by Onch

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

John Thomson is a regular college student, the kind of average person you cross on the street every day.

Or at least that’s what most people assume, because he’s far from what’s considered “normal”.

After all, a normal person isn’t regularly dragged into life-threatening tribulations involving fantastic creatures, otherworldly beings and people with logic-defying superpowers. Not to mention that he seems to have a knack for sticking his nose into the nefarious plans of secret societies and ancient cults.

But John’s life wasn’t always such a mess: Everything began when he accidentally invented a way to rewind time…


Weekly Schedule: At least a ~3.5k words chapter every Wednesday and Sunday.

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Table of Contents
166 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: Prologue ago
Chapter 1: The Man With The Phone ago
Chapter 2: Cheating ago
Chapter 3: Serious Matters ago
Chapter 4: A Fishy Situation ago
Chapter 5: Hiding In Plain Sight ago
Chapter 6: A Brand New World ago
Chapter 7: Acquiring Currency ago
Chapter 8: Taking Care Of Business [Revised] ago
Chapter 9: Following Leads ago
Chapter 10: Tracking ago
Chapter 11: Avoiding A Tragedy ago
Chapter 12: Fighting Back ago
Chapter 13: Navigation Error ago
Chapter 14: The Trial ago
Chapter 15: A Fight To Remember ago
Chapter 16: Upgrades ago
Chapter 17: First Wave ago
Chapter 18: Reverse Assasination ago
Chapter 19: A Great Beam Of Light ago
Chapter 20: More Upgrades ago
Chapter 21: Floor -1 ago
Chapter 22: Down Under ago
Chapter 23: A Devilish Proposition ago
Chapter 24: Club Members ago
Chapter 25: Disruption ago
Chapter 26: Exploration ago
Chapter 27: New Horizons ago
Chapter 28: A Fated Encounter ago
Chapter 29: The Assassin's Return ago
Chapter 30: The Elder's Request ago
Chapter 31: Into The Abyss ago
Chapter 32: The Eve Of War ago
Chapter 33: The Depths ago
Chapter 34: A Soul's Struggle ago
Chapter 35: An Unexpected Victory ago
Chapter 36: No Rest For The Wicked ago
An Announcement ago
Chapter 37: A Slight Problem ago
Chapter 38: A New Approach ago
Chapter 39: Bringing A Bomb To A Spell Fight ago
Chapter 40: Second Wave ago
Chapter 41: A Blast From The Past ago
Chapter 42: John VS Beelzebub ago
Chapter 43: John VS Beelzebub II ago
Chapter 44: The End Of An Era ago
Chapter 45: Aftermath ago
Chapter 46: The Order of The First Flame ago
Chapter 47: New Objectives ago
Chapter 48: New Faces ago
Chapter 49: Back On Track ago
Chapter 50: Meeting New People ago
Chapter 51: Siege Tactics ago
Chapter 52: Around The World ago
Chapter 53: Mountaineering ago
Chapter 54: Knowledge ago
Chapter 55: Planning ago
Chapter 56: Acting Tough ago
Chapter 57: Moving Around ago
Chapter 58: Cleaning Up ago
Chapter 59: The Tunnels ago
Chapter 60: Digging Things Up ago
Chapter 61: Contention ago
Chapter 62: First Strike ago
Chapter 63: Isolation ago
Chapter 64: New Discoveries ago
Chapter 65: Troubles ago
Chapter 66: Defense ago
Chapter 67: Change ago
Chapter 68: Rosewoods ago
Chapter 69: Pacification ago
Chapter 70: Progress ago
Chapter 71: Shard ago
Chapter 72: A Robbery Gone Wrong ago
Chapter 73: A Brother's War ago
Chapter 74: A Brother's War II ago
Chapter 75: Technological Advancement ago
Chapter 76: The Seeds Of Conflict ago
Chapter 77: Unforseen Consequences ago
Chapter 78: Challenges ago
Chapter 79: Avoidance ago
Chapter 80: Unexpected Addition ago
Chapter 81: Sewers ago
Chapter 82: Collecting Information ago
Chapter 83: Gunboat Diplomacy ago
Chapter 84: Political Maneuvering ago
Chapter 85: First Salvo ago
Chapter 86: Business As Usual ago
Chapter 87: Making A Deal ago
Chapter 88: Uninvited Guests ago
Chapter 89: Making A Mess ago
Chapter 90: Towering Might ago
Chapter 91: Towering Might II ago
Chapter 92: Going Up ago
Chapter 93: Reaching For The Top ago
Chapter 94: The Climb To The End ago
Announcement ago
Chapter 95: The End Of The Tower ago
Chapter 96: Wurk's Wrath ago
Chapter 97: The Destroyer ago
Chapter 98: The Destroyer II ago
Chapter 99: Against All Odds ago
Chapter 100: A New Enemy ago
Chapter 101: Oracle ago
Chapter 102: The Wrath Of Prometheus ago
Chapter 103: Pushing The Deadline ago
Chapter 104: An Old Friend ago
Chapter 105: Making Waves ago
Chapter 106: Moving Pawns ago
Chapter 107: United Hatred ago
Chapter 108: Refueling ago
Chapter 109: Stockpile ago
Chapter 110: Moving Out ago
Chapter 111: Second Strike ago
Chapter 112: Going Public ago
Chapter 113: News ago
Chapter 114: Confrontation ago
Chapter 115: Answers ago
Chapter 116: Organization ago
Announcement ago
Chapter 117: Side B ago
Chapter 118: Side B II ago
Chapter 119: A New Player ago
Chapter 120: Timely Intervention ago
Chapter 121: Revelations ago
Chapter 122: Going Back ago
Chapter 123: Interrogation ago
Chapter 124: Results ago
Announcement ago
Chapter 125: Worthless ago
Chapter 126: Renewal ago
Chapter 127: Supremacy ago
Chapter 128: Group Effort ago
Announcement 2: Electric Boogaloo ago
Chapter 129: New Insights ago
Chapter 130: Decision ago
Chapter 131: Having A Plan ago
Chapter 132: Battle For The Ages ago
Chapter 133: Open Rebellion ago
Chapter 134: The Order Moves ago
Chapter 135: Repercussions ago
Chapter 136: The Empire Strikes Back ago
Chapter 137: Finding Secrets ago
Chapter 138: New Weapons ago
Chapter 139: Imperial Lab ago
Chapter 140: Enforcing ago
Chapter 141: Dealing With Bacteria ago
Announcement ago
Chapter 142: Imperial Secrets ago
Chapter 143: Another Perspective ago
Chapter 144: An End And Another Beginning ago
Chapter 145: Bracing For Impact ago
Chapter 146: Asymmetrical Warfare ago
Chapter 147: Clashes ago
Announcement ago
Chapter 148: Prototype ago
Chapter 149: Cheaters ago
Announcement ago
Announcement 2: Electric Boogaloo ago
Chapter 150: Enforcing ago
Chapter 151: Hits ago
Chapter 152: Forward ago
Chapter 153: Hit Or Miss ago
Christmas Annoucement ago
News ago
Hello Bois! ago

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Cheeki Breeki

fantastic book, fantasty meets sci-fi in a unique and fresh way. A big fan of the whole “hidden world” plot and this book pulls it off perfectly. The premise is so interesting one could only imagine how the author decides to progress the story.


Spoiler: Spoiler

this one deserves 4 or 4.5 stars, but because it isn't my preference, I dropped it to 3.5 stars


The Arcane Emperor meets Harry Dresden

Just a short blurb, burn through all 24 chapters on a flight from the West Coast it felt like I was reading the Dresden Files, the same Supernatural, craziness that I find in that series kept me captivated here. It it needs polish but it has a good foundation. So far it has my vote of confidence.


A must read. It's that good.

TL;DR: Great story, great characters, great world building. Unique premise executed marvelously. Read this fiction. You're really missing out if you don't. 


Interesting premise. Excellent execition. Author as excellent mastery of the English language. The characters and their interactions and motivations are believable. MC is sympathetic and likeable. Magic system and universe seems well thought out. MC's unique abilities are just limited and quirky enough to make him feel like an underdog you want to root for despite having extreme potential for interesting growth. The MC himself is somewhat of an introverted reluctant hero who is dragged into events because he wants to do the right thing, then continues to persevere in the face of overwhelming odds and hardship. A highly likeable dude. There are a few chapters that are from the POV of other chars,  just to give the reader a better picture of the story and insight into their mindset. But they are not that numerous, nor jarring or long winded like most other works that incorporate multiple POV, so you aren't feeling like they're in the way or that you want to skim or skip ahead to get back to the MC'S POV like you otherwise might. You can tell by the prologue that the author definitely has a long term plan and is building the story with specific outcomes already in mind rather than haphazardly writing one chapter at a time. There is definite set up for future arcs and char dev. The author is clearly skilled and well rounded. Tone and style are very well done, and you get enough insight into the MC though processes that he feels like a very round and well characterized protagonist. All in all, I highly recommend this book.


Unique Premise Brilliantly Executed

Due to the story premise, there actually is a reason why a talentless, manaless and overall average young man can "survive" and adopt to his terrible situation, and not the usual he gets through everything because he is the protagonist.

And it seems there is more to his ability than at first apparent, and a little bit of mystery is always a plus.

At the very least, you should read the first three chapters before forming your opinion.


review as of chap 19:

lovin it all

easy to read

no problems that stand out

great story

round characters and great thought through concepts!

give me more chaps >~<


Interesting idea, decent execution

I really like the time back idea with getting better per loop. I am not sure how the whole other world thing pans out but so far it is very enjoyable. 


This novel has a very interesting premise and a very good execution that should net 4.5 stars (is not perfect for five but is very close) however it has a few moments where either is not explained yet or what is happening just breaks the suspencion of disbelief. For example (NOT SPOILER) the mind reader, if is is capable of reading unconsious thoughts when directed should only read the current iteration of thoughts not the thousand of memories for the same moment, also that increadible data dump should generate some sort of powerful rebound however as soon as that ends the mind reader is capable of speach and can easily walk. 
Another flaw (however it can be by desing) is that the power is mostly used when a) crafting, b) trading/money making and c) fighthing. MC could easily use the power to gain information about lots of things (where to get materials, good no questions asked crafting teachers, test the waters for possible repercussions, etc) instead its focus is almost bull like, i'll do it this way and let's see how everything ends afterwards.

There are lots of things that are needing proper explanation and quite a few things lacking resolve so this will change whith time so the score is just temporal.
Kudos to the author for the amazing job of writing. Please keep going, we have faith the story will improve whith time



Stein's gate meets Re:Zero

New twist on an old trope. 

There are some minor issues with grammar but nothing too jarring.

My only gripe is that the story doesn't seem to evolve naturally, one thing happens in quick sucession to another. First we get the time travel, then the fish, then riley is a werewolf, then etc. There are alot of elements here, and before I can come to terms with one, I'm faced with another.

My suggestion would be to unify them in some way - one coincidence is fine, you can probably push for two, but I feel that right now, it takes a few too many leaps of logic for the reader to suspend their disbelief, especially early on. An alternative could be to delay the other aspects of it?



After chapter 45 just drop it. The Time travel in this story is ignored and after ch45 it just turns into a mess. The mc starts doing more and more shit and the chapters are boring expositions of his thoughts. Time travel is used as an oopsie let's see if I die. If he does he time travels back if not then he continues