The Last Science

by Etzoli

Original ONGOING Contemporary Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Supernatural Urban Fantasy

No one ever knows the whole story. 


Nestled deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, something is emerging. Kept in absolute secrecy, it seeps into a fading town, quietly shared from person to person. For Alden Bensen, a directionless high school graduate, this discovery could mean an escape from his empty existence. To Rachel DuValle, perpetually underestimated and dismissed by the world, magic represents a chance to become something much greater than herself.

In the face of an unsuspecting world, their decisions shape the growth of a budding society discovering untold power. This potent force offers anyone the power to change humanity forever—or send it cascading into swift and total annihilation.



The Last Science is an ongoing science-fiction / low-fantasy web novel series. New chapters will be posted on Fridays—plus bonus chapters on Mondays—for as long as it takes to tell the whole story. Each chapter is pretty long (average ~8000 words), so find somewhere comfy to read.

Content Warning (by request): This series delves into some topics and situations that may be upsetting for some readers. In American rating parlance, the narrative would be rated PG-13 (except for language), but some have noted the story can get pretty dark on occasion. Please use your best judgment, and don't be afraid to take breaks and come back later. I'll still be here!

This story will also be published weekly at my website ( There will be no differences in content, but slight differences in formatting. Feel free to read at whichever site or app you prefer. If you're enjoying the story, consider dropping me a vote over on Top Web Fiction, or come say hi on Discord. Thanks!


Need more to read? Check out my other story, Epilogue — a post-fantasy psychodrama. Now complete!

This story is a participant in the Write til the End pledge. It will be completed, no matter the cost.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book I — Awakening (Table of Contents) ago
Chapter 1 — The Last Train to Rallsburg ago
Chapter 2 — Rachel DuValle ago
Chapter 3 — Making Connections ago
Chapter 4 — The Council of the Awakened ago
Chapter 5 — Apathy ago
Chapter 6 — An Impossible Marketplace ago
Chapter 7 — Misdirection ago
Chapter 8 — Tidings of Fire ago
Chapter 9 — First Lessons ago
Chapter 10 — The First Summit of the End of the World ago
Interlude I.I — A Year in the Life of Hailey Winscombe ago
Interlude I.II ago
Interlude I.III ago
Interlude I.IV ago
Interlude I.V ago
Interlude I.VI ago
Interlude I.VII ago
Interlude I.VIII ago
Chapter 11 — Foreigners ago
Chapter 12 — Deputies, Detectives and Deities ago
Chapter 13 — Fugitives ago
Chapter 14 — What It Means ago
Chapter 15 — The Heart of a Leader ago
Chapter 16 — Angels and Devils ago
Chapter 17 — A Gentleman and a Doctor ago
Interlude II — Selling One's Soul ago
Chapter 18 — Breaking the Rules ago
Chapter 19 — Wolves at the Gates ago
Interlude III — Family ago
Chapter 20 — Consequences ago
Chapter 21 — Waking Up ago
Chapter 22 — The Importance of Flying ago
Chapter 23 — Regrouping ago
Chapter 24 — The Second Summit of the End of the World ago
Chapter 25 — The Greatest Magic Ever Assembled ago
Chapter 26 — Monsters ago
Chapter 27 — To Kill a God ago
Chapter 28 — Ashes ago
Transitions ago
Book II — Convergence (Table of Contents) ago
B2: Prologue — Dust ago
B2: Chapter 1 — The First Day of School ago
B2: Chapter 2 — The Goddess of Kent ago
B2: Chapter 3 — Chasing Ghosts ago
B2: Chapter 4 — Comes the Hero ago
B2: Chapter 5 — Rules of the Game ago
Interlude IV — Secrets ago
B2: Chapter 6 — Over the Border and Through the Woods ago
B2: Chapter 7 — Identity ago
B2: Chapter 8 — Making a Difference ago
B2: Chapter 9 — Flying Blind ago
B2: Chapter 10 — Allies of Coincidence ago
B2: Chapter 11 — The Emerald City (Part I) ago
B2: Chapter 12 — The Emerald City (Part II) ago
B2: Chapter 13 — The Emerald City (Part III) ago
Interlude V — The Sister ago
B2: Chapter 14 — Finding Family ago
B2: Chapter 15 — Making Friends and Influencing People ago
B2: Chapter 16 — Rebirth ago
B2: Chapter 17 — Career Path ago
B2: Chapter 18 — Old Friends, Forgotten Friends ago
Interlude VI — Fame and Fortune ago
Transitions II ago
B2: Chapter 19 — End of the World, Redux ago
B2: Chapter 20 — Retreat ago
B2: Chapter 21 — A Return to Form ago
B2: Chapter 22 — In Her Image ago
B2: Chapter 23 — Like Father, Like Daughter ago
B2: Chapter 24 — Two Interviews ago
B2: Chapter 25 — Confidential Public Relations ago
B2: Chapter 26 — Picking a Side ago
Interlude VII — Call of Destiny ago
B2: Chapter 27 — A Voice In Her Head ago
B2: Chapter 28 — Staying in the Spotlight ago
B2: Chapter 29 — The Battle of Lakewood ago
Interlude VIII — A Day in the Life of Jessica Silverdale ago
B2: Chapter 30 — Four Days Later ago
Interlude IX — Magnanimity of the Modern Man ago
B2: Chapter 31 — Across the Pond ago
B2: Chapter 32 — Paranoia ago
B2: Chapter 33 — Self-Made ago
B2: Chapter 34 — Rook Takes Knight ago

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I'm really enjoying the story. nice change of pace from the usual fantastical Uber heroes. Much better than 3 stars I think. I can't wait to see where this story goes and how the characters develop and relate. Strangly believable, in as unbelievable a scenario can be. please keep going.

  • Overall Score

I rather like the Idea but the story is really slow, and the fact that we are spending so much time on the second POV is really tiring.
While the second POV is nice for worldbuilding and all it really is more of a shore for me to read.

And while one can say that the story is paced, as it is there doesn't seem to be much to look forward too, the magic itself seems just so underwhelming.
The MCs potential for great thing seems very far away as well, where I would expect no real magic from him for months or even years for the really impressive things. Which either means the magic itself is not that important and it is more about social drama (which I don't find that interesting) or there needs to be a major ex Machina moment where he suddenly gains a lot of power.

Right now I'm at chapter 10 and I'm really struggling to keep going.

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So much going on and everything is interesting

I'm really glad I waited this long to judge this story. If I had reviewed it the first time I read it, I would have thought this was just a mess without any real purpose. Then the first act ended and everything blew up in the best way. I'm crazy excited to see where this goes next.


Also Natalie best character. I'm so glad she's one of the main perspectives now. etzoli you are a genius.

  • Overall Score

Couldn't put it down once I started it. Very interesting and unique take on magic. It felt more like a real novel than a webnovel which is a great thing in my opinion. 

  • Overall Score

Some kind of fantasy mystery novel

Writing is pretty good, but it’s just not drawing me in

idk maybe I’m just not into the mystery type style

How do I describe reading this?

It’s kinda like masturbating but never being able to climax, getting frustrated and annoyed to the point you just give up?

also Rachel’s motivations and mental diatribe seem disjointed/inconsistent to me


  • Overall Score

I read only until chapter eight but I loved the book, the way there is both science and magic and how all characters have depth. The only thing I didn’t like is how slow the story is progressing and how we still didn’t see the magic system will all it’s laws and “affinities”.

  • Overall Score

Another Review (Change in perspectives)

 The story so far is beautiful, one of my pet peeves when it comes to reading is the switch in perspectives of characters. It may sound easy but its harder than it seems, trust me. You need to make sure you don't write about too much about one character at a time and must maintain a perfect balance, its a hard juggle. But also, you can't simply switch the perspective to another character just for the sake of changing the perspective, you need to have a reason, make it interesting, relay important information, in short, make it relevant to whats going on. I believe that this novel right now just nailed those two points, and to me the change of perspectives is apealing and satisfying. Now I've typed about changing perspectives a lot, but that's not all that makes this a worthwhile read, not in the least. The character development is greatly done so far, the plot is kept entertaining to read and it hooks good, like really good. The story itself makes sense (to me at least), its not a random assortment of battles like a manhua, or random boring events all the time like slice of life novels, its a perfect balance between most if not all the aspects of a great read. I would definitely recommend this to my fellow readers. I believe that if you read the first chapter, you will be hooked. At the very least you interest may be peaked.

Read it.





Yes I know that that is literally what slice of life is about ;-;

Yes I know that not all manhuas are constant battles without plot ;-;

  • Overall Score

Currently on B2:C9 and I'm loving the story, I just wish that the story was more centered on Alden. I love seeing more progress on his magic.