The Lonely Wanderer

The Lonely Wanderer

by Martial Teacher

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Shenzi walks this world cursed. On a fateful night that will forever change Shenzi's life, Shenzi enter's the "God's Game" Interrupting the god's game, Shenzi is branded as the damned. As a young disciple of the village's Temple Head. Shenzi learns about the beauty of the outside world, as well as the corrupt and foul play. As a young teenager with a wild imagination. Shenzi writes a story called "The Lonely Wanderer" Fate would twist in the way his book serves as the "Foundation" Shenzi's life will follow from this fateful night onward.

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Martial Teacher

Martial Teacher

Dark Spear Dao

Word Count (6)
Group Leader (II)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
45 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Hundred Year Pilgrimage. ago
Chapter 2: Century Old Fire ago
Chapter 3: Tears Of Rose ago
Chapter 4: Awakening ago
Chapter 5: Shenzi's Path To The Peak ago
Chapter 6: First step into training ago
Chapter 7: 1,000 Leaves ago
Chapter 8: Doppelganger ago
Chapter 9: Waxing Gibbous ago
Chapter 10: Boot camp ago
Chapter 11: Good news is a double edged sword ago
Chapter 12: Yang major world ago
Chapter 13: Alerting the 3rd general ago
Chapter 14: Combination ago
Chapter 15: The same scent ago
Chapter 16: Sword World ago
Chapter 17: Eril and Meril ago
Chapter 18: Expanding New Heart Village. ago
Chapter 19: Entering the bandits den with a bright smile ago
Chapter 20: Ransacking the slave traders ago
Chapter 21: Ambush ago
Chapter 22: Mutation ago
Chapter 23: Unifying Reinhardt City ago
Chapter 24: Dwarves ago
Chapter 25: Slaughtering 50,000 ago
Chapter 26: Catherine The Elves Princess ago
Chapter 27: Dual Cultivation Tribulation ago
Chapter 28: Blazing Ice Heart ago
Chapter 29 Peak First Layer Purgatory Pagoda ago
Chapter 30: The Primordial Dragons Dao Of Shit Talking ago
Chapter 31: Entering Abyssal Prison ago
Chapter 32: See bottom of the chapter ago
Chapter 33: Home Is Where The Heart Is ago
Chapter 34: Cradle Of Souls ago
Update and life circumstances ago
Chapter 35: Stirring The Pot ago
Chapter 36: Sabre Guard Aria ago
Chapter 37: The Undying Love Of A Mother ago
Chapter 38: Flashy And Brute Form ago
Chapter 39: Even Immortals Pussy Out ago
Chapter 40: Maximum Devastation Ah Ah Ah Aaaaahhhhh ago
Chapter 41 Death Makes Emperors ago
Chapter 42: The Concept Of Life And Death ago
Chapter 43: Life And Death Domain Seed ago
Chapter 44: Breaking Through Devastations First Stage + Hiatus ago

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