“I’m seriously, seriously sorry! Please forgive my incompetence!”

It was now a day after Fraus left the mansion. Jane was on all fours groveling in front of Rory while trying to desperately apologize.

“Hey, get up already. I already told you it was fine.”

Rory lifted her off the floor and made her stand up.

“But I allowed for such a thing to happen to our most honorable guest. No amount of apologies can fix that!”

“You know, I said it was fine. If you continue to apologize any further, you’ll only annoy me.”

“…..I see. I’m sorry.”

”You’re apologizing again.”


Jane didn’t say anything and stood there silently.

“You’ve checked the cameras, right? Do you have any idea when they entered the villa?”

“No. They just appeared out of nowhere. Even our latest technology couldn’t see through their camouflage. So we believe that a powerful Anima Master was involved.”

“That’s very likely.”

Rory nodded and then paused for a bit.

“Do you have any ideas of who they were? Like if they were connected to the Three Dons in any way?”

Jane didn’t answer immediately and looked like she was pondering something.

“I doubt that they’re connected to the Three Dons. This villa is a bit special, so not even them would do something like this here. If any of them would, it would be Tony Gambino, but I can’t see him going through the trouble of breaking into the villa and retreating without committing any violent acts.”

“I see. So this place is indeed special.”

Rory mumbled the last question to himself.

“Anyway, just keep a lookout in case they try to sneak in again. If you see them, don’t do anything and contact me. I’ll deal with it.”

“Yes! I’ll do as you instructed!”

Jane answered with an energetic tone.

“You can leave now. Oh, you look tired. Try to get some rest and not tire yourself out so much.”

“Yes, thanks for your concern.”

Jane left soon after, and Rory headed back to the living room.


Outside the door of the mansion, Jane clicked her tongue with an irritated expression.

“Just Who was that arrogantly trespass into my wonderland?”

A sharp look appeared in her eyes, as well as the eyes of the little white snakes which made up her hair.

“They’ll pay for trampling over the Golden Breath’s reputation!”

“Hahaha. She’s really pissed.”

Rory muttered as he entered the living room.

“Ladies, I have talked with management and they’ve ensured us that what happened yesterday won’t happen again.”

Rory sat down between the maids Emilia and Sade and put his arms around their shoulders.

“We wouldn’t need to worry if we had chased after Fraus.”

Amelia muttered. She was obviously still upset about how Rory handled the situation.

“Why didn’t we chase after her?”

Reina asked, she was upset too.

“It’s not that we didn’t, I simply decided not to and you two stood still.”

Rory started caressing the maids cheeks with his own. His attitude made the girls even more upset.


Rory noticed their glares and sighed. He took his arms from around the maids and sat up.

“Say, Elia. How’s your training coming? Have you’ve unlocked any of the Regal Powers?”

Elia was caught off guard by his sudden question, so she didn’t answer immediately.

“Yeah. So far I’ve unlocked Sensor.”

“How large of an area can you sense?”

“About a couple meters.”

“And what about Future Sight? Can you use it?”

“I’ve unlocked it, but I still have trouble using it during battle.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll get better with practice.”

He looked over at Reina.

“The Regal Powers you use are Sensor and Future Sight, right? Have you’ve improved either of them recently?”

“……My Sensor can now cover a dozen meters more than it could before. My current range is over 100 meters now.”

“And your Future Sight?”

“It’s basically the same.”

“I see.”

Rory nodded.

“Now back to your question. Why we didn’t chase Fraus? Again, I chose not to chase her. I never said you couldn’t.”

“Isn’t that basically the same thing as saying we shouldn’t?”

Elia asked. Rory didn’t answer and just stared at her.


Elia was being creeped out by his unwavering gaze.

“Say, Elia. What am I to you?”


“Are you hitting on her now?”

Reina asked.

“I’m asking you the same thing, ReRe. What am I to you?”

“…..You, are you seriously asking us this?”

Reina saw that Rory wasn’t laughing or seemed like he was playing around. It looked like he seriously wanted to know.

“Since you have trouble answering, let me offer some choices.”

He stood up.

“Am I your god? Am I your king? Or am I your owner?”


“You said that me not going was basically the same thing as telling you not to chase Fraus. So I want to know, are my words absolute to you? If I tell you to go die, would you?”


“Then why have you two stop thinking for yourselves?”



“I’m not talking about this situation alone. For a while now, you two have stopped thinking for yourselves and follow my every whim, despite how reluctant you seem on the surface. Don’t you think that’s a bit weird?”

The girls didn’t answer, they just listened to what Rory was saying.

“I do not own your lives. I’m not your god or your king, so why are you following my every whim with no questions asked.”

“Then, do you want us to defy you more?”

Amelia asked.

“No. I want you two to act like main characters and step out of the background. There’s a saying that everyone’s the main character of their own life, yet it seems that I dictate your lives for you.”

A cold and detached atmosphere surrounded Rory.

“While I enjoy it whenever things go as I want it, I find people who always move the way I want them to, boring.”

He looked at the girls with cold stare.

“I tend to lose interest in those people rather quickly.”


Silence filled the room. A thick tension formed between everyone, and the girls found it hard to breathe.

“Well, I doubt that will happen with you two.”

Rory showed a smile and sat back down between Emilia and Sade.

“I mean, you’re special to me after all.”



“But seriously though. You two should really start relying on me less. I mean, I drag you in dangerous situations all the time. If I didn’t bring Fraus here, you wouldn’t have been held at gunpoint yesterday. If you had brought your foot down and kicked her out, you wouldn’t have been as troubled.”

The girls remained silent. What Rory said was right. Just because he was powerful and wise, despite his personality, they relied on him for everything. However, Rory was a shady person. Most of the time they couldn’t tell what he was truly thinking, and he always seemed to be plotting something. It was obvious that if they truly want to survive, they needed to think for themselves and don’t rely on him.

They need to step out of the background and become main characters.

“We won’t chase after Fraus.”

Amelia said.


“Because it’s too dangerous. We don’t know who she really is and if we foolishly chase her, we might end up losing our lives.”

Reina replied. Rory nodded with satisfaction.

“If that’s what you decided, then do what you want.”

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the city, a man dressed in white suit three-piece suit with a black undershirt and tie, and a briefcase in his hand, walked towards the toll booth.

“Hello, sir.”

A toll booth attendant greeted the man the moment he reached the booth.

“Hello, I would like to enter the city.”

“I see. Then, could I have an ID? I need it to verify it in our system to see you’re eligible to enter.”

The man dig into his pocket and took out a card and gave it to the booth attendant.


The smile dropped from her face the moment she looked at the card. She then looked at the man with a hint of fear in her eyes.

“Um, sir? What is this?”

“It’s my Killing Permit that I got from the Sacred Army. With it, I won’t be held accountable for any murder I commit.”


The woman silently looked at the name on the permit.

“Um…Mr. Lucian Erebus? I’m afraid that you can’t use this to register.”

“I see. And I really wanted to enter like a normal citizen too.”

Lucian walked passed the booth which alarmed the attendant.


“Well, I guess it can’t be helped.”

Lucian suddenly leaped over the wall and landed on the other side of it.

“This is bad. This is bad. I need to connect the Black Dogs!”

She took a phone in the booth and dialed the emergency number.

Back at the mansion, Rory was sitting alone on the couch in the living room with his eyes closed.


He opened eyes to see the head maid, Emilia standing in front of him with a smile on her face. She silently sat on his lap, which he didn’t reprehend her for.

“Did you really have to tease them that much?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I only said what was needed to be said.”

“True, But you really scared them today.”

“Then I should have been able to open their eyes.”

Rory places his hand on the side of her head.

“You know, I could just crush your head right now, right?”

“I know, but I would stop your heart before that.”

Rory laughed and then leaned his head back and looked up at the ceiling.

“I wonder what the future holds for us? I’m both excited and afraid to find out.”

Later that day, Reina was walking in the yard of their residence when Amelia approached her.

“Lizard, I want you to help me with my training.”


Reina looked at her with a strange look.

“I think you’ve been around Rory too long because that’s the most impolite way someone has every asked me a favor.”

She sighed.

“Well, I guess it fits us.”

She looked at Amelia seriously.

“Fine, but only if you help me with my own.”


The two started walking towards the recreational center and began their journey to improve themselves.


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