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So this story is a repost from another site, but to make it worth the trouble I intend to polish it, make some minor tweaks and play with the new options a bit.

The script/chat style dialogue was originally supposed to mimic the games, but I abandoned that in the sequels. However I'll keep it intact here for authenticity lol


IF: "I'm gone for one – single - measly day on Guild business and just as I am about to come back to Planeptune, this is what I see? Come on Nep."

It was a sunny day in Leanbox, 'the nation of green pastures'. The tall and futuristic looking edged buildings and highways were a sight to behold, but they were only the background image this time around. The justly furious IF was standing at the edge of a lush green park in the center of the city. She was facing a rather extravagant stage that was usually reserved for concerts.

Compa: "Please don't get angry Iffy. Nep-Nep is just trying to become better friends with Miss Noire."

IF: "Don't cover for her Compa."

Neptune: "What's the big deal Iffy?"

The purple haired girl was putting her hands behind her head and bobbing back and forth with her legs. She didn't seem to think of the current situation as inappropriate.

IF: "Why didn't Histoire stop you?"

Neptune: "Histy is getting a new paint job right now ~"

Nobody dared to wake Histoire from her maintenance mode. Who knows what the little buggy machine would end up as if she got rebooted too early? It also suited Neptune just fine not to have a naggy Oracle buzzing around her head right now.

IF: "Seriously, a contest with K-sha over who is Lady Noire's best friend? Did you fall from Planeptune tower again and hit your head too hard?"

Neptune: "You hurt me. I'm a falling expert Iffy! I don't even get amnesia anymore from such a little impact."

Compa: "Nep-Nep's got a tough skull on her shoulders."

IF: "Some would just call that ridiculous hardheadedness."

The brunette Guild member sighed. She was wearing her usual blue and black outfit with a bunch of cell phones strapped to her belt. Her green ribbon was holding up a short ponytail and her equally emerald eyes were giving Neptune a lot more attention than the CPU wanted. Compa was also with them, but she surprisingly didn't come with IF, but rather Neptune who had flown over to Leanbox this morning. Her fluffy sweater felt a little out of place in this sunny heat.

IF: "Why are you even here? Why Leanbox?"

Vert: "That would be, because I offered."

Like a rather relaxed host at a party, Vert had appeared right behind them. IF had the self-control not to jump up in surprise, but Compa was squeaking cutely as if she had just heard a ghost. Neptune was the only one who greeted her cheerfully with a wave of her hand.

IF: "Lady Vert!"

Compa: "G-good d-day!"

Vert was smiling at their reactions and took it as a 'mission accomplished' for her sneaking approach. Her dress was slightly swaying in the breeze as she pointed at the stage with open arms.

Vert: "I thought it appropriate to provide a neutral location for this little contest. This stage is usually used for 5pb. concerts, but she is currently on tour in the other nations. Cave went along too of course."

IF: "I see."

She nodded. If Lady Vert was okay with it then that was at least one thing less to worry about. If there was some sort of uproar it would not lead to some political controversy.

Neptune: "Today's gonna be fun, so just relax Iffy."

IF: "Where is that boundless confidence coming from?"

Neptune: "Whatever challenge they throw at me, I can't lose!"

Compa: "Nep-Nep is super confident today!"

Neptune: "It's my passive ability. Confidence boost EX."

IF: "Aside from embarrassing yourself and everyone involved, did you even consider what happens when you lose this thing? K-sha isn't doing this for fun."

Neptune: "Oh puh-lease Iffy. It's Noire you know? No-wa-ru. I have her dancing in the palm of my hand already. Without me she would never have won that popularity contest."

IF: "I feel really sorry for Lady Noire right now."

She rubbed her temples.

IF: "If someone talked like that about Compa I would not forgive them."

Compa: "That's so sweet Iffy."

IF: "W-well! I meant that… that I would get angry for any of my friends. Compa is not special. No wait, y-you are special! No, not in that way. That's to say…"

Vert and Neptune watched with knowing grins as IF got flustered and stumbled over her own tongue.

IF: "Nevermind! You need to take this a little more seriously Nep. K-sha has a big head start already if that @GeneralSummarySite can be believed."

Neptune: "Eh? Watcha trying to say?"

Vert: "You weren't aware? Noire and K-sha have been all the talk around Gamindustri for a while now. I am not quite certain how much faith we can put into that blogger's summaries, but they are very detailed and if I may say so, scandalous. The internet is eating it up like a delicacy from a 5-star restaurant."

IF: "If even half of the things on there are true it wouldn't be strange to call those two lovers at this point."

Neptune: "…"

For the first time since they had arrived in Leanbox Neptune was not looking like the confident hero of a turn based RPG about to win the game. Even the slightest hint of doubt was crawling unto her soft features. She lowered her arms, put them on her sides and then gave them a wry smile.

Neptune: "Ahaha that's just gossip! That goldy has been spreading all kinds of lies about us before, why do you believe them now? C'mon you're supposed to be the smart one Iffy."

IF: "You may be right. But don't take your victory for granted."

IF felt a little guilty for making Neptune lose some of her cheerfulness. It wasn't like her to worry after all. Knowing how those two usually acted she had no doubt that Neptune was basically already Lady Noire's friend. They just had to make it official. But K-sha was very dedicated. Something had happened during the Gold Third crisis that brought the human and CPU closer together. Was Nep's usual carefree self going to win out over that?

Neptune: "You should become a professional worrywart, pal."

She said in an exaggerated gruff voice resembling a noir style beat cop and then walked towards the stage. She gave them a thumbs up as she left.

Compa: "Good luck! Bring the trophy home!"

IF: "What trophy is that supposed to be...?"

While the guild member tilted her head at her childhood friend's airheaded remarks, a shuttle bus arrived close-by. Out of it stepped CPU candidates Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram. Vert's face visibly lightened up and she waved them over.

Vert: "Everyone come right to big sister Vert."

She said with a bewitching smile. Uni was barely hiding her glare as she saw Nepgear stutter a greeting in response. Ram was shielding Rom behind her like she expected her to get assaulted any second.

IF: "So you guys were curious too."

Nepgear: "I want to cheer for my sister if I can."

A pure intention as always. IF looked around, but she didn't see the last remaining CPU on the list.

IF: "Lady Blanc is not with you?"

Vert: "She said that she would sit this event out, because it is 'shameful and stupid'. So I will look after little Rom and Ram while they are in my nation. Let's have fun together shall we?"

Ram: "Go away! Blanc told us that you tricked us before! I don't want Rom to be tricked."

Rom: "I-it's... not... nice."

The polar opposite twins were apparently not on good terms with Leanbox's CPU right now. Vert was visibly devastated.

Vert: "Don't say such sad things. You liked the outfits, even if your sister did not, right?"

Rom was clasping her hands before her blue dress and nodded slightly. Ram saw it and crossed her arms.

Ram: "Rom was cute in it, but all those people looked at us weirdly. It was creepy!"

Vert: "That's because you two were just too adorable. Next time I could provide some more fashionable cospl- wardrobe for a big event."

She caught herself elegantly, but IF and Uni were squinting at the obvious ulterior motives she displayed.

Rom: "Fashionable...?"

Ram: "Something that makes us look even nicer?!"

Vert: "Of course. Just leave it to big sis-"

The sentence was abruptly cut off by a giant swinging axe. One had to give it to Vert for not even flinching as the tool of destruction missed her bangs by a few centimeters and then crashed into the ground with a big impact.

Where there is a ludicrously huge axe, the owner has to be close by as well.

White Heart: "You are not their damn sister you braindead pedo!"

Vert: "Oh dear. Didn't you retire from this story already?"

Vert crossed her arms below her bosom and her smile turned slightly colder. She looked up at the floating transformed Blanc.

White Heart: "You think I'd leave my sisters to your messed up care?! I ain't gonna wait around for you to corrupt them any more!"

The white clothed goddess landed on the grass and picked up her giant axe with one hand and leaned it on her shoulder. Her eyes were glowing redder than the core of a volcano.

White Heart: "You are one conniving bitch. I look away for one sec and you send them that letter in secret."

Nepgear: "Please calm down Miss Blanc! Uni and I are here to prevent anything bad from happening. It will be fine."

Vert: "Even you Nepgear?"

Her defeated expression was probably what calmed Blanc down the most. A pillar of numbers and light spread around her and she deactivated HDD. Back to her fluffy clothes she seemed a little more approachable. Her voice returned to being quiet as well.

Blanc: "I will keep an eye on her. Don't let your guard down around her you two."

Rom: "Y-yes Blanc..."

Ram: "I'm not going to be done in by any meanies."

Blanc: "Good... now when's that stupid contest going to start?"

IF: (Did she just feel left out and wanted to watch it with everyone?)

Those heretic thoughts should better stay in her mind if she wanted to avoid that disproportionate axe finding a new, less busty target.

We find ourselves on the stage of the event now. Neptune had already arrived and was currently inspecting the prepared furniture and apparatuses. All of it looked pretty exciting.

Something at the back of her head was itching so she turned around, only to see her new rival already standing at the ready. K-sha had somehow sneaked up on her.

Neptune: "Why hello there High School Warrior K-shaman!"

K-sha: "Miss Neptune."

She was returning Neptune's gaze with her turquoise eyes. Nep wasn't sure what she was thinking.

K-sha: "I wanted to say this before our contest begins."

She walked closer and stopped right in front of Neptune. In response Neptune got into something that she thought was a kung-fu stance (spoiler: it wasn't).

K-sha: "I don't have anything against you personally. We might be rivals now, but I want to wish you good luck... and let's have a fair fight for Noire's sake!"

She closed her eyes and bowed while stretching out her hand.

Neptune: "Wowsers!"

Now that one was unexpected. Neptune stared at her in fascination as if she was looking at an especially weird art exhibition. But in the end she grabbed K-sha's extended hand with both of hers and shook it enough to make the high school girl nod back and forth.

Neptune: "Don't sweat it! There is no bad blood among comrades. And you will never see me cheat... unless it's against an army of dogoos or an annoying boss."

She laughed heartily and K-sha seemed to be a little relieved.

K-sha: "I'm glad. But I will not hold back either."

Neptune: "It wouldn't be fun otherwise."

They both nodded and then turned towards the front of the stage. There was quite an audience by now. A gathering of the goddesses was certainly an attention grabber.

Neptune: "So what's this competition going to be?"

She finally asked. If Iffy had heard her say that she would probably have scolded her.

K-sha: "I asked a few people I trust to set it up for us. She should be here any moment now... I hope."

Broccoli: "Greetings, nyu."

Neptune: "Ooooh?! Puchiko is your secret organizer?"

The small cat-eared girl was sitting on top of her yellow blob called Gema, as per usual. Her eyes turned into slits when she heard the most disliked nickname that Neptune had given her.

Broccoli: "It's Broccoli, not 'Puchiko', nyu! I am only helping with this event and the set-up was done by others."

Neptune: "If you are hosting it then it must be super amazing."

Black Heart: "So this is where you all went!"

From above the stage a transformed Noire was calling out. She looked confused about the stage set-up. She descended with a doubtful look. Her long white hair was not bound up in twintails in this form, giving her a more serious aura.

?: "And the guest of honor, L-lady Black Heart has arrived-ed-ed."

Black Heart: "A voice? It's coming from the speakers."

Neptune: "That voice sounds awfully familiar. But I can't see him~?"

She went on her tip-toes and looked around, but she couldn't see even a hint of the blue robot ninja. That pitiful voice was unmistakably Steamax's.

Noire: "Was he the one who send me the message to come here?"

With a flick of her fingers she had returned to her human form and was now closing one eye in wonder.

Steamax: "L-let the first official BFF Quiz Show of awesomeness c-commence...! I can totally see them... b-black... striped... and white."

Neptune: "Aha!"

With a loud crash Neptune smashed the floor below them with a sword she summoned. The unfortunate robot ninja that had taken position below them was instantly regretting his life choices and yelled out in agony.

Neptune: "It's no good to hide below the stage floor. Too cliché!"

Steamax: "P-p-please don't hit me again! I apologize for not showing myself, but I'm r-rather shy in front of cameras..."

Neptune: "So who is wearing the black and the white ones?"

Neptune laid an arm around the prostrating robot's metal shoulder with an expectant expression.

Steamax: "That would be white for-"

Unfortunately his reply was interrupted by a kick from Noire which send him flying out of the stage.

Noire: "What was that about cameras?!"

Broccoli: "This Quiz Show will be broadcast around the world, nyu."

Her matter of fact voice almost made Noire miss how outrageous this was. Not that she never had done any press events or was feeling uncomfortable around cameras, but why was she even involved here?

Broccoli: "Then please take your seats contestants and prize."

Noire: "I'm the trophy?!"

Neptune: "Hello everyone~"

She waved into the flying camera drones.

Nepgear: "Hm? Heavens isn't that... Ultra Dimension tech? Why would those camera drones be here?"

Nepgear and the others had taken a seat on the audience platform. The gearhead CPU candidate was watching the developments on the stage with curiosity, but her hobby for mechanics was completely overtaking her.

Noire: "If that useless ninja is around then I can already predict who set this up."

Broccoli: "General Affimojas and an anonymous party have prepared the equipment for us. They are paying Broccoli too."

Neptune: "Anonymous, huh? Now it makes sense."

Her grin was unsettling Noire.

Noire: "What do they have to gain from this...?"

Broccoli: "Ad revenue."

Noire: "I don't know whether he is ambitious or really petty!"

Broccoli: "Let the BFF Quiz Show begin now."

The audience cheered.

Broccoli: "Today's Quiz topic is all about our Lady Black Heart. For the sake of a deeper relationship..."

Noire: "Friendship!"

Broccoli: "…knowledge is necessary. It separates a friend from a Best Friend who you can tell everything."

Noire: "E-everything? Th-this is a broadcasted event, right?"

A nod.

Noire: "And you are the Quizmaster? You can't tell if a question is right or wrong if it's about me."

Broccoli: "Broccoli knows, nyu."

It was like her brown eyes were an infinite well into the darkness of this world. A profound coldness was embracing the raven haired goddess and any doubt towards Broccoli's eternal wisdom and database was fading in a silent cry of submission.

Broccoli: "There are two buzzers, one for each participant. Hit it first and you get the first shot at the correct answer. If you fail, your opponent gets the next chance."

Neptune: "Hit the lever, got it!"

K-sha only nodded determinedly with her hand floating above the red button.

Broccoli: "Let's start with the basics, nyu. [What's Lady Black Heart's motto?]"


Neptune: "Haha first! Wait, that wasn't the motto yet. Hmmm... Noire's lofty words of self-encouragement... 'I only do work!'?"

Broccoli: "Fail."

Noire: "I am not only working. I can have fun too when it's appropriate."

She kept her cool and made herself look reasonable in front of the audience. This wasn't her first PR gig.

Neptune: "Righty, I totally forgot. That concert was really fantasmorgasmic and stuff."

Noire: "You really think so? I tried that new guitar riff I learned- Err... I mean, I don't remember going to any concert with you."

Sweat drops were running down Noire's forehead. That Neptune almost got her to slip up about something she'd prefer to keep secret. That evil mischievous grin on her pudding face was only supporting the thesis that it was intentional.

Neptune: "We didn't arrive together... but I sure checked out all your moves, baby~"

Yep. Now was the time to turn red. Noire took the glass of water in front of her and gulped it all down in one go to cover up.

K-sha: "Noire's motto is 'I only do everything.'"

A serious answer came from out of left field and saved Noire.

Broccoli: "Correct, nyu. Someone has a god complex."

Noire: "I'm a goddess after all."

IF: "Wow. I guess she really is a notch above Nep. Not everybody could say that with so much pride."

Vert: "It is only natural for a CPU."

K-sha's counter blinked up and a red '1' was added to her score. And already Neptune was behind. She didn't seem to mind though, as she got to see Noire's flustered expression.

Broccoli: "Next question, nyu. [How much does Lady Black Heart sleep?]"

Noire: "What kind of question is that supposed to be-!?"


K-sha had hit the buzzer in a nanosecond. It was like she tried to beat out the sound waves of Quizmaster Broccoli's voice. Her eyes were shimmering.

K-sha: "3 hours on weekdays and 4 hours on weekends."

Broccoli: "Affirmative."

Noire: "I will probably regret asking this... K-sha, you aren't watching me in my sleep anymore, right? Please?"

The twintailed CPU was watching her friend with dulled eyes. K-sha blushed and folded her hands as she looked downwards.

K-sha: "O-of course not Noire. I just know these things about you because we are great friends."

Noire: "Ehehe... I guess that makes sense."

Now she was smiling again.

IF: "What a pushover... that word is her weakness, huh?"

Blanc: "It's like she just blends out reality. Brainwashing?"

Neptune: "Woah, for real? How are you even still alive? Little ol' me needs at least 12 hours of rejuvenation and beauty sleep a day."

Noire: "Poor Histoire..."

Neptune: "What you need is a nap teacher. And nobody is better at napping than the Nep!"

Except Plutia maybe.

Noire: "Who needs a teacher for sleeping, honestly?"

Neptune: "We'll start easy by napping after lunch. Then we will advance to sleepovers after gaming nights. Just you wait, we will sleep so much together, they will call us conjoined twins!"

Noire: "Aaaaahhhh! Listen to yourself idiot, that's so wrong!"

She waved her arms around while blushing. Broccoli coughed and pointed at K-sha's counter which went up by another point.

Broccoli: "Another question about Lady Black Heart: [What's her favorite sweet?]"

Noire: "Thank Celestia, a normal question."

The sweat on her forehead was wiped away with a handkerchief.


Neptune: "Me again. You should really bring in the tough cookies, because this is a no brainer. The answer is 'Pudding'!"

Her finger was pointed to the stars.

Noire: "That's just your favorite food, isn't it?"

Neptune: "There is nobody in this world that doesn't fall slave to the sweet wonders of pudding!"

Noire: "I don't know about that, but that still doesn't make it everyone's favorite."

Neptune: "Your depressing realism has no place in my heart. Talk to the hand!"

K-sha: "Dark chocolate."

Broccoli: "Acceptable, nyu."

Rom: "Isn't... Miss Neptune... losing?"

Ram: "She didn't even get one answer right yet. What a dummy!"

IF: "She isn't taking this serious at all."

Compa: "Y-you can do it Nep-Nep! Three in a row is not so bad! I failed my nurse exam many times too!"

IF: "Don't yell something like that around the people you are usually fixing up..."

Neptune: (The next one is all mine, no matter what!)

Broccoli: "A special question: [What are Lady Black Heart's 3 sizes?]"

Noire: "Whaaaa-?! You can't ask that kind of question and on live television no less!!"


Neptune & K-sha: ""83-56-82""

Noire: "EEEEH?!"

The red buttons had been smashed to pieces the second the question was uttered and the two contestants replied in absolute sync, down to each syllable.

Broccoli: "Precisely correct, nyu."

Noire: "H-h-how do you two even know that?!"

If Noire had been any redder her twintails would have looked like flaming whips.

K-sha: "I'm sorry Noire. When I put the bandages on you... I TOTALLY did not look! I had my eyes shut super duper tight! B-but I had to touch you a little. Because of my human weapon training in The Order I have learned to memorize people's body structures on first contact."

She looked at Noire with an apologetic, but slightly happy expression.

Noire: (I kind of understand... but just how much did you touch me to get some bandages on?)

That only left Neptune...

Neptune: "It's the fruit of all my groping action✦"

She said unabashedly, making Noire hit her table face first.

Neptune: "Don't underestimate my skills. I know the sizes of ALL my party members. But yours are definitely the most fun to play around with."

Why did she say that with a sparkle in her eye?!

Neptune: "You don't believe me?! I still remember when you gained some weight between Victory and VII. You exercised so much when you thought nobody was looking. It was hilarious."

Noire: "T-that's absolutely not true! I always pay attention to my food intake and calorie balance."

Neptune: "Those hips don't lie tho. My hands could tell."

K-sha: "Really?! I can't believe it! When did that happen? It was before Noire and I met by the hands of fate?"

Neptune: "When was it, when was it~? Oh yeah! We were hanging out for some ad campaign thingamajig."

Noire: "Wait, I remember that... you were supposed to prepare the food and made me eat pudding every single day!"

In hindsight it was a pretty risky idea to let Planetpune's renown laze master take on such a job. She glared at Neptune, but then realized where she was.

Noire: "Ah... b-but as a goddess I naturally don't gain weight."

Her forced smile was reflected in the cameras. From the edge of her eyes she could see Neptune performing groping motions in the air. Unnoticed by the audience Noire threw one of her bottles at Neptune's face which made her go "Neppu!" Noire huffed and looked the other way.

Broccoli: "Both were correct, so both get a point. The next question is a well hidden secret. [Who is Lady Black Heart's secret crush?]"


Time stopped for a few moments. The only certain thing was that Noire's heart stopped alongside her oxygen intake. Neptune and K-sha seemed puzzled. No matter the answer, just implying that she, Lastation's CPU, had a crush on someone, anyone, was a huge deal.

Something echoed inside Neptune's head.

"If even half of the things on there are true it wouldn't be strange to call those two lovers at this point."

Purple hair covered her eyes as she looked at the destroyed buzzer. Was there an answer to this question that she wanted to say? That she wanted to hear? There was some weird irritation inside her head. Like a melody that was at the edge of her ear, but never quite close enough to become intelligible. This was just a fun little quiz show, but that question was a bummer. Where was her energy going? Come back!

But time stops for no one. At least not without pausing the screen and that was currently out of the question. The game timer would advance cruelly with or without asking people if they were prepared.

Noire: "TIME OUT! No! That question is a trick question, right? There is none!"

But without a hint of doubt.

Broccoli: "Broccoli knows."

Noire: "NOOO, just ask the next question!"

Her squirming was kind of entertaining to watch by itself, but it was made even funnier by her suddenly high voice.

IF: "She might as well have spelled out that it's true with expressive dance."

Uni: "Big sis..."

The usual group was watching with a mix of pity and barely hidden entertainment.

Uni: (But it couldn't be true? Noire would never...)

Broccoli: "In honor of the prize's right to veto the question, we will prepare a new question instead. Incidentally that's the last one, nyu."

Noire: "By that count wouldn't K-sha already have won?"

Broccoli: "The last question is worth as much as all previous questions combined."

Noire: "That kind of overused twist, huh?"

K-sha: "I will not lose anyway!"

Neptune: "…"

She was still spacing out. What the Nep? That wasn't like her at all. The final stage was the place for the final soul filled push. BURNING SPIRIT!

Neptune: "Bring it on Puchiko!"

Broccoli: "It's Broccoli! The final question is: [What are the 3 things most important to Lady Black Heart?]"

Neptune: "I know that! Obviously it's cosplay, singing and never being honest with herself!"

Her confident smile had returned. Now this was the essence of Noire. Eau de Noire for fancy people. There was no way in Nep that she was wrong.

Noire: (I can't admit that she is mostly right while I'm on television.)

Whether she was surprised about how accurate Neptune's answer was, she wouldn't break her poker face.

K-sha: "Only 3 things? I'm sure there is so much more that is important to my Noire."

K-sha was seriously thinking it over. Her contemplating face was cute, because it shifted through so many expressions. She also put one fist to her forehead to focus.

K-sha: "Most important... Lastation's future. Uni. And... l-l-l-love!"

Noire: "Can we let that last one slide already...?"

Broccoli: "This is a question for Lady Black Heart herself. Only she can decide who is correct."

Noire: "I knew this was going to get pushed on me in the end... B-but I don't mind. I only do everything."

She closed her eyes and thought it through. Both weren't wrong. Neptune had focused on her dreams, while K-sha had focused on her duty. Certainly there was nothing more important than Lastation and Uni. But as a person... just for herself... What did she really want? There was a dream she had not too long ago. At this point she couldn't tell whether it was pleasant or not. It happened when she and the other CPUs had been caught in Kurome Ankokuboshi's delusions.

A dream of more. Or was it less? A selfish world that she could never accept, yet desired nonetheless. But even that was perhaps only a distorted reflection of her true wish.

Noire: (What am I getting all self-reflective for? This isn't a big deal.)

With a small slap on her cheek she refocused and looked at the two contestants.

Noire: "Both of you had right and wrong answers, so don't feel bad. While I'm worried about how she got some of the information for some of those answers... I believe that K-sha understood me better overall."

Broccoli: "We got a winner, nyu. Take your rightful place in the pantheon of victors of the BFF Quiz Show (Topic: Noire)."

K-sha: "I... I did it! I want to thank my friend Noire for all the support! And, and I want to thank my future lover Noire for believing in me! And, and, and...!"

Noire: "That's quite enough! Can we please return home now?"

The world kept moving and the audience was chatting away. The cameras were flying out of sight and Nepgear & Co. entered the stage to see how things were going.

What they found was a shell-shocked Neptune with completely white eyes. Her mouth was open and a slow digital death message was escaping.

Neptune: "De-fea-ted-"

Nepgear: "Goodness, she has broken down!"

Uni: "She isn't one of your robots."

Neptune: "Beeep... does not compute... beeep..."

Uni: "Huh?!"

Nepgear: "What do we do? Without Sis, we can't finish the chapter."

Vert: "Isn't it also one of your skills. You know what I am referring to?"

Nepgear: "Ah yes! W-well everyone, please bear with me, but I'll do the preview this time. S-same Nep hour, same Nep channel! Next time: The challenges keep coming, but can Neptune recover from her (allegedly) first loss ever? P-please tune in again, if you want."



Vert: "Good job Nepgear. As expected of my little sister."

Nepgear: "It was quite scary. Sis is really amazing for doing it so naturally."

Blanc: "So are you not even going to correct her anymore?"

Rom: "I... think Nepgear did well... too."

Ram: "We could do it better, Rom!"

Blanc: "This isn't even a TV show."

IF: "Ahem. Do we have to go through this again?"

Compa: "See you later everyone!"

To be continued


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