Cultivator In The Magus World

Cultivator In The Magus World

by Bcrane

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Jason Wu was brought to another world full of blood , steel and magic from earth. A world where everyone can use magic in one way or another. Summoned to this world our hero will have to set out and find his way. The only problem is he can't use magic!!! Maybe his martial arts loving crazy grandfather's techniques will help him though... probably not. most of what his grandfather taught him was mumbo jumbo fantasy bullcrap that never worked anyways... or was it?

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only 9 chapters so far... story feels pretty slow, find myself skipping sections just because it is cringey or Suuuper Cliche. The massive number of typos do not help.

Feel like the Story would have been better with just the MC, not with 6 people together... You have your sexy mature/intelligent woman, who of course is into our MC. Our MC who was seemingly raised to be OP but while on earth he could never use those lessons.

You have the nerd who thinks ahead but is really a nice guy. The ditzy bimbo with a heart of gold. The token black man that seems wise and helpful who is the first to die.  

Then, of course, you have the Jock. The muscle brain coward who intimidates mocks, threatens, and challenges everyone. Who happens to, big surprise here, get everyone caught. Only for he himself to join up with bandits/slavers who capture them. Now he has the power and the "freedom" to use it. So he of course tortures and mocks everyone. 


I mean. The story would be better if the MC was transported alone. Then you have this forced cliffhanger where the MC has the ability to get stronger and the knowledge of how to use that strength. BUT. He cannot get strong enough in time to use it to save them..... Ugh..... it just feels so forced. I literally found myself skipping almost entire chapters because I KNEW what the characters would say and do. They were that predictable. Then at chapter 9, I find myself really unsure about this story... almost 10 chapters in now, I like the premise but the story is just cannot hold even a sliver of my attention anymore.

So I write this review. For those who may or may not want to read it now.

Mostly I write it to serve the purpose a review should. As a highlight for the author to identify areas of the story that need revision. So Author... please, take these criticisms in, do not get angry. Instead, correct the story. If you doubt whether these issues need fixing. Check to see how many agree with me. Maybe this is just me.... if not, then please do a rewrite... or just something to overhaul it as it is.