The Last Science



Book II — Convergence (Table of Contents)


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This is book two of The Last Science series. A table of contents is below, filled in as each chapter is released, or feel free to continue on immediately to the prologue.


Prologue — Dust

Part IV — In Plain Sight

Chapter 1 — The First Day of School
Chapter 2 — The Goddess of Kent
Chapter 3 — Chasing Ghosts
Chapter 4 — Comes the Hero
Chapter 5 Rules of the Game
Interlude IV — Secrets
Chapter 6 — Over the Border and Through the Woods
Chapter 7 — Identity
Chapter 8 — Making a Difference
Chapter 9 — Flying Blind
Chapter 10 — Allies of Coincidence
Chapter 11 — The Emerald City (Part I)
Chapter 12 — The Emerald City (Part II)
Chapter 13 — The Emerald City (Part III)
Interlude V — The Sister
Chapter 14 — Finding Family
Chapter 15 — Making Friends and Influencing People
Chapter 16 — Rebirth
Chapter 17 — Career Path
Chapter 18 — Old Friends, Forgotten Friends
Interlude VI — Fame and Fortune
Transitions II

Part V — Heroes and Villains

Chapter 19 — End of the World, Redux
Chapter 20 — Retreat


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Ventum @Ventum ago

Keep up the great work!!

Cogcro @Cogcro ago

Thanks for the chapters, keep it up please! 🙏🏾