Cultivating Civilization

Cultivating Civilization

by Maxcool

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Cultivating Civilizations are horrible places for people to live.

Abducted from his retirement, Jack was placed into such a world.

He has two options. Either he can follow the traditions of the world and kill his way to the top, or try to change the world into one where people don't have to.

Follow him on his path as he tries to balance his past life's morals with this life's realities.

Jack doesn't care that a sea of people stands in his way, he will nurture a sea of his own and drown them.



Hey guys!


I hope you like my novel. If you want to read advanced chapters then you can visit this site.


You can visit the novel's Discord through this link.


I will post at least 1 chapter per day here.

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Word Count (10)
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3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
67 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1.1 Catching the Big One ago
1.2 From a Lake Into a River ago
1.3 Old Battles and New ago
1.4 Destroying Innocence ago
1.5 Song Tanda ago
1.6 Demons of the Heart ago
1.7 Ancient Weaponry ago
1.8 Childhood’s End ago
1.9 Flames in the Night ago
1.10 Gravedigger ago
1.11 Casualties of War ago
1.12 Incentives for Improving Morale ago
1.13 Digging for the Truth ago
1.14 Shining Bright ago
1.15 Miscalculation ago
1.16 Surprises in the Night ago
1.17 Shattering Dogma ago
1.18 Secret Beginnings ago
1.19 For a Better Future ago
1.20 Full Bellies ago
1.21 Callousness ago
1.22 Alone in the Dark ago
1.23 Shared Suffering ago
1.24 Hidden Fees ago
1.25 Humble Merchant ago
1.26 Martial Arts ago
1.27 Making Friends ago
1.28 Negotiations ago
1.29 Removing Obstacles ago
1.30 Joining the Endless Cycle ago
1.31 The Past Catches Up ago
1.32 Modern Weaponry ago
1.33 Strength of the Higher Realms of Cultivation ago
1.34 Different Mindsets ago
1.35 The Other Side ago
1.36 Leadership ago
1.37 Art ago
1.38 Intent ago
1.39 Young Masters of the Cosmos ago
1.40 Silent Room ago
1.41 Body Methods ago
1.42 Duel ago
1.43 Aim to Misbehave ago
1.44 Ammo ago
1.45 The Calm ago
1.46 The Storm ago
1.47 Last Hurrah ago
1.48 Sleeping Among the Dead ago
1.49 Neutral Enemy ago
1.50 Going Dark ago
1.51 Traitors ago
1.52 Young Master ago
1.53 Raising a Flag ago
1.54 Peace and Death ago
1.55 Hammer and Anvil ago
1.56 Chaotic Assault ago
1.57 Jack Song ago
Volume 1 Glossary ago
2.1 Redwood ago
2.2 Immortals' Lament ago
2.3 Tail ago
2.4 Cloverleaf ago
2.5 Heart to Heart ago
2.6 Interrogation ago
2.7 Salesmen ago
2.8 Discovered ago
2.9 Homecoming ago

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Odd but sensible title with solid story telling

Positive: The grammar and spelling seem solid.  Interesting MC with plenty of room to grow.  No OP MC here (yet).  Its early but i'm enjoying  this twist on cultivation stories.

Negative:  The MC has the soul of an Old man (Gramps). You'd think he would be grumpier.




don't get put off by the early chapter,it worth it

this is the most realistic and well done cultivate novel I ever read here, and at first, it looks very grim dark and thing not going well for the mc at all, but more later it becomes more and more better, especially after chapter 34 that everything become more positive now, if you worry about the nearly slave part, just try read to chapter , I think around 1.30 

I usually don't like cultivate novel but this is a exception 


edit at 19/6/2018: this story is really thought out and doesn’t shy away from small technical explanations of reincarnation and spirit energy that other authors are either to lazy or afraid of writing about. Furthermore, not only is the story intriguing the fighting is engaging and well fleshed out. It’s also nice not to hear every enemy ever say the same exact thing billions of times. I can’t speak for others but all of these things together make this story better than a large portion of the professionally written ones which fall into the same tropes with predictable plots and bland writing

(sorry for copy this new comment at that site from you, 'Broski', but this sum up pretty good and will help other reader have beter idea for this novel)


edit at 7/7/2018:

(have to borrow other comments, but the amount of idiot is so god damn high and their comment right to the point)

I have no idea why these people are having a fit over this chapter 1.4 , this is normal tame even compared to other things in the genre. Even the supposed good guy main characters do some messed up stuff on their cultivation paths, including destroying others souls, wiping out sects even women and children but of course this is all completely justified and they can do no wrong. But this is just pure survival

Spoiler: Spoiler




All is said,


I'm sad it went to webnovel.

I had a great time seeing that earthling trying to conquer his path of survival adapting earth technology to cultivation techniques and civilization !


I liked this story. 

I liked the start premise: a world lost soul of a modern man trying to make do in a very harsh and terrifying world of super beings. 

If you like the idea of trying to use modern thinking to overcome deep ancient and tyrannical's a story for you. 

In some ways it reminds me of Release That Witch and the another RRL : The Dao of Magic

In the end, the author is trying to  tell the story of how a modern 21st thinking person will try to change an ancient system of thought and lifestyle that strangles mortal beings. 

Come with me on this voyage of discovery!! 




Its an interesting story with a good twist.if you like story which shows why things are done that way,then this is your cup of coffee.great cultivation story


A cultivating story that has a slight twist in it, at first i thought it would be like all the others cultivating  books an op Mc here and an incredible artifact there but i found myself surprised by the storyline and intrigued i cant wait for more.


Absolutely incredible

Amazing take on a xianxia setting! Plus there's a ton of intersting characters that have real depth to them (which is something you don't usually get to see in this genre).

I'm really loving this story, can't wait to see what happens next :)


The stories are great till now.No excessive slaughter like other wuxia novel.Plot are interesting so far.Can't wait for next chapter and please continue work auther.Good lucklaughing


a refreshing take on an old man reincarnation tale

The first chapter hooked me and refused to let me go! the MC is realistic and clever with a snarky "Im over this shit, now get off my lawn or lose teeth" type of attitude. Great job!


Don't see any point in expanding my review, I highly recommend :)