Cross world crisis

by I wish to die

Original HIATUS Comedy Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon Female Lead GameLit Gender Bender Harem High Fantasy LitRPG Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reader interactive Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy Supernatural Urban Fantasy Villainous Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Disclaimer, this book is meant for adults, as it contains strong themes, and sexual content. Please only read if you're eighteen or above.

In addition all characters depicted are eighteen or above, unless said otherwise

A tale starring a unlikely hero named Vagen, a protaginist who seems to lack many qualities. And my possibly be the weakest character in the entire story. Watch him get dragged by the plot, until he learns that he must stop being a neet, and actually go outside. But little does he know, shenanigins are about to happen that may or may not end with him in the hospital. Also a thicc goblin joins him, who's totally not a tsundere.

May or may not contain

Weird fetishes.

Graphic content.


Questionably gendered midgets.



A toaster

Scenes that make negative sense

Did I mention memes? My god is there alot.

and scenes that may be messed up.

I try to post chapters at a steady pace, usuall about every once or twice a month.

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I wish to die

I wish to die

The self proclaimed master writer, may or may not have been drunk while writing everything.

2nd Anniversary
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Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
New story ago
Popularity poll to detemine best girl ago
Discord and Devianart ago
Character bios. ago
Chapter 1- What just happened (Start here) ago
Chapter 2- What just happened part 2 (moist version) ago
Chapter 3- What just happened part 3 (Now moist) ago
Chapter 4- What just happened part 4 (Now a lot more moist) ago
Chapter 5- What just happened epilogue (M O I S T U R E) ago
Chapter 5.8 : A demon's affection prologue (part 1 one of 2) ago
Chapter 5.9: A demon's affection prologue (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 6- A demon's affection (M o I s T ) ago
Chapter 7- A demons affection part 2 ( M O I S T U R E) ago
Chapter 8- A demons affection part 3 M O I S T ago
Chapter 9- A demon's affection part 4 (Slightly more damp) ago
Chapter 9.5: A demon's affection part 4.5 ago
Chapter 9.75: A demon's affection part 4.75 ago
Chapter 10- A demon's affection part 5 M o I s T ago
Chapter 10.5: a demon's affection part 5.5 ago
Chapter 11- A demon's affection part 6 M o i s t u r e ago
Chapter 11.5 : A Demon's affection 6.5 ago
Chapter 12: A demon's affection part 7 Moisture Version ago
Chapter 13: A demon's affection epilogue now moist ago
Xmas special part 1 ago
xmas special part 2 ago
Xmas special part 3 ago
Xmas special part 4 ago
Xmas special part 5 ago
Xmas special part 6 ago
Xmas special epilgoue ago
Chapter 14: Blood succers galore part 1 ago
Chapter 15: Blood succers galore part 2 M o i s t u r e ago
Chapter 15.5: Blood succer's galore part 2.5 ago
Chapter 15.75: Blood succer's galore part 2.75 ago
Chapter 16: Blood succer's galore part 3 ago
Chapter 17- Blood succers galore part 4 (now more moisturized) ago
Chapter 18: Blood succers galore part 5 (now slightly soggy) ago
Chapter 18.5: Blood succers galore part 5.5 ago
Chapter 19- Blood succers galore part 6 ago
Chapter 20- Blood succers galore part 7 ago
Chapter 20.5: Blood succers galore part 7.5 ago
Chapter 21- Blood succers galore part 8 ago
Chapter 21.5: Blood succer's galore 8.5 ago
Chapter 21.75: Blood succer's galore epilogue ago
Blood succer's galore, Extra ago
Chapter 22- A demon's love part 1 Now slightly soggy ago
Chapter 22.5: A demon's love part 1.5 ago
Chapter 23: A demon's love part 2, now drenched in water ago
Chapter 24- A demon's love part 3 + new funky mode and moisture mode ago
Chapter 25- A demon's love part 4 now also moist ago
Chapter 25.5: A demon's love part 4.5 ago
Chapter 26- A demon's love part 5 Now 40% more stupid and moist ago
April fools chapter, don't read unless you want to be disturbed ago
Chapter 27- A demon's love part 6 now mosit for real ago
Chapter 27.33- A demon's love part 6.33 ago
Chapter 27.66 a demon's love part 6.65 ago
Chapter 28- A demon's love part 7 MAXIMUM MOISTURE ago
Chapter 29: A demon's love part 8 Feature Donte from the el donte may cry series ago
Chapter 30: A demon's love part 9 ago
Chapter 31: A demon's love part 10 Mostureized version ago
Chapter 32: A demon's love part 11 (Don't tell the cops I sent this) ago
Chapter 33: A demon's love part 12 ago
Chaptet 34: A demwuns wuv pwat 13: may cwontwain fwawies ago
Chapter 35: A demon's love part 15-1, feauturing a cameo from Belts Man the Anime ago
Chapter 36: A demon's love part 15, AAAAA ago
Chapter 37: a demon's love part 16 #ShrekForSmashUltimate ago
Prologue(Every chapter from this one forward is the old version.) ago
Chapter 1 (Ancient) ago
Chapter 2 ago
Chapter 3 ago
Chapter 4 ago
Chapter 5 ago
Chapter 6 ago
Chapter 7 ago
Chapter 8 ago
Chapter 9 ago
Chapter 10 ago
Chapter 11 ago
Chapter 12 ago
Chapter 13 ago
Chapter 14 ago
Chapter 15 ago
Chapter 16 ago
Chapter 17 ago
Chapter 18 ago
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Chapter 20 ago
Chapter 21 ago

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Self Righteous
  • Overall Score

I'm that one Ryze you played with in League on your Plat 3 account as Teemo supp. After you gave me the name of this story in Champ Select, I decided to give it a read. I managed to slug through the first six chapters before I evaluated that it wasn't for me, and it was also exactly what I expected as a LN reader.
I can't say much about the concept since the gimmick of the Isekai genre is its execution and not its originality. I could say something about the tastefulness, but I've seen the Japanese get away with much worse.

So let's look at what we've got:

You've got a very clear idea of what message you want to send in your writing. What you're trying to send in your words is very clear, but your method of injecting the aforementioned message can be oddly placed and feel unnatural at times. Like when multiple characters basically say the same message despite having their differing personalities clearly established. The dialogue is very entertaining at certain points, but the a lot of it feels like substanceless filler meant to take up lines. This is concerning considering the vast majority of the story is dialogue. Which brings me to my next point. The ratio of details regarding surroundings and character dialogue is heavily unbalanced. So much so that my small brain can't really keep up with their progression physically. Stories consisting of purely dialogue can work, but only when the characters are in a static position. However, the setting switches so often in this story that it's easy to get confused in the sea of dialogue. Not much can be said about the characters, they have their roles. Yet when I look at any character other than Pathetic MC Man(tm) I can't help but see a walking, talking plot device with sizable features. 

Minor complaints consist of Zatilla's occasional vulgar word choice inconsistency, typoes, Zatilla's quick adjustment to another world, amount of lines spent on describing character's clothing and thickness, lewd levels (personal preference), lack of exploding dolphins, and dialogue containing hypotheticals on a shadow with an eight pack and a horse cock.

Overall, we'll give it a 3/5. Although Cross world crisis isn't a masterpiece, it's something. As far as amateur writing goes, I've seen far worse in my times. After all that criticism, the best advice I can offer you is as following. Please, take your story seriously. The frequent injokes and memes are something I see a lot in writers that don't fully consider their work "real" subconsiously, and I think that limits your ability to imagine the world if it's constantly filled with shitposting. Spend more time on the small details, the more words spared on small gestures in characters or features in the surroundings the better the reader can immerse themself in your world. No one except you has the ability to see the world you imagine, so be thorough with what you want to portray. Any dialogue should have a meaning, whether it be for the sake of a joke or furthering the plot. It might also be good to voice Pathetic MC's thoughts on the dialogue. His typical reponses are realistic considering his status as a filthy NEET beta male, but they lack impact mental dialogue can make it easier for a reader to understand his mentality and perhaps sympathize. 

Despite all I've said, I'm still impressed in what you've done. A commitment as large as writing your own story is hard to make. So you can still be proud of what you've done. Thank you in advance for reading my first review. Even though I dropped it on Chapter 6, I still feel that you can make something great with what you have. What you're trying to convey with this story is great and has inspired me to finally force my hand at my own writing. That's already one  you've influenced.

Good luck, 

Keep on chugging.


Is that a reference
  • Overall Score

While I have not witnessed  any exploding dolphin 

I have however witnessed a interesting concept

Good luck 

Please don't drop this

  • Overall Score

An interesting adventure..........

Reviewed at: Xmas special part 6

A funny story with unexpected amount of plot and no lack of troupes and cliches and whatever else you wanted in a Fiction, with no less content that remeber you of nuts.

please continue. Never give up

Nico Castro
  • Overall Score

Love the fiction and raunchy sex scenes, all the characters are lovable and goofy but still relatable 

hope to see more chapters soon