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Anima, the primary source of energy in the world of Janus. It resides in the soul of all living things and in nature itself. It can be used to do all kind of magical things from powering vehicles to walking on water. Of course, it can be used for violence as well.

One person took the phrase "used for violence" and took it to an next level. That person eventually became known as the first true God. This God plunged the world into a millennium of darkness, until another true god appeared and brought back light to the world.

These two became known as the Night God and Sacred God respectively. This story takes place thousands of years after their battle....

This is the tale of Amelia Rosa, who came across a living legend, who was thought to have disappeared from the world over a century ago. Having been caught in a conspiracy by the country she served all her life, she was forced to slaughter countless enemies until the point of exhaustion. She was later saved by this legend known as the Devil King Rory, who showed that his title as a legend was rightfully earned.

With no attachment to her country left, she embarked on a journey with him to find her place in the world. There was one problem....Rory was completely shameless contrary to his legends! He was naked and drunk in the streets  when they first met, and was still naked when he saved her. 

He had no shame or morals whatsoever and was a failure of a person. Even so, Amelia had no choice but to follow him.

Follow the two as the travel the broad world, and watch as Rory's past slowly revealing itself; along with the hidden truth of the world.

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Kodyak Combs

Kodyak Combs

3rd Anniversary
Word Count (18)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1st Night: Amelia Rosa ago
2nd Night: Devil King Rory ago
3rd Night: The Devil King & The Knight ago
4th Night: Grace Town ago
5th Night: Smilodon (Beast) ago
6th Night: Evolution ago
7th Night: Anima ago
8th Night: Anima Control ago
9th Night: Marigold Kingdom ago
10th Night: A Way To Make Quick Cash ago
11th Night: The Main Tournament ago
12th Night: Animus? ago
13th Night: Advance Techniques. ago
14th Night: Quarter Finals ago
15th Night: VS Black Bull ago
16th Night: To The Semifinals! ago
17th Night: Intense Battle! Rory Vs Roc ago
18th Night: Force Your Way To The Finals ago
19th Night: Regal Powers ago
20th Night: Finals ago
21st Night: The King Of Marigold ago
22nd Night: The Three Princes ago
23rd Night: The Princes Separate Advances ago
24th Night: The Three Factions ago
25th Night: The Princes Make Their Move ago
26th Night: The Third Prince-Christi ago
27th Night: The Boomslang’s Leader ago
27th Night: Rory’s Intentions ago
28th Night: Joining The Second Prince ago
29th Night: The Sacred Church Makes Its Move ago
30th Night: Terrifying Darkness ago
31st Night: Relations ago
32nd Night: Master? ago
33rd Night: The Scorpion Queen ago
34th Night: Facing One’s Self ago
35th Night: Scorpion Queen & Devil King ago
36th Night: Queen Of Marigold- Rory & Serket ago
37th Night: Origins ago
38th Night: The Tigress & The Dragoness ago
39th Night: The Tigress Vs The Dragoness ago
40th Night: The Approaching Massacre ago
41st Night: Chaotic Dinner ago
42nd Night: Gears In Motion ago
43rd Night: Crusade ago
44th Night: City On Fire ago
45th Night: Wartime ago
46th Night: Christi & Reina ago
47th Night: The King & His Guard ago
48th Night: Mother-Son Combo! ago
49th Night: The Church’s Counterattack! ago
50th Night: Richard’s Bet ago
51st Night: The Battle Begins! ago
52nd Night: Sacrifice & Rage ago
53rd Night: Puppet’s Pride ago
54th Night: Sacrament ago
55th Night: Desperate Escape ago
56th Night: Commencing The Final Round ago
57th Night: Lodon & Megal Unleashed! ago
58th Night: Dumah’s Overwhelming Power ago
59th Night: Insatiable Rage ago
60th Night: Rory’s True Power ago
61st Night: Crusade’s End ago
62nd Night: Reaction & Departure ago
63rd Night: New Life ago
64th Night: Continents Of The World ago
65th Night: Kashmir Continent ago
66th Night: Paradise For The Wild ago
67th Night: Cugine City ago
68th Night: Land Of The Beasts ago
69th Night: Settling ago
70th Night: The World Powers ago
71st Night: Living Like A God ago
72nd Night: I’m Perfect, Right? ago
73rd Night: Drunk Encounter ago
74th Night: Pearl St. Claire ago
75th Night: The Meeting ago
76th Night: The Men In Suits ago
77th Night: Main Characters ago
78th Night: Benito & Cesare ago
79th Night: Amelia & Reina ago
80th Night: Girls’ Night Out ago
81st Night: Griselda ago
82nd Night: Tony Gambino ago
83rd Night: Pearl & Rory ago
84th Night: Meeting Again ago
85th Night: White Tiger ago
86th Night: Cugine City Origins ago
87th Night: Lucas Emilio ago
88th Night: Decision ago
89th Night: Game On! ago
90th Night: Chaos ago
91st Night: Third Great Mafia War? ago
92nd Night: Fading Figure ago
93rd Night: Origin Of Hatred ago
94th Night: Return Of The Dons ago
95th Night: Tony & Griselda ago
96th Night: All Out War! ago
96th Night: The End Of An Era ago
97th Night: The Dead Rises ago
98th Night: Vs The Three Dons ago

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I was an adamant reader of mythical conquest and now young adversary. You always mentioned how proud you were of pandemonium in those stories but I never actually read it. Well I just started reading it today and I just couldn’t put it down afterwards.

Both YA and MC have big and expansive worlds but I feel that you put much more Time and effort into this one.

Congratulations now both you’re stories have pierced my heart. They are both amazing.

P.s. Though the first dozen chapters could undertake a few grammar checks to actually keep more people’s motivation, there are a lot of grammar nazis out there.

  • Overall Score

Great work with a fantastic antihero protagonist

I have not written many review so can't garantee it would be a good one but this story not having a review is an injustice to it. 

This novel is seriously great with an antihero male lead that is powerful from the start but not op. He is strong but his enemy are stronger. I just love his personality. Other than that the plot is also good and also foreshadows future event.

Those of you who have read authors previous work 'Mythical Conquest' can guess MC personality. Also I feel this work is more organised and logical than the previous one and much better.

At the end I want to say that for those who like antihero MC must give it a try


  • Overall Score

The dialogue is incredibly simplistic seemingly coming straight from the mind of the author without revision or editing.

 The very first sentences of the book involve the author dumping information on the reader in the most boring possible way. 

Here's an example

Spoiler: Spoiler