My name is Roth. I live in Taisao City, where I make a living assassinating, planting evidence, sabotaging...whatever my clients require of me. When I don't have clients, I steal. It's a life. But I got caught, and for some reason, after that, I have memories of a man named Jeff--

What do you mean memories? I'm somehow stuck in your body now. I mean, I'm grateful I can finally see, but I really would have loved to see my own world. Things powered by jade is just too different from what I know.

--who is now ruining my life by trying to do something good. Something that's not only for my benefit. So will you please get out of my head?

Would if I could. But if I have to take over your body to do good, why not?

*sigh* And so begins the fight for my body. Which, unfortunately, I may be losing.


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M. R. Aze

How to start a rebellion

Jadepunk is different. If you are looking for a good "how to start a rebellion" story look no further.

So far the author has introduced some characters and they can become interesting. Sadly the story is in its early stage. As such I would give it a solid 4 because they can get you hooked, but are yet to show actual development.

As mentioned above, the story is still setting the plot, but what plot it is. JMRox throws you in the deep end from the very start and slowly but surely starts to build the setting. It takes a while for sure, however, it is worth the wait. Did I mention the story is different? Yes, it is and overall it gets a 4! I just need to read more of it...

I'll just gloss over the grammar because it is good and although there are some slight errors, they can be fixed after a quick re-read from the author as they fell in the typo category. And we have a shiny 5 for this segment.

And now we have the style... Well, it is different and at the start feels a bit stuffed and heave. However, as the reader progresses through the chapter it grows on you. It adds to the atmosphere of the story for sure, but it can cause a problem with some readers getting past the first chapter or two. I guess I'll have to give it a 4.

In the end, the story is worth a good round 4 which has the potential of changing to a 5 as soon as Jadepunk gets its plot rolling like the steam-engine juggernaut it is shaping out to be. I guess I'll have to update this review after a few more chapters. Let us all as readers hope it is going to be for the best.