I’ve been in this coma for about three weeks and I will never adjust to this catheter. It’s the only thing I can feel other than this persistent itch on my nose.”, I thought to myself during my deep slumber.

It was early morning, according to the nurses as they readjusted me. My first visitor was my younger sister, Myriam. Unfortunately, she did not listen to any of the nurses and continued to wear far too much perfume for her visits.

She sat down across from me, “Everyone misses you, Richie. We are all praying that you wake up. Those nurses keep pestering me though… I couldn’t show my face around here if I didn’t look or smell my best!”

I love it that you guys have been praying and peach was a good choice, but the aroma is overwhelming me with a migraine. Have mercy and open a window!”

“I just came to check up on you as always.”

You’ve only checked on me twice since i’ve been here… Everyone else has been coming in daily!”

“We think the police might be able to find out who put you in the coma. Our cousin, Eric revealed that he got some threats when he had to do jury duty. They’re going to move you somewhere more secure since you might be able to identify the culprit.”

It took you guys a few weeks to find out! I assumed you guys already knew and kept me hidden from those guys! Call everyone in the family!” My migraine enlarged by the addition of the death threat and my heart raced.

She placed her hand on mine as the rhythm of my heart monitor increased, “There’s nothing to worry about. Eric is coming over to take care of you until everything is sorted out. He says you are used to him ‘bonding’ with him.”

That’s reassuring.”

“In fact, he already texted me he is outside,” She kissed me on the forehead, “Have a great day.”

Four minutes after she left, I heard Eric’s loud footsteps from outside of the door. He was probably wearing his large boots again. “Why can’t my guests visit me properly?” I mused.

My cousin sat down on the chair beside me, “I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell anyone, Ricky.”

Well, at least you’re here to watch over me. You’re on time as always too. ”

Eric sat there and waited until we heard one final knock at the door. “Good morning, sir. I am Doctor Baskins..” a very familiar voice replayed itself in my head.

The same mafioso that had put in me in this coma had stood before both of us. I wanted to holler, yell, scream and shout so Eric could know that this man was not who I said he was. I had only one option: my heart rate. I had to raise it so he could get a clue. I played out all the scenarios of this hitman getting the best of us. Negative thoughts and beeps was my only way of survival. I wasn’t sure if Eric got my message or if the ‘good doctor’ had caught wind of my plan.

Based on what I heard, they wrestled all over the room knocked over my lamplight, the chairs and one of them was being pressured against my bed. All of the hairs on my body stood up as the room became silent. Then I heard both of them breathing heavily, but one of them had started moving. Never in my life had I been thankful that someone wear obnoxiously loud boots. It was at that same moment, that I miraculously woke up and wanted to hug my cousin. That was until I had returned to being unthankful, as I slipped on both the wet floor and my catheter. After all of the crying and laughter, a nurse kissed my nose. So all in all, it wasn’t so bad.



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