned pale merely by looking at it. She really shouldn't have eaten this much. It was like K-sha just wouldn't stop ordering more snacks. And in the end while Noire had been distracted K-sha had paid her share as well.

K-sha: "Look, the line is really short right now. We will definitely get a seat next to each other!"

She pulled the raven haired goddess by the arm and happily doomed them both.

With the appropriate delay Neptune entered as well. She couldn't exactly go into line behind them, so she had to wait for them to get ahead. But a new challenger appeared.

Male Staff: "Ahem. Missy, aren't you a little too small for this ride?"

He pointed his finger at a measurement bar that determined how tall a visitor had to be to enter the ride. Neptune barely undershot it.

Neptune: "Are you cereal?!"

This wasn't the first time this happened, but she had not much time to argue. Time for drastic measures. One light pillar later and Purple Heart was staring down the staff man.

While still wearing the beanie and fake mustache. It was… a sight to behold.

The man's eyes widened in shock and he immediately fell to his knees.

Male Staff: "L-l-l-lady Pu-Purple Heart!? P-please forgive my insolence. I d-did not know…!"

Purple Heart: "Please stop yelling my name. I'm here incognito today."

Male Staff: "Y-yes of course! That mustache fits you quite well my Lady Purple Heart!"

He bowed while still on his knees.

Purple Heart: "Who is that Lady you speak of? You must have me confused with someone else."

Her monotone voice was the death of acting. The man was clearly wrestling with himself not to say anything. A purple haired woman with long braided pigtails, an armor-like processor unit and wings was not really something anybody could mix up.

Male Staff: "Then… who are you supposed to be?"

Purple Heart: "….you may call me Violet Heart."

The entire staff and other park visitors close-by frowned and thought in unison (This is so obviously Lady Neptune!).

Male Staff: "I-I understand. P-please enter at your leisure. There are still seats open for you."

Female Staff: "No there aren't Paul-"

Male Staff: "E-m-p-t-y seats. Lots of them."

Cold eyes like winter made his fellow staff member shut up. Some random visitors very mysteriously disappeared from the ride to leave room for Purple Heart.

She sat down in her red seat and adjusted the protection bar. Now that she was in her HDD form she felt no thrill whatsoever at this ride. That's what it was. Last time the same thing happened. It was such a shame.

At least from here she had a good view on the seats ahead of her. At the very front and with very different attitudes towards the upcoming ride, sat the black haired pair. K-sha was almost unnoticeably closing up to Noire, who was busy clutching the bar with all her might.

Purple Heart watched the front car with a bothered expression.

As the ride began and the first rise took them up to breathtaking heights the other people on the carts were gasping. And with a gut wrenching acceleration they passed the hill and shot down the track! First curve, then a loop, followed by another loop and yet another loop and then another rise! Everything was spinning and turning and the world turned into a maelstrom of colors and sounds.

Noire was almost yelling in fear. By biting her lip with all her might she somehow kept her sanity and her composure. K-sha next to her on the other hand was squealing in joy and tightly pressed Noire's hands with her own.

Purple Heart leaned forward with an angry gaze. Additionally she felt nothing from these insane loops. This was as exciting as a bus ride to her.

Noire: "Ohh…ghhg… All these circles make a square…"

Her body was shaking a little and her steps uneven. K-sha patted her back affectionately and let her take it slow.

K-sha: "We can take a rest if you want. I'll let you rest on my shoulder too!"

Noire: "Y-you got it wrong! This shaking… it's from excitement. These Planeptune rides… are almost as good as Lastation's."

Her claim was about as believable as Neptune's mustache, but K-sha was not one to hurt Noire's pride.

K-sha: "You don't feel sick at all?"

Noire: "W-who do you take me… for?"

She gulped down the bile in her throat.

K-sha: "Ahaha that's true. Then let's go for the next ride!"

Noire: "Oh… goodie."

Neptune was watching them from behind the exit of the rollercoaster. She had transformed back now. Right now she really wanted to grind her teeth.

Neptune: (K-shady is definitely scheming something.)

Her nep sense was tingling. That girl had been doing this on purpose. And Neptune could prove it!


But she would find the truth and then smack it over her rival's head.

K-sha: "Tea Cups!"

Noire: (Spinning right after that rollercoaster of emotions?)

Noire groaned internally. The food in her stomach had already spun quite enough. It was her fault for pretending to be strong.

They entered a blue cup together. This ride was made of tea cup shaped carts that were spinning along a path on a platform. Additionally there was a wheel in the middle. The guests that were sitting on the round seats could grab it from every direction and then spin it too. With that there was an additional axis to the cup's spin, which made it even crazier.

Usually there could be up to four people inside one at the same time, but Neptune entered alone. This time she was allowed to enter with her normal height. She wasn't sure why she had to go on every ride with them, but then again, it would be a waste not to use the opportunity. Her last money had been burned for this after all!

To her unfortunate dismay it became soon clear that this was a mistake. Due to the spinning path of the cups hers was lining up with Noire's every turn.

She had realized it too late and was now ducking behind the cup's low wall. If Noire or K-sha looked up they could have definitely seen a cat beanie peeking over the edge.

Luckily for Neptune, Noire was currently not in a state to notice such subtle details. In fact she was keeping her eyes tightly shut to blend out the incessant spinning that even a tornado would get envious of.

K-sha: "We have to spin the wheel faster. This speed isn't nearly enough to take off!"

The school girl was doing her darndest to create a natural disaster. Her hands barely even touched the smoking wheel anymore, she just seemed to accelerate it with each turn by kicking it.

Noire: "This isn't supposed to be one of those rides that float in the air!"

K-sha: "You only know if you try!"

Noire watched in despair as K-sha accidentally set the wheel on fire due to friction.

Neptune: "That burning spirit… I won't be outdone!"

For reasons that only she could comprehend she took K-sha's action as a personal challenge. Now using her secret technique she accelerated the purple cup beyond its capabilities as well. Sweat drops were flying off her face as she poured her soul into the mad dance of the cups!

Conductor: "Have you ever seen something like this, Bill?"

Staffer: "Nope. Are they supposed to take fire?"

Conductor: "Nope."

Neptune: "Ahahahah! Now this is the power of rotation! Circular thinking has nothing on me!"

In her hubris Neptune had not realized the harsh truth yet. With each turn of these wheels of fate 'it' became looser.

Looser and looser until finally.


It got pulled off and accelerated off the cup.

Neptune: "Eh?"

She touched her face. It was gone.

Neptune: "MUSTACHE! Nooooooooooooo!"

Her woeful cries followed after her old companion. But there was no way her hands could reach. The mustache bullet sped up and crashed straight into the conductor's face.

Conductor: "Gyaaaah?! It's in my eyes, it's in my mouth and it is alive!"

In horror he pushed the acceleration lever by accident and created even more chaos. All the cups now accelerated on their tracks without limit. The screams of the guests resounded with those of the conductor in a hellish cacophony.

Noire: "Whyyyyy does this alwaaaaays happen to meeeee?!"

She said as her twintails turned into propellers.

The spinning continued even long after they got off the ride. Some people never truly lost it. Paramedics were pulling fainted guests from the cups, while the fire department was stopping the fires.

And out of that destructive landscape collapsed Neptune, falling over into the dirt face first. Somehow she had managed to survive.

Not far away K-sha and Noire appeared as well. The high school girl was actually supporting Noire with one shoulder and standing as still as a rock. There were exactly zero signs of a dizziness in her face.

K-sha: "Was it a little too fast?"

Noire: "Haha… hahaha…."

Not all of them had made it out unscathed it seemed. Noire was still suffering from spinning eyes. And Neptune felt the world around her turning dark.

K-sha: "..sure…? okay…. -ext ride…"

That's weird. K-sha was speaking in gaps?

You are just losing consciousness Neptune.

Neptune: "Oh it's just that! Thanks narrator…Urgh!"

Neptune fainted.

Something was shaking. The comfortable darkness didn't like it and hissed. Another push split the shadows open and created a warming light.

Neptune: "I'm awake already, so stop shaking me for pocket change!"

She yelled upside down in the air.

???: "Sorry, I didn't know how to wake you up."

Neptune: "Gently and probably with less vertical power."

She replied dryly and was released from her savior's grip. Rubbing her small tush, Neptune looked up in pain. Standing above her with worry was… Marvy.

Marvy: "Mission Accomplished. I came back as fast as I could."

She made a ninja sign with her right hand and smiled. Neptune chuckled derisively.

Neptune: "Good timing… I think I lost my targets or whatever."

Marvy: "I saw them walk towards the Viking Ship."

Neptune: "Yarr-harr and doodelidee. Time for us to become pirates too."

Marvy: "Eh?"

Neptune: "I lost my disguise, so I will need your help. Your sneaking power is legendary, right?"

Marvy: "We usually rank it in letters."

Neptune: "Fine, double E-ranked then. Hop hop. Or is it nin nin?"

Neptune's speech was even weirder than usual. Waking up upside down after fainting from spinning on a burning tea cup does things to people. The mushrooms probably didn't help.

Marvy: "Don't you have to take care of the preview first?"

Neptune: "Preview, review, schmeview… you do it. I have to collect my mind stones first."

She covered her face with the hood from her hoodie and dreamt of pudding.

Marvy: "Then I will finish this mission as well. If you would like you could return next time to see how Neptune shows her true power. Same Nep hour, same Nep channel. We can do it!!"

Neptune: "Nin nin."

To be continued


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