This is a story that many don’t know about. A story about how two defeated souls conquered their oppressor and in return ended an era in Cugine City. It takes place after Salvatore Riina had destroyed the future Three Dons and obtained one of them as his subordinate.


After being defeated by Salvatore, Tony was brought away from his comrades and into Salvatore’s army of beasts. He was currently being briefed on his duties by one of Salvatore’s men.

“Listen, you’ve caused us quite a bit of trouble when you went against the Don. You did some pretty messed up things too, so it’s natural that you’ll be hated at first. However, if you make a name for yourself and display your loyalty to the Don for all to see you’ll become a superstar in no time.”


Tony didn’t respond and only stared at his “comrade” with hatred.

(This kid still haven’t had his spirit broken….Is this the difference between an Evolved Beastman and everybody else?)

The Panther Beastman who was briefing him coughed.

“Anyway, just do what you’re asked and you’ll survive.”

The Beastman wanted to pat Tony’s shoulder as a show of good faith but something told him that he might lose his arm if he did. So he stepped back and walked away.

“What a dangerous brat.”

He mumbled while walking away.


Tony stood silently in a corner while people moved around in the building known as the Beast. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. Memories of his battle against Salvatore kept flashing in his mind.

“I’ll definitely kill him.”

“Oh? Looks like the newbie is overflowing with hate for his boss.”

He turned his head and saw that there was a woman sitting not too far away from him. She was tall, had a light yellowish skin, narrow eyes, and black hair. She was dressed in a sparkling slit red dress and was wear lipstick to match.

(A foreigner? From her looks she’s from the water continent of Caspian.)

“Woman, Who are you? One of Salvatore’s whores?”

The woman immediately frowned.

“Well, aren’t you rude?”

She then smiled.

“But you’re not wrong.”

She stood up and started approaching Tony.

“I’m just like you, Tony Gambino. I defeated soul who has fallen into the grasped of a beast.”

She stopped right in front of him.

“Many of us here are. Look around, doesn’t everyone look like walking corpses?”

“I don’t need to look to see that. It’s already obvious from the mood.”

Tony replied.

“I see. Then let me give you some advice. You should give up taking him on. Salvatore is not someone you can defeat.”

Tony looked at the woman in silence before smiling.

“I’ll say the same to you.”

“….I have no idea what you’re talking about?”

“Really? You’re the only here that doesn’t quiver or have a look reverence when talking about Salvatore.”

“That’s because Salvatore and I have a relationship beyond those things.”

Tony looked at her from head to toe.

“A sex slave huh? I heard that he has quite a few.”

He pointed at her right foot. There were the letters SR with a beast under it.

“That’s the mark of the beast, right? All of Salvatore’s property has one. The fact that you have one means that you’re his property aka his slave.”

“….You’re quite observant.”

“I can say the same about you.”

The two stared at each other in silence for a while before turning their back to each other and walked away.

“Haruka Yamaguchi.”

Tony stopped and looked at the woman’s back.

“That’s my name. I hope you remember it, Tony Gambino.”

She then walked towards an elevator and disappeared inside it.

“Haruka Yamaguchi, huh?”

Tony smiled for a bit before a serious look appeared in his eyes.


Tony’s days as one of Salvatore’s soldiers started off with a bang. On a mission to silence a reporter who had apparently been badmouthing Salvatore any chance he got, he found himself surrounded by his own “comrades”.

“What’s this about?”

He nonchalantly asked.

“You, you’re responsible for my father’s death.”



“I killed a lot of your people when I went against Salvatore what’s your point?”

“You son of a bitch!”

The men became enraged.

“We’ll avenge our families and comrades here!”

They all pulled out their weapons and started to move closer towards Tony, who only sighed.

“Idiots. An ambush only works if your target doesn’t see it coming.”

He pulled his guns from his waist.

“Since you miss your family so much, I’ll send you to meet them.”


Later that night, Tony was once again at the Beast having a drink at the bar inside.

“I heard that you killed your own comrades.”

Haruka appeared and sat beside him.

“Did you get punished?”

“I finished my mission, so Salvatore didn’t mind.”

Tony gulped down the liquor in the glass before him.

“Well, that sounds like him.”

Tony peeked at her after refilling his cup.

“Looks like Salvatore is rough in bed.”

He pointed at her back.

“There’s some claws marks showing.”

“You have no tact do you?”

Haruka ordered a drink with a frown.

“But I’m surprised. You have a lot of freedom for a sex slave. I heard you guys would normally be locked away until Salvatore calls for you.”

“Seriously, you don’t hold anything back do you? Do you like stepping on the feels of others?”

“It’s just my way of handling stress I guess.”

“You’re like Salvatore in that regard.”


The glass in Tony’s hand cracked from being squeezed too hard.

“My bad.”

“No….If I’m going to survive here I need to learn to keep my emotions in check.”

Tony put the glass down. Haruka took sip of her drink and then spoke.

“About me having so much freedom, it’s because I’m not your ordinary sex slave.”

She looked at Tony.

“I give Salvatore what no one else gives him?”

“And what’s that?”

“A challenge.”


“All the other girls just bow down and submit themselves to him, but I don’t.”


This time it was Haruka’s glass that cracked.

“I’ll never bow down to that monster.”

Her body trembled a little before she took a deep breath to calm down.

“Maybe it’s the same reason why Salvatore holds you in such high regards. You’ll never submit to him, so it’s fun to see what you’ll do to spite him. For someone like him, I guess that’s what gives him pleasure these days.”

“Sadistic bastard.”

Tony took another drink.

“Like you’re one to talk.”

Haruka took a drink as well.


“Haruka Yamaguchi?”

The next day, Tony started asking about Haruka after becoming curious about her.

“Yeah. She seems special.”

“Listen man, I know you’re new and a lot people hate you but I don’t want to see you walk that road.”

The one who said that to him was his first “comrade” he met when becoming Salvatore’s subordinate.

“That woman is like a poisonous rose. She’s indeed beautiful but she has thorns, thorns that can lead to your demise.”

“I’ll decide that for myself. Just tell me about her.”

Tony remained unmoved by his comrade’s warning.

“Fine. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.”

He then began to narrate Haruka’s past.

“Have you’ve heard of the tribes of Caspian?”

“Yes. The Yamato Tribe, the Han Tribe, and the Joseon Tribe. Whether they are Human or Beastman all who comes from the Continent of Caspian belongs to one of these tribes. They all have light yellowish skin, narrow eyes, and black hair like Haruka.”

Tony’s comrade nodded.

“Haruka is from the Yamato Tribe and she’s from a special Birdfolk race called the Tengu. A few years ago a gang came all the way from Yamato to this continent just to join hands with Salvatore Riina. They were called the Yamaguchi Sect and they were what those of Yamato calls the Yakuza. The result of their partnership was total destruction for all who came from the Yamaguchi Sect.”

“What happened?”

“The Don didn’t like the deal they were proposing and killed them all except for their leader’s daughter who he grew fond of.”

“And that’s Haruka.”

He nodded.

“Since then that girl has made it her life mission to defy the Don to the very end. She even caused the deaths of a lot of our talented youths by seducing them into trying to free her by killing the Don.”

He pointed at Tony.

“Be careful, Tony. That girl might be targeting you now.”

“Targeting me, huh?”

Tony showed an amused smile.


Later that night, Tony once again visited the bar within the Beast. As he expected, he saw Haruka again. She came up to him when he was drinking alone at a booth.

“Yo, I was waiting for you.”

Tony greeted Haruka before she could say anything.

“Is that so? That makes me happy.”

Haruka smiled and took a seat.

“I heard about your past today.”

“….I see. And?”

“I’m curious, are you really trying to seduce me into killing Salvatore for you?”

Haruka looked at him in silence a bit before bursting out laughing.

“You seriously lack tack you know that.”

She wiped the tears from her eyes and shook her head.

“I admit that I have done so many times before but I didn’t have any intention of doing so with you.”


“Because you already hate Salvatore guts and is planning to kill him. There’s no need to try and turn you against him since you never were with him in the first place.”

“You’re a smart woman.”

Tony lifted his glass as if to toast to her.

“Even if you had tried to seduce me it wouldn’t work anyway. I already have a woman I love.”

“I see. Then I’m glad I didn’t try.”

Haruka suddenly stopped smiling.

“Then let me cut to the chase. Tony Gambino, help me kill that bastard.”

“Why should I work with you? What’s in it for me?”

“I’m Salvatore’s favorite. I know things about him and his empire that most don’t. You’ll never find a better ally.”

“But why do you need my help? You’re an Evolved Beastman right? And I can see that you’re strong. If you get the chance you can ambush him and kill him yourself.”

“You don’t realize how much of a monster that man is. I’ve tried killing him myself more times than I can count but he always just laugh it off like I’m a child throwing a tantrum. Also, I’m not evolved. My race is the descendant of an Evolved Beastman so we care born with the abilities of an Evolved Beastman But we can’t hope to compare to our ancestor. You and Salvatore who evolved on your own has far more potential then me.”

“Is that so?”

“Don’t Tell me you didn’t know?”

“I don’t really get the Evolution stuff. I don’t even know how I evolved myself.”

Haruka looked at him with shock.

(He doesn’t know….This guy could be a real prodigy in disguise…)

Haruka thought. A huge smile appeared on her face.

“Tony, I’m certain now. If you and I work together we can take down Salvatore.”

“Oh? Do you have a plan in mind?”

Haruka nodded.

“However, it will require a lot of will power from the both of us since we’re going to have to kill our hearts.”

“…..I’m listening.”

“We must become his most treasured toys, and we can only do that by giving our all to please the man we hate the most in the world.”


“Hey, did you hear? Tony went on a rampage again.”

“Yeah, I heard that he found out that some gangs were planning on forming an alliance to take down Salvatore and wiped them out singlehandedly.”

“And this is after he destroyed a vigilante group who was going around attacking our guys.”

“He’s been on a roll lately. I heard that he’s being promoted to an Underboss.”


“Well, he does have the talent.”



Tony was walking in the lobby of the Beast when someone called out for him.

“Paul Gotti.”

Paul Gotti was Salvatore’s righthand man as well as the person Salvatore interrupted Bella’s operation for. When Tony saw him he had the urge to rip his spine out, but he controlled himself.

“Salvatore wants to see you. He’s at the suite on the top floor.”


“He’s your Don. You don’t need to know the reason.”

“Is that so?”

Tony walked past him ignoring Paul glaring at him.

“Damn, brat.”

Paul turned away and left the building. Tony looked back at him and smiled.

“I’m so gonna enjoy putting a bullet in your skull, fucker.”

Tony entered an elevator and went to the top floor. Once he got there, he headed straight to the only room on the floor. He walked up and knocked on the door.

“Come In.”

He cliched his teeth when he heard the voice coming from beyond the door. He took a deep breath and entered the room. As expected he saw Salvatore in the room. He was sitting on the bed practically naked. Tony turned his eyes and saw Haruka under the covers. Their eyes met only for a second before he turned away and faced his hated “boss”.

“Tony, I heard that you’ve been working pretty hard lately. What’s up with that?”

Salvatore asked him with a grin.

“Nothing much. I’m just doing what I agreed to. So you better keep your end of the deal.”

He fearlessly glared at Salvatore.

“Hahaha! I see, I see! And here I thought you finally recognized my superiority and wanted to show your loyalty.”

“Loyalty? Ha! The only thing I’m loyal to is my desire to put a bullet in your head.”

He pointed at Salvatore.

“The moment you let your guard down, you’re dead!”

“Hahahaha! That’s fine by me! That’s how you should be.”

Salvatore showed a sly smile.

“If you had said that you were submitting to me, I would’ve immediately lost interest in you. I would’ve killed your friends to make you hate me again.”

“Try it. It’s your funeral.”

Salvatore laughed again. Haruka watched their interaction from under the covers.

(Good, Tony. Show him that you still hate him but is willing to work for him. That way he’ll find you more and more interesting. Salvatore loves to break others but once the thrill from breaking them wears off he no longer has any use for them. Our only chance at survival is to continue to oppose him and keep him entertain all while gaining his affections. As long as he’s fond of us, we’ll have countless chances to strike him down.)

She thought.

“Oh, I heard that you’ve been talking with Haruka here.”

Salvatore suddenly pulled the covers off Haruka and revealed her naked body to Tony.

“How about it? Do you want a go at her?”

Tony looked at Haruka for a long time. He had to admit that she had an amazing body but he still turned his gaze away.

“We were simply discussing how to decorate your head once I cut it off. Other than that I have zero interest in her.”

“Oh? That’s interesting. Haruka has seduced quite a lot of people in trying to kill me, but you’re the first to not show any interest in her.”

“I have no interest in used goods.”


This time Haruka had an enraged look on her face.

“Hahaha! Aren’t you harsh to say that to her face?!”

Salvatore found his remark funny and burst out laughing.

“Can I go now?”

“Sure. Make sure to work hard!”


Next day Tony was greeted with a slap from Haruka the moment he saw her.

“Well, I deserve that.”

He rubbed his face and said.

“You sure do!”

She immediately started to choke him with a blushed face which Tony didn’t seem to mind.

“Can we just move on to the next phase?”


Haruka released him and turned away.

“I’m already on it.”


“Hey, did you hear?! Paul Gotti was almost assassinated!”

“Yeah, I heard that his wife got killed instead.”

“They say that it’s a bombing at his home.”

“I heard something pretty strange…..They say that the don might’ve had something to do with it.”


“With this everything is in place.”

Tony listened to everyone gossiping with a smile on his face.


At that moment, Paul burst through the entrance with a furious expression.

“Salvatore, where are you?!”

“Boss, Calm down!”

Some of Paul’s men tried to stop him but they were pushed aside pretty easily.

“Salvatore, get down here!”

“What are you making a racket for, Paul?”

“My house….My house was attacked last night.”

“So I’ve heard. I have people looking into it.”

“Looking in to it?”

Paul’s body started trembling.

“Don’t fuck with me!”

He pointed at Salvatore.

“I caught the bomber last night when he tried to flee! And it was Sonny!”


“But Sonny is an underboss. Why would he attack a capo like Paul?”

“Not only that, Sonny only moves when he’s ordered by Paul or….”

The room suddenly became silent as if everyone came to the same conclusion.

“I wanted to kill the bastard but I made sure to torture him first! That’s when he said he was ordered by you to kill me!”

Paul shouted.


Salvatore suddenly started laughing which made Paul even more enraged.

“What nonsense. If I wanted you dead I would’ve done it myself rather than send Sonny.”

“I believe so too, but what if you didn’t want to kill me? What if you only wanted me to be your enemy because you’re looking for a thrill?!”

Salvatore stopped smiling. Paul continued.

“You can’t say that you wouldn’t do it, because we both knows that you’re the type to pick fights with even your family just for the fun of it! That’s how you killed your brothers after all!”

Salvatore looked at Paul for a while and then looked at Tony. He then showed a smile.

“I see. I can’t argue with you there. So?”


“So what are you going to do about it?”


Everyone was shocked. The Don was publicly provoking his righthand man and was even looking down on him. And after being accused of murdering his wife as well.


Paul gritted his teeth and then turned as back on Salvatore.

“You’ll regret this!”

“Hahahaha! I’m looking forward to you trying.”

Paul left while Salvatore still had a smile on his face. He smiled and then looked at Tony.

“Tony, we need to talk.”

Salvatore brought Tony to a section of the building where they could be alone.

“You set me up, didn’t you? Why? Surely you don’t think having Paul as my enemy would kill me?”

“Of course not. He was simply in the way.”

“Oh? Explain.”

“In order to make sure you don’t break your promise and go after my friends I need to be as close to you as possible. Not only physically, but in status too. He was in the way of that.”

Salvatore nodded with an amused expression.

“So? What if I suddenly get enraged and kill you here?”

“You won’t.”


“Because I’m far more valuable to you than Paul. He may be an Evolved Beastman as well but he can’t compare with me in talent and potential. I’m a far better candidate to be your righthand. Besides…”


“If you were the person to kill someone like me who can keep you entertained for something like this, then I wouldn’t be alive today.”

Salvatore grinned.

“I like that answer. For that I’ll pardon this incident since I got some fun out of it.”

Salvatore started walking passed Tony.

“But if it happens again I’ll take your other arm. I’m sure it’ll be interesting to see how you’ll kill me with two fake arms.”

He laughed and walked away.

“Tsk! Cocky bastard!”


Paul Gotti didn’t waste anytime getting his revenge. He gathered up all those who hated Salvatore and his tyranny within the organization and broke off and formed his own gang. Just like how Tony and his friends did he led an aggressive assault on Salvatore’s empire.

“The west side of downtown was taken!”

“Several of our bases were destroyed!”

“I just got word that another underboss has been killed!”

“Damn, the cowards who were hiding in the shadows have joined up with Paul!”

“Fuck! Paul is attacking all of our weak points!”

“So this is the amount of damage a former Capo can do to us when they defect, huh?”

Everyone was panicking and having trouble defending against Paul Gotti who knew the ins and outs of Salvatore’s empire.


Salvatore approached Tony while everyone was frantic.

“You’re up. Since you’ve made this mess, go clean it up.”

He said with a smile. Tony didn’t say anything and started walking away from Salvatore. He took his guns and shouted.

“Anyone’s who free and itching for fight, follow me!”


Everyone looked at him in shocked for a while before some started following behind him. Before everyone knew it there was a large crowd following Tony’s back.

“There’s a chance we may die, so fight with no regrets! If you don’t have anything to fight for then fight for the fun of it! Life is short so even if you cant shine like a star then become a firework which draws everyone’s attend away from those stars, even if it’s only for a second!”


The men behind him roared.

“Men, tonight we’ll show the world what true gangsters are like!”


With everyone in high spirits Tony left the building with a huge smile on his face. Haruka watched this with a strange look on her face.

“Tony might have more talent for being a leader than I give him credit for….”

Tony quickly got results. He attacked all of Paul’s new associates and made sure to use the cruelest methods he could think of to send a message. When they saw how terrifying Tony was, all of those who were swept along with the flow and joined Paul Gotti all started leaving his sides.

After successfully weakening Paul’s forces, Tony then entered an all out war with those faithful to Paul. This is where things became really intense. Tony’s side suffered heavy casualties, which were mostly on purpose, weakening Salvatore’s forces as well. The war with Paul Gotti entered a deadlock by the third month. Both sides were just losing men but the war was nowhere near over. After a decade of fighting and with Tony moving up to Salvatore’s righthand and Paul Gotti establishing himself as the second don everyone thought this great mafia war would never end.

Or that was how it seems.

“Tony was killed by Paul?!”

News that Tony had fallen to an ambush quickly spread around. With many people confirming his death with their own eyes, Tony’s death was quickly accepted as a fact.

“Tsk. I guess he bit off more than he could chew. He had more talent and potential than Paul but he lacked the experience that Paul had.”

Salvatore clicked his tongue his irritation as he looked down on the body in front of him. It belong to Tony Gambino. His body was riddled with Animite bullets which was what had ended his life.

After confirming Tony’s death himself Salvatore went back to his room. There he saw Haruka with reddened eyes. She looked like she was crying. Salvatore knew what her crying face was like so he knew that she wasn’t faking it.

“What’s this? Are you mourning his death?”

He approached her with a smile on his face.

“While it’s true that I lost a valuable toy, if he that’s all he amounted too then he wasn’t the man I thought he was.”

Haruka got and swung her hand but Salvatore caught it before she could slap him.

“You’re really angry aren’t you?”

He brought his face closer to hers.

“Don’t tell me that you were in love with him or something?”

He then pulled her closer.

“Or could it be that he was your final hope to escape my clutches?”


Haruka looked at him with watery eyes. She bit her lip and her body quickly became limped and she fell to the ground.


Salvatore looked down on her and saw that her eyes were lifeless.

“Did her spirit finally break?”

He clenched his teeth in frustration.

“To think that I would lose both my beloved toys in one day.”

He started to underdress himself.

“I have no use for a lifeless doll but since you’re so beautiful I’ll use you one last time before throwing you away.”

He lifted Haruka and threw her on the bed before starting to underdress her as well.

“Since I’m really pissed off today I won’t be holding back. If you’re lucky you might die from ecstasy.”

He looked at her on last time before unfastening the buttons on her blouse.


That’s when he saw something written on her chest.

“Goodbye, scum bag- Tony Gambino.”

At that moment he felt a stinging sensation near his lower abdomen. He looked down and saw a syringe stuck in his stomach. He looked up and looked at Haruka who was grinning.

“I finally caught you.”


He swung down his fists with anger.


Before his fist could hit Haruka, it was hit by a bullet.


He pulled his hand back and Haruka quickly escaped from underneath him. Salvatore turned around and saw Tony pointing a gun at him.


He roared.

“Yo, I went to hell but it seems the devil wants you first.”

Tony smiled.

“So he sent me to come get you.”


Salvatore tried to pounce at him but his body suddenly felt heavy.


*Bam!* *Bam!* *Bam!*

Tony opened fire without mercy hitting him in the chest and stomach. Salvatore stepped back with his blood gushing out.

“Say, Salvatore. Do you remember my girlfriend Bella Emilio? You probably don’t do you?”

Tony said.

“You see she was in surgery when you interrupted it and killed her. Do you want to know what she was in surgery for?”

Tony pointed at his stomach.

“It was to fix her Anima Core.”


Salvatore suddenly looked down at where the syringe that Haruka lodged in him was.

“It can’t be….What did do to my Anima core?!”

“Nothing much, we just injected liquified Animite into it.”

Haruka answered.

“What do you think will happen if a material that absorbs and eat away at Anima is inject into the organ that controls the Anima in your body?”

She grinned.

“Anima Deficiency or at least something close to it. It’s the same thing that my girl had.”

“You…You bastards!”

Salvatore roared and beastly red Anima started pouring out of his body.


Suddenly blood gushed out of his mouth.

“Woah, be careful there. Your Anima Core is in a delicate state. Using too much Anima might cause it to explode.”

Haruka said before pouncing at him and kicking him across the room.

“It’s moments like this I wish I had I dick so that I could fuck you like you did me all these years.”

She broke a nearby table and held one of its foot in her hands.

“I guess this will have to do. It’s much more impressive than yours anyway.”

“D-Don’t you dare!”

Salvatore tried to get to his feet.

*Bam!* *Bam!* *Bam!*

Tony shot him in the knees and caused him to kneel over.

“Hey, an attractive woman wants to fuck you. What kind of man you’d be if you decline, even if what she’s into is a bit kinky.”

He showed a wild grin.

“Fuck this!”

To their surprise, Salvatore suddenly took his hand and stabbed it into his chest.



Tony shot him in the head but by that time Salvatore had already ripped his own heart from his chest.


He keeled over and died with a smile.


Haruka roared at the top of her lungs. She pounced on Salvatore’s body and started punching it.

“Get up, you fucker! You don’t get to die with a smile on your face! I still haven’t paid you back for everything you’ve done!”

She angrily beat down on his body while tears flowed down on her cheeks.

“You ruined my life! You son of a bitch! Get up!”

Tony looked at her crying put his guns away.

“Let’s go Haruka. I’m sure the others heard the commotion and is coming up to check.”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”


Tony slapped her across the face.

“Get up and move!”

She looked at him with a crying expression.

“Don! Don! What’s going on in there?!”

The sounds of people were drawing closer.


Tony took Haruka in his hands and held on to Salvatore’s corpses and jumped through the glass window. He held on tight to Haruka and released Salvatore’s body and watched as it plummet to the ground. He looked around and grabbed on a flagpole. The pole only stopped him for a second before snapping, but that was all he needed. He twisted his body and kicked off the side of the building and flew across the street where they landed on a roof.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Haruka was still cursing in his arms while crying. He stood up and carried her to the edge of the roof and pointed down.

“Look! We weren’t able to pay him back for everything, but we still ended Salvatore Riina. He doesn’t even have a decent corpse! I’m sure he’ll never past on like that!”


“Look, dammit!”

He forced Haruka to look at Salvatore’s disfigured body.


She stared at him while tears continued to flow.

“We’re free, Haruka.”

She looked up at Tony. There was a smile on his face but she could see the tears in his eyes. That’s when she realized that she wasn’t the only feeling frustrated about how everything ended.

“I…I’m sorry.”

Haruka forced herself out of his arms and fixed her clothes.

“As long as you’re fine.”

Tony continued to smile.

“What are you going to do now?”

“….I don’t know.”

“Well, I’m going back to my friends. It’s been a decade but I’m sure that our bonds are still there.”

He stretched his hand out towards her.

“Do you wanna come? If you join us I’m sure we can take this city before Paul obtains everything for himself.”

Haruka shook her head.

“I’m….going to leave this city. There’s too much memories here. I need to go find myself again….I need to reclaim that innocent girl that Salvatore destroyed.”

“I see. I hope we meet again. After all, I consider you a dear friend.”

“Me too. I consider you my dearest friend, Tony.”

Haruka took his hand and grasp it tightly.

“Until we meet again.”



After that, Haruka Yamaguchi left Cugine City and returned as Griselda with a boy called Shancai ten years later during the reign of the Three Dons. Finding out what her dear friend had turned into she became depressed. Her spirits soon lifted after she met some really warm people in the city. She soon revolved herself to take this city which housed so many terrible memories for her and change it something better.

Present day, Griselda was flying through the city after battling Tony. She could still hear the holy hymns playing in her head. These hymns were like a countdown for her. It was telling her that she had only one chance left to do what she must before the Pure Lands open to the world.


She suddenly dove downwards to avoid something that flew right at her. She looked up and saw that a car was falling out of the sky. She realized that someone had thrown a car at her. She looked around and saw three men standing on the ground. She recognized all three. One was Benito Mussolini, the other was Cesare Mori, and as for the final person.


She saw something that shouldn’t exist in this world any longer. She witnessed its demise with her own eyes. Yet…It was on the ground waving at her.

“Yo, Haruka. I’m back from hell. But I gotta say, you became quite the woman.”


Salvatore grinned when he saw Griselda’s expression.

“Did you miss me?”


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