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As expected, the first ones to voice their impressions were my father and mother. Both of them are very anti-pedophile, as in the extreme types. I don’t want to think about what happened to a pedophile they saw in the past. Well, I know that it is a crime and all, but somehow, what they did was just inhumane as a human, just remembering about it made me shiver.

(I’ll explain later, just wait for me ‘kay?)


Before it gets any worse, I cut off the call. It may seem that I lack respect to my parents for doing that, but this was needed, otherwise, their rage may travel through worlds, and I am not joking. That’s just how scary those two are in anti-pedo mode.

Now that the call had abruptly ended I glanced at Shironeko’s morning face.


…Cute, very cute… But I still ain’t a pedo!!

“Shironeko, do you want to meet my family?”


With that one sentence, her morning face vanished and was replaced by a very surprised one.

“So before that, please take a bath in the hot spring I made in the room over there.”


Why is she so flustered? My thoughts could not deviate from this line of questioning.

“What are you surprised about?”


… Wow… Hot springs in this world are only for nobility? Once my golems reach the king and have finished their business, I’ll have them register as adventurers to rise up in fame while also having them locate hot springs and share them with the masses, that way, everyone can enjoy the pleasure of hot springs.

In case I didn’t say anything about this, the golems I made were all equipped with the skill of [Growth] and [Object Experience Acquisition]. These two skills greatly complement each other if used on an object. Example is a golem. Golems, in this world are referred to as an object as they don’t have a will of their own and are made by materials gathered from the world. The only thing seperating golems from the undead that most of the time, have no wills, are the materials they are composed of. Golems are made of materials like monster hides, stones, metal, and sometimes, flesh to evolve it into automata, while undead are mostly made of rotten flesh and corpses of the once living. Another one of seperating golems from undead as an object is that they have never lived in the first place.

Now, back to the skills, the [Growth] skill can increase the experience gained for skills and levels. And the [Object Experience Acquisition] is a skill that enables objects to gain experience for skills. Meaning, golems can improve their already owned skills, unlike golems that were already made and can never grow the skill bestowed upon them.

Anyway, back to the present, I had urged Shironeko to take a bath using the hot spring. Of course, I taught her the etiquette before actually letting her bath. Once I was done teaching her, Shironeko had a sparkle in her eyes signifying she was excited. Before she undressed, I exited the dressing room to avoid seeing her immature body. I am still a virgin mind you, but I ain’t that desperate to actually go for a young child.

“Now then, let’s get started… Wait…”

I just realized that my skill uses a lot of mana that can normally kill a person. But by being inside a dungeon, I can substitute my mana being used for the dungeon for being a concentrated lump of mana.

Before I started making the item that may actually suck out all of the mana inside this dungeon, I made an item that can monitor the mana levels of this dungeon, along with a skill for me to judge whether the mana I will use will exceed the limit or be safe to use.

By the way, I learned that [Create Entity] can grant skills to people. My first observation was the golems acquiring skills from using [Create Entity], so I thought that if [Create Entity] could grant skills.

By using myself as the test subject, I was able to find the expected results. But before going to my status, I used [Appraisal] on the item I created.

Item Name: Mana Monitor

Item Grade: Epic

Can be used to monitor the mana levels inside a specific area continuously.

Now that I have the item, I had it show the mana levels inside my dungeon.

Mana Levels: 1,821,990,021

… I didn’t expect to see that much mana inside my dungeon. At most, I would have thought it would reach the millions, but billions is really a lot.

Now that the item was appraised, I checked my own status which I haven’t checked for some time now.

Name: Yanagi Daichi

Race: Human

Age: 18

Level: 14

Class: Dungeon Master


[Appraisal] Max

[Create Entity] Max

[DP Generation] 5

[Overlord’s Rule] Max

[Future Sight] Max

What can I say? [Create Entity] really is broken. I mean, the first time I used this on myself, I thought of a skill that can increase the capabilities of my subordinates because I am a dungeon master that summons monsters to protect my dungeon and myself.

[Overlord’s Rule] – Anything under the command of the skill bearer has a 1000% increased capabilities in all aspects…, they are also bestowed the skill [Loyalty] in maxed level to avoid betreyals to the skill bearer.

…Yep… Seriously broken… If a ruler of a kingdom had this skill, then he won’t have a problem about betrayals and also those under him have 10 times their original strength. Even the commoners would be stronger than an average soldier of another country not under the skill bearer.

[Future Sight] – Can be used to see into the future…, always on to ensure the safety of the bearer…,

… Again, broken… I doubt there is anything that this skill can make just as normal.

Well, anyway, without further ado…,

“[Future Sight].”


I can see myself in a third person view mode. This must be how [Future Sight] works. Anyway, I can guess that I am checking the Mana Monitor and a bright light encompassed the room. The next moment, a door appeared out of thin air and I once again checked the Mana Monitor.

Mana Levels: 105,812


Just by making that door using [Create Entity], the mana levels of my dungeon did a huge drop from billions to hundred thousands!

After that, my consciousness went from third person view, to first person. I quickly checked the Mana Monitor once I got back.

Mana Levels: 1,821,990,028

… It seems I succesfully used [Future Sight]. The mana levels increased by 7 than the last time I checked. It was about a minute ago I checked last time, so I guess 7 mana every minute. By my calculations, everyday I get 10,080 mana.

I contrast with the billions of mana, it looks like it will be a very long time before I get the mana inside my dungeon to the millions. At most, it will take about 100 days, meaning I can’t keep on using [Create Entity] without restraints anymore.

“… If I didn’t get this item, who knows what would happen to me in the future if I kept on using [Create Entity]?”

… Dangerous… dangerous…

For now, I buried the thought behind my head and focused on the objective. Since I was able to see the future having no effect on my life, I deemed it safe to go with the plan.

“[Create Entity].”

Feeling a little sense of déjà vu, I used the skill to go ahead and create the item that can help me cross the large chasm between Earth and this world. For a moment, I felt that the dungeon rumbled a little and somehow, my body became weak, causing me to stagger before finding my balance after a second.

Once I regained my balance, in front of me was a gaudy door, decorated with fine ornaments and gold making it seem like it was made to connect the passage between God’s garden, into his mansion. That’s just how beautiful this door was.

Regaining my senses, I checked the Mana Monitor and got a good look at its readings.

Mana Levels: 105,812

… Yep, it really was such a huge consumption, but a small price to pay to see my family again. The strong bonds of our family which was strengthened over the years as a family is extremely hard to be broken, even by distance or lack of presence.

After the door was made, I quickly used [Appraisal] on the door to check its name and description.

Item name: World Connector

Item Grade: Impossible to determine

A door that connects a world with another…, Allows travel between each world by going through the open door.

… It looks like I succeeded…

Once I finished appraising the door, Shironeko came out of the bath while wearing the set of clothes I left behind. It was casual clothes often worn in Japan, so it might not bring a lot of attention to her in public. The clothes also came with a hat with cat ears, not holes, but sewn to fit the ears of Shironeko inside to hide it from the public. Her tail was also not a problem as it was hidden inside her skirt by wrapping it around her waist.

“Master! How do I look?”

“You look cute, Shironeko.”


After praising her, she bashfully tilted her head and scratched her cheek to hide her embarrasment. Sadly, it only fueled her cute meter more, causing it to rise through the roof.

“Now then, shall we go?”


I held her hand and reached for the door knob. Her slave temperament had completely vanished within my presence. I wonder what would’ve to her if I wasn’t there to save her.

Pushing those thoughts away from my mind, I turned the door knob and opened the door. Behind it, was a room with 5 people inside, two males, and three females, the 5 of them were my family who I hadn’t seen personally in a month.





Naturally, the 5 of them would be surprised seeing me emerge through a door suddenly appearing out of thin air. But the air froze when they saw Shironeko come out along with me.

““Daichi… Care to explain…?””

… Yep, my father and mother hadn’t changed a bit from the past…


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