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Noire: "Aaaahn... n-not so rough Neptune!"

Neptune: "Woah, my fingers aren't enough anymore?"

K-sha: "L-let me help you."

Noire: "Two at once?! It's my first time... Ahhhhh oooohhh...! T-that one felt good."

Neptune: "We got her now!"

K-sha: "Switching to fists."

Neptune: "Moan more! Give in to our powerful combo! Ahahahah!"

Noire: "I-it's too muuuuuuch!"

Those screams of satisfaction vibrated through the room as Noire arched back.

What's going on? We are getting ahead of ourselves. Let's go back a few hours.


Dawn broke the darkness of night and revealed a glowing sun that shot its life giving rays toward the earth, the city and even the giant castle in its middle. Lowee was a winter wonderland and yet there were also warm forests and real bizarre areas to it. Even though it could be cold in the snow, it was also possible to walk around in nothing but a tank top in other areas. It was a varied place for a varied people. Often Lowee had been declared the most family focused nation in Gamindustri.

It certainly experienced a lot of family feuds.

Inside Lowee's Basilicom the various groups were awakening at their own pace. Some might not even have slept at all.

First we take a look inside the room that had been offered to the Lastation sisters. Uni was grunting as she turned in a state between sleep and waking. Her ribbons had been taken off for the night, making her long black hair flow all over her pillow. A low scratching sound caught her half-wake attention. Her eyelids shook softly before a blurry picture presented itself to her. The room was upside down or at least angled. And someone was not too far away from her in an upright position.

Uni: "Mrmhm… big sis?"

She rubbed her eyes with her right hand and turned on her side. She pushed her torso up with her other arm and got a better look. Indeed it was Noire sitting on a chair at the room's only desk. Her back had been turned to Uni until she had called out her name.

Noire: "Good morning. It's barely dawn, so you can rest some more."

She signaled her to relax and returned to whatever she was working on. The scratching sounds came from her direction too. More work? K-sha's info on Noire's sleep schedule was apparently spot on. Three hours… how did she do it every day?

Uni: "No… I'm awake now. I will get up!"

She hurried along her blood circulation with willpower alone and sat up. Her black night gown was half revealing her body after a night of twisting and turning. She adjusted it subconsciously. Now her red eyes focused on the staple of documents that Noire had brought along. When she said that she was done with her work yesterday, was she just trying to calm Uni's worries?

Uni: "Why aren't you scolding me Noire?"

Her words came out bitterer than intended. Using her sister's name was usually a sign that she was serious about the topic.

Noire: "Scold you? For what?"

Uni: "I've been selfishly doing my own things instead of helping you with your work!"

Noire's hand stopped in whatever she was doing and then she twisted her body around on the chair to face Uni. She looked genuinely surprised. Then she tilted her head and put a hand to one of her pigtails.

Noire: "I can do this, because you have grown so much."

There was nothing but truthfulness in her sister's words and eyes.

Noire: "You have been steadily increasing your workload. It's a big help. And during the Heart Dimension incident we could leave Gamindustri's safety in all of the CPU candidates' hands. I never thought it possible before that point."

Something was weird about today's Noire. That was so much praise at once… and she was so open to her! Uni felt overwhelmed and her heart filled with almost liquid warmth that was hard to deny. She was truly moved by those words. She had to slap both her cheeks to snap out of it and suppress a huge smile.

Uni: "B-but I can't slack off just because I improved a little!"

Noire: "That enthusiasm makes you a proud member of Lastation."

The raven haired goddess nodded approvingly and stapled the documents next to her together before throwing them into a bag next to the desk. That wasn't something she would usually do with her work files.

Following that strange action she leaned back and stretched on the chair. A strained moan escaped her mouth and she rubbed her neck. She must have felt stiff after all.

Noire: "This might be a strange question, so don't get surprised."

She put a hand to her chin and then faced Uni.

Noire: "What do you think of Nepgear?"

Even if she said so beforehand, how was Uni supposed to not be surprised?! She backed against the end of the bed and the back of her head hit the wall. Uni was absolutely and visibly flustered. Why would Noire ask this question? Was it because of what she saw yesterday? No, she hadn't seen anything! B-but then why…?

Uni squirmed back and forth and felt her cheeks getting hot.

Uni: "Wha- me … N-Nepgear?! Why now?"

As expected there was no coherent sentence coming out of her mouth. Noire shook her head and sighed.

Noire: "Let me specify… Are you two best friends?"

Well now everything was clear. Not! Uni was still not remotely comprehending what had gotten into her sister. And frankly she felt like this was not a normal conversation for their intimacy level. She put both hands over her spinning eyes and calmed down by breathing in and out slowly.

After a while of not looking at Noire she finally pressed out an answer.

Uni: "I… don't know."

She answered honestly. Noire basically had a big question mark above her head this whole time. Apparently it was not her intent to put Uni on the spot or anything. Now she felt stupid.

Uni: "Nepgear has a lot of friends. Sometimes… it's a little hard to approach her. And she always gets lost in other dimensions where I can't follow. It's really not…"

It's really not easy to say how close they really were? She didn't really want to finish the sentence. And this was all something she didn't quite figure out herself yet either.

Noire: "I feel a distinct sense of déjà vu."

The older Lastation sister crossed her arms and made a similar face to hers. An awkward silence filled the room for a while.

Sometime later…

Just a few rooms over another pair of sisters were residing. The bedroom had been claimed in the name of Planeptune and if she had a spare flag, Neptune would certainly have stabbed it into the floor to mark her territory.

For better or for worse there was only one huge bed inside. It was especially fluffy and wide and covered in pillows. Special requests from a certain purple haired CPU no doubt. Unlike Uni and Noire these two sisters were not waking at the break of dawn. And more importantly Nepgear was the first to open her eyes.

She usually didn't move much in her sleep, but right now she found herself head side up with no recollection of moving there. And the blanket had made itself sparse. Yet she still felt incredibly warm and heavy.

Moving her head slightly up she could see what the cause was. Neptune was sprawled out on top of her like a completely curled up cat. Her small shoulders were moving up and down as she snored somewhere on Nepgear's exposed stomach. Each breath tickled her bellybutton…

Nepgear: "…ppfrr… it tickles…!"

She was desperately keeping her voice in, but Neptune's short hair was combing over her skin and made it even harder to keep her lips shut. After a few shivering seconds she finally let out a giggle. Neptune shifted her weight in response and now it became hard to breathe altogether!

Nepgear's face turned blue as she kept bearing it without a complaint. Finally the older goddess turned in her sleep again and rolled off her sister.

Nepgear: "Goodness… it has been so long since I was your living hugging pillow."

She remarked quietly to herself.

Neptune: "Don't worry; you will always be my number one pillow!"

So she had been faking sleep?!

Nepgear: "I'm not sure if that is a good thing… but thanks."

It still made her happy. That one second of her guard being down was her doom! Neptune's gleaming eyes moved like that of a tiger and she prowled on her helpless prey. In a second Nepgear was in a submissive position and mercilessly groped by Neptune. This too was a ritual they hadn't gone through with in a while. It was just as flustering as usual to poor Nepgear.

Nepgear: "A-ah…! P-please stop Sis!"

Neptune: "You've grown a little again."

She said matter of factly like a legit examiner. Her hands really were miraculously overleveled. If it was a girl's upper area, Neptune might have a better anatomical understanding of things than Compa.

Neptune: "But they aren't right yet."

That mysterious comment was added, leaving Nepgear huffing on top of a few pillows while Neptune leaned back and retracted her demonic hands. The younger sister immediately retreated and covered her chest defensively.

Nepgear: "W-what is 'right' supposed to mean?!"

Neptune stayed silent and just opened and closed her hands with a solemn expression. She almost looked profound from this angle, if it wasn't a groping motion. Just who was she comparing Nepgear too?

Neptune: "By the way, dearest sister of mine."

Her words turned formal all of a sudden. She put her hands flatly on top of each other and held them next to her face with a graceful smile. Nepgear gulped.

Neptune: "What's that I hear about you having dates with Noire Jr.?"

There was the glint again! That beautiful smile had turned teasing in the blink of an eye. With that nickname it was obvious who she meant, but she was not very serious about it considering the way she asked.

Still that was a critical hit on Nepgear's end. Her head shook fast enough to make her hair put plane propellers to shame in spinning action.

Nepgear: "T-that's a misunderstanding! IF was just s-s-s-saying things again-"

Neptune: "Denying it so cutely means its true! And if you admit it, then it's true as well!"

She happily pointed her finger at her sister with squinted eyes and a grin.

Nepgear: "I cannot win either way?!"

Neptune: "Not against the flagmaster extraordinaire, you can't~"

Her hoodie loosened as she rolled over the bed and stopped on her back. She wasn't done talking yet.

Neptune: "Say Nep Jr. Is Uni your best friend?"

That question was a lot more sincere than the last one, although it seemed random as well. Nepgear lowered her hands that she had been keeping up to protect her body and leaned forward on her knees. For now she contemplated it seriously. The answer didn't come easily.

Nepgear: "I'm not sure. I have many amazing friends. It seems wrong to put one over another."

She looked down and tapped her index fingers against each other for an awkward moment.

Nepgear: "And Uni has other friends too! Many that I don't even know. I never really asked her what she thinks about that differentiation."

Neptune nodded mysteriously as if she expected that response from her little sister. Her legs opened and closed as if she was making snow angels in the blanket. Feeling urged to say more Nepgear leaned closer to Neptune.

Nepgear: "I don't really mind being her best or second best or even 4th best friend. I think being close and enjoying our time together is all that matters!"

There was something reassuring about her words. And she was putting so much effort into helping Neptune out in her own way. Nep spun on her stomach and then leaned her chin on her hands.

Neptune: "Woah there former protagonist, you still got that much friendship wisdom in ya?"

Nepgear: "It has nothing to do with being a protagonist or anything else."

She furrowed her brows. Neptune stared at her, but then stretched out her hand and ruffled Nepgear's long straight hair until it looked quite chaotic. Afterwards she jumped off the bed and smiled.

Neptune: "Even I feel like a little sister around you sometimes."

She winked and left Nepgear blushing and flailing her hands around in denial.

Neptune: "Time for breakfast! Your tummy was rumbling like a whole legion of horse carriages. And don't you deny it; my ear was right at the source!"

Breakfast time passed in an instant and now the four CPUs finally held their meeting. Just as Blanc had promised Neptune. They all sat around a round table in a way that made it easy to face each other. A few trays with pastries and snacks were prepared as well.

They had been chatting for a while now, but the conversation barely made any progress, mostly because Neptune was evasive and Blanc got angry repeatedly, forcing Noire to intervene.

Noire: "The press in Lowee is quite daring."

She slipped in a comment that was unrelated to blaming a certain someone for all the trouble. Blanc raised a brow and obviously expected her to elaborate on that.

Noire: "Even after the machines attacked their camera drones didn't go home. I assume those were reporters?"

Blanc: "There were a few newscasters filming for a documentary and updates on the Festival. But they were evacuated alongside everyone else."

Her quiet voice wasn't revealing any doubt. She hadn't seen any cameras at all during their hunt. Although such details may slip her mind while bashing in giant robot engines.

Their exchange was the only productive thing in a while, which was also a consequence of Neptune not listening at all. She was stuffing her face with pastries until her cheeks resembled those of a hamster.

Neptune: "Shooo gooohd!"

The sweetness was spreading through her mouth and straight to her happiness organ. Pudding would always be the best, but cake or muffins and the like could never be bad either.

Noire threw her a scolding sideway glance, but what she saw made her cry out.

Noire: "You ate all of mine without asking!?"

Neptune: "Why do you care Miss 'calorie balance master'? I'm doing you a service here!"

Noire: "Like you need any more calories with all that residual baby fat!"

Neptune: "Hey! Low blow! Puffy cheeks are my charm point."

Noire: "Not if they make you look like a misshaped puffer fish."

Neptune: "P-puffer fish?!"

In a matter of seconds they had entered one of their usual squabbles. At this point there was almost no way to stop them anymore. Blanc sighed and put a hand to her face. Productivity hit another bump in the road. She leaned towards Vert.

Blanc: "Don't you have anything to say?"

Usually the blonde goddess would have made some snarky comments by now. When her face got closer to her fellow CPU she realized the problem. Vert was completely asleep! She managed to sit in a lady like position while silently sleeping during the whole meeting! Blanc should have noticed when her tea cup was not touched at all.

Blanc: "What a useless bunch."

She commented dryly. As host of this meeting she felt like this was a personal failing somehow. No matter. She picked up her book and flipped up to the bookmark. If nobody else was going to take this seriously…

Ram: "Blaaaaaanc! Read us a story!"

Rom: "One with… a horsie."

And that was the last nail in her peaceful day. When the twins interrupted the meeting, it might as well have dissolved naturally.

Noire: "You really need to mind other people's property more. If you had just asked… I w-wouldn't really have cared or anything-"

Neptune: "Eat this!"

She randomly declared her attack turn and stuffed a chocolate muffin into Noire's dishonest mouth. Lastation's goddess was desperately chewing to avoid choking. She gulped the last bit down with a pounding heart and glared at Neptune.

Neptune: "How was it?"

But… Neptune didn't show any malicious intent. She was grinning with so much joy that Noire felt stupid for getting angry.

Noire: "Sweet…"

Was her curt reply.

Neptune: "Here comes another! Macadamia nut!"

Noire: "S-stop it, I can eat it myself-!"

But the Planeptunian frontal attack never let up. Lastation received an utter (and very delicious) defeat.

Outside the busy Basilicom and under the morning sun stood a dazed Uni. She was just strolling along the courtyard with no goal in particular. For now she was still recovering from this morning's Noire. Almost naturally her steps led her to the training ground in the backyard. A few dummies had been placed in the center to allow the guards to test their weapons and accuracy on them. They were covered in holes and gashes from several types of weapons.

And they were in use right now.

Uni: "K-sha?"

With some apprehension she approached her friend. K-sha was furiously moving her arms to beat the dummies to a pulp. Her motions appeared trained and focused. She hit the vital parts of the humanoid dummy without fail. And each impact increased her speed. There was almost some cold beauty to her efficiency. It was in these moments that the high school girl appeared old beyond her years.

Uni: "Are you sure you can exert yourself already?"

She carefully asked a question that was in her interest as well. K-sha had been heavily injured yesterday. Even after getting fixed up by Compa, it wasn't like she could just go back to 100% in one night.

Upon noticing Uni's presence behind her and hearing the concerned words she stiffened up and stopped her leg from another kick. Letting go of the tension, she faced Uni and smiled placatory.

K-sha: "Good morning."

Uni: "You don't look too good."

K-sha lowered her head and let her fists dangle. Now that she wasn't keeping up form, it was much more obvious that she wasn't at her best.

K-sha: "Thanks for worrying, but I'm fine. I have grown complacent in my high school life… and from playing around with Noire. That's why I lost yesterday."

Uni put her arms behind her back and gave her a sympathetic look.

Uni: "But that's what you wanted, right? A normal high school life?"

She remembered all too well how much K-sha had despised her previous life as a human weapon. As a tool. Enjoying everyday life as a normal girl was probably the greatest happiness to her.

K-sha: "It was always my dream. I fought hard to leave the Order. Once Noire shined on my life…"

She smiled softly.

K-sha: "But as I am now I can't stand at her side. I'm too weak. How should I support her with this little effort?"

Those words hit Uni like an electrical shock. It was like she was looking in a distorted mirror. Her worries were reflected so clearly in K-sha's turquoise eyes. And that made her finally understand Nepgear's words.

Uni: "Big sis is happy just with your good intentions. Being happy is good enough."

She said quietly, almost scolding.

K-sha: "Noire would say something like that too… But I can't accept it."

Firmly rejecting Uni's words, she returned to beating on the dummies.

Uni: (Didn't I react the same way?)

When she had seen Noire's dream in the Heart Dimension. She could never accept it. Her sister was too perfect, too hardworking, too… distant. Why was she so against it? Why was she so afraid?

Later that day the entire crew went into the big bathes together and melted the stress from the previous days away. Just like in all other Basilicoms, the bathing area was incredibly spacious. They could fit the entire party in here and still had room to spare. Perfect for people like Neptune who mixed up the hot bath with a pool and starting swimming in the water.

Afterwards they all left, still clad in white towels (was there some sort of dress code for these events?) and moved into the dressing and relaxation area.

Neptune: "It's not as good as Planeptune's miracle hot springs, but it'll do."

She sighed happily as her body was melting similarly to a hot pudding. Most of the other girls were also showing advanced symptoms of relaxation.

Vert: "How refreshing. It would feel too lonesome with just me, so I usually bath in a relaxing little bathtub at home."

Her towel was clearly put to its physical limits simply by covering her body. Blanc made a point of not looking in her direction.

Nepgear: "Leanbox has such lovely bathes too. It feels like a waste, doesn't it?"

Vert: "You can come over to enjoy them to your heart's content."

Neptune: "A long bath makes you want to go right back to sleep~"

Nepgear: "F-first put on some clothes or you will catch a cold, Sis!"

Blanc: "All you two can do is sleep. How do you even keep your nations going?"

Vert: "I apologize for giving you the wrong impression, dear Blanc. Today's meeting was an exception. I had simply spent all night finishing my gaming backlog."

She rubbed her heavy shoulders and sighed warmly.

Blanc: "Where did you even get a high end computer in MY Basilicom? There's none in the guest rooms."

Vert: "A true gamer always finds a way."

She said without batting an eyelash. Blanc's suspicions only fueled Vert's amusement.

Noire: "Haaah…"

The only person in the room who hadn't melted in satisfaction was the obvious suspect. Noire was rubbing her shoulders dissatisfiedly. All this hot water hadn't been enough to loosen her up.

Uni: "Are your shoulders still stiff? Should I give you a massage?"

Always ready to be helpful to her sister, Uni had jumped in as naturally as she could act.

Noire: "…"

The raven-haired girl seemed lost for words. It wasn't that unusual of an offer, but she really felt singled out.

Neptune: "Neppu?! Do you think what I am thinking, my sleek rival K-shad?"

Noire: "Are you still hung up on the puffer fish comment...?"

K-sha: "I think I understand."

Ignoring the fishy pun, K-sha was nodding to Neptune's idea. They were pincering Noire and cutting off her escape routes. Lastation's CPU gulped.

Neptune: "A new challenge appeared! Super stubborn muscle cramp massaging climax duel: Start!"

Noire: "Huh? Can you try to say something intelligible for once?"

K-sha: "P-please let us massage your shoulders Noire."

Noire: "I have a bad feeling about this."

Neptune: "Firstly we need to see who goes first. How about rock, paper, scissors?"

They both smiled understandingly and raised their fists for the clash. Whoever won would be the first to get to touch Noire's iron shoulders.

K-sha: "Rock, Paper…"

Neptune: "…Nep! Shoot!"

K-sha: "E-eh?"

The random word made her lose focus and she accidentally threw a little early, revealing her hand as paper. Neptune had reflexively thrown scissors. K-sha sunk to her knees in defeat.

Neptune: "My patented special technique never fails."

She puffed her chest victoriously and cracked her hands in preparation. This was going to be an easy win. She would make Noire sing like an instrument! Being first was really the best…

Neptune: "Waaah!"

She held her head in both hands in realization. Going first was bad in this case! She would do all the work and K-sha could take it easy and give Noire the soft post-massage that would make her moan until she reached heaven! What a miscalculation.

Noire: "I didn't even agree yet you two…"

She complained, but was then shoved into a lying position on top of the bench. Her chest was pressed against the wood, while the towel was quickly pulled out of the way for better access. Skin white as snow, unblemished and slender shoulders were revealed to the world. What a sight for sore eyes, Neptune thought.

Noire just grumbled while putting her face on her arms and tried to relax. In the end she would only profit from getting a massage, right?

Neptune: "You don't look as stiff as you act."

Starting off with belittling the challenge was her style, but she would eat those words soon. She put both her palms on Noire's shoulder blades and started applying pressure to the muscles. The rubbing continued for a while, but with each stroke Neptune's face turned whiter.

Neptune: "Nowa... You were a robot all along or something?!"

Noire: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Neptune: "I didn't think they made girls out of industrial steel anymore! When did you nep the real Noire up? Are you wearing her skin!?"

Noire: "I'm not a freaking android!"

Her vein popped and she faced Neptune in another argument. She got up from the bench and looked down on Neptune, but she was way closer than expected.

Neptune: "Oh you are right. Those are way too soft to be robotic."

She said as she was hit by Noire's chest. It was an almost sagely realization. Noire blushed and pulled Neptune's cheek while covering her chest.

Neptune: "Owowow alrighty, I got it! Just put your noggin' back on the bench!"

After appeasing Noire a little she refocused on her task. That steel like shoulder was a tough enemy. Noire truly embodied Lastation in every way. Right alongside the industrial revolution.

Neptune: "Have you ever loosened up in your life?"

She asked while attempting to find a soft spot somewhere. It wasn't even supposed to be mocking.

Noire: "I didn't ask you to do this, you know?"

Neptune: "Noire Jr., get me a diamond coated jackhammer please!"

Uni: "I have a name! And where am I supposed to get that in time?"

Noire: "Is that the only issue you have with that, Uni...?"

In the end Neptune didn't use any power tools to work Noire's back, but she performed a few wrestling moves and hit it with her elbows. It was not very effective!

Grueling minutes of hitting what amounts to a brick wall later...

Neptune: "Iw gwive ahp..."

She said with teary eyes while blowing on her swollen red fingers. K-sha tagged in by clapping Neptune's hand, which made her jolt in pain and collapse.

K-sha: "Your mistake was to use raw power. To bend steel you need to soften it up and pressure the weak points."

Noire: "That analogy is very troubling..."

K-sha: "Please don't be afraid Noire. I have read up on massaging techniques for weeks now. I believe I can do a very good job by using pressure points."

Noire: "Why did you study that exactly?"

K-sha: "W-well... I thought this might benefit you, b-but I was too shy to ask whether I could t-touch you."

Noire: "It's just a massage, right?"

A different kind of worry assailed her now. K-sha was raising her fists in front of her chest and nodded confidently. At first her index finger tenderly traced Noire's back, making her shiver a little. A favorable reaction!

K-sha: "This is the center stone. And over here..."

She started applying pressure to very tiny spots on Noire's back. To her shock the supposed cry of satisfaction was missing. M-maybe she was too soft?

K-sha: "Increasing pressure by 200%."

Now her fingers were more akin to drills. With each impact she could have pounded nails into walls. But the message that popped up was very clear.

It's not very effective!

Her fingers went numb in minutes. K-sha's eyes started spinning from exhaustion and confusion. How was this possible? How could her skin be as soft as silk, yet her muscles were made of peerless titanium?!

Noire: "You can start whenever you want. It's getting kind of cold without my towel."

K-sha: "Gyaah!"

Those words were like an arrow that stabbed her body. Stabbing? That's it!

K-sha: "Maybe acupuncture will work."

Neptune: "That would only break the needles."

K-sha: "Have I already failed?"

Now both of them were depressed. As it looked right now this was a draw. Their dejection was almost palpable, but completely unknown to the one who was causing it. The audience (or what was left of it, the others didn't even pay much attention to this sadness anymore) was disappointed as well.

Neptune: "I know this is against the tournament code and all..."

She put her mouth to K-sha's ear and whispered a new plan to her rival. K-sha's eyes widened and then she nodded frantically.

K-sha: "For Noire!"

Neptune: "For revenge of my fallen fingers!"

Suddenly the two girls posed next to each other in perfect harmony. And with a roar they both raised their hands and put them down on Noire's back in unison.

Noire: "Kyaa?!"

She made a cute sound as she was barraged by dual attacks.

Vert: "A level 4 Coupling Skill?"

Nepgear: "So much power!"

Uni: "Just how stiff are your shoulders big sis...?"

The slaps, hits, pokes and rubs continued in a spiral motion and slowly, but surely Noire's defensive barriers were chipped away.

Neptune: "Take this and that, and even more where that came from! Ora!"

K-sha: "...two children, three children, four children, silver marriage, gold marriage..."

At least their words weren't much in sync.

Noire: "Ahh... mhrm... ghghg...S-so rough..."

Her teeth vibrated a little as she was thoroughly caressed and massaged with enough power to take down an Ancient Dragon barehanded. Even diamonds could get grinded to dust with enough effort.

With a cracking sound and a voice that was unleashed like the seal on an ancient relique, Noire arched back and then collapsed on the bench again. Neptune and K-sha raised their hands one last time, but then fell over to each of Noire's sides and stayed face down.

Blanc: "My hair is standing up..."

She mumbled while putting on her clothes. The friction in the room had created electric currents.

Neptune: "Haaah... I think I need another bath now..."

K-sha: "...platinum... anniversary..."

They both gasped and sighed. Their bodies were covered in more sweat than before they entered the bathes.

Noire: "Oh. Oh! This is... I feel so light."

She spun her shoulder a little and cracked her neck. After returning her towel into position she stood up and stretched to make sure. The result of her examination was:

Noire: "That was heavenly. Thank you so much."

Genuine praise and thanks! With such a brilliant smile too. It was a rare sight to behold from someone as dishonest as Noire.

Neptune and K-sha both felt their cheeks go red and they averted their eyes in opposite directions. Today's challenge resulted in a victory, but also a defeat for both contestants in a way.



Uni: "T-this is so awkward."

Nepgear: "Let's leave it at that. You can do it Uni!"

Uni: "Huh?! You're leaving it to me?"

Nepgear: "I don't think those three are going to be able to."

Uni: "F-fine! Everyone is just hopeless without me."

She crossed her arms and looked at the reader.

Uni: "Same Nep hour, same Nep channel. You better come back!"

To be continued


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