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Book I — Awakening (Table of Contents)


Book II →

A table of contents for book one is below, or feel free to continue on immediately to chapter 1. These inserts will be placed between each book mostly to show the covers, as well as provide an easy bookmark spot and navigation.

Recommended viewing settings for desktop readers: 60% width, Caslon font at 18px, and dim background at 70% or more. Light or dark theme as your preference (I use dark personally, but this story has no color-specific elements). Enjoy!

Part I — A Quiet and Lonely Town

Chapter 1 — The Last Train to Rallsburg
Chapter 2 — Rachel DuValle
Chapter 3 — Making Connections
Chapter 4 — The Council of the Awakened
Chapter 5 — Apathy
Chapter 6 — An Impossible Marketplace
Chapter 7 — Misdirection
Chapter 8 — Tidings of Fire
Chapter 9 — First Lessons
Chapter 10 — The First Summit of the End of the World
Interlude I — A Year in the Life of Hailey Winscombe

Part II — The Time of the Hunt

Chapter 11 — Foreigners
Chapter 12 — Deputies, Detectives and Deities
Chapter 13 — Fugitives
Chapter 14 — What It Means
Chapter 15 — The Heart of a Leader
Chapter 16 — Angels and Devils
Chapter 17 — A Gentleman and a Doctor
Interlude II — Selling One's Soul
Chapter 18 — Breaking the Rules
Chapter 19 — Wolves at the Gates
Interlude III — Family

 Part III — The End of Their World

Chapter 20 — Consequences
Chapter 21 — Waking Up
Chapter 22 — The Importance of Flying
Chapter 23 — Regrouping
Chapter 24 — The Second Summit of the End of the World
Chapter 25 — The Greatest Magic Ever Assembled
Chapter 26 — Monsters
Chapter 27 — To Kill a God
Chapter 28 — Ashes

 Book II →

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