A soul of a man floats through endless darkness, awaiting its next reincarnation. The man remember nothing and knows little, but when his chance to reincarnate comes he will learn he has an abnormal amount of positive karma. Positive karma he can use to gain plenty of advantages in his next life. In fear of being powerless or becoming a pawn he makes full use of it, becoming someone who would surely leave a mark on the world he heads to. His destination? A world of ninja, shinobi. The world of Naruto.

I do no own Naruto nor anything else from the source material. This is only a fanfiction.

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I have a read a ton of OC/Self Inserts for Naruto and this is pretty generic. 

Main difference is our MC goes through reincranation/karma spending screen at the start and has a stupid amount of points. Takes away a bit of the fun reading it when we know no matter what the MC does is going to be godlike

Overall I'm disappointed. This is a standard OP-fest with no new interesting powers or way of fighting. Our MC has the super special eyes at the start and wood-release which is what 80% of people choose for these sorts of fics. 

It is well written, but not unique in any manner and copies the cannon story line to guide the story making it too easily predicable. 

So overall I would say this is a very average naruto fic. I have read too many fics just like this one to catch my eye. 


This fanFic is pretty good, it's not a cringe fest like a lot of these stories can be. The main character is nicely intergrated into "Naruto the show"'s pre-existing elements, and the story flows naturally. Plus, the grammar is good, which is always nice to see.


Time Line S instead of Time Line N


I see. It is a good fan fic. So far it's got very very minimal typo's. The plot so far seems to follow the original Naruto Time line, I will call that Line N, for Naruto. 




Now...after chapter 14...I hope to start to see divergence in the Temporal time line since our MC is now mucking around like a gigantic butterfly of chaos. lol. 


That's what I want from these fanfics that insert MC into the normal timeline. 

Btw, since this character is called Shinkumaru I will call this reality Line S. 


Like I commented to the author. Give me some love! Give me interesting what ifs, and divergence...who lives and who dies....since our MC is now playing around this new time line. 

No spoilers...but to the hardcore fans...you know who(s) I'm talking about...


Biggest divergence: Hinata and Naruto getting together MUCH MUCH earlier than the original timeline. Seriously...600 + episodes before they get it on? ye gods! 




Please don't drop it.....  8/10


That's all I can really say, it's okay. For being a fan of fan fic's, this story is okay. The MC is a little flat and the story doesn't pull me in much at all. The writing itself is okay, but needs work. The same could be said for the grammar. The story is just okay, nothing special or great.


This is a bit hard to explain but ill try. The MC is a little dry. I would have appreciated a bit more spice and sauce to go with his character but he seems fully intent on sitting by the sidelines. Mc is a bit too unaware for my liking considering all the knowledge he had prior to his reincarnation. Many developments happen without the mc's notice, with him off doing one thing or another.

His personality (in my humble opinion) also feels off. It seems like the author is trying to portray the MC as fun/chiper and all that good stuff, but with his backstory, clan life and everything else that has happened to him it just feels off.  (But thats just what i think)

Also, the MC was way too op right away, dont get me wrong i like my MC's op as hell but the way it came to be was a bit lackluster.  

I was really excited at the beginning since it seemed like the mc had a whole life ahead of him but the years that was skipped left a lot blank. Makes me wonder if he just secluded himself for all that time since he barely seemed as affected at what happened to the clan. 

Its a bit disappointing that the mc decided to distance himself from the main cast. And even when he did interact with them their interactions were very curt and dry.

Not just that but even his interactions with his own team feels very strange. There was barely any character development to bond them together

(Even if they were meant to be disposable)

and its almost like they just all of a sudden like him, at least a bit of development showing them strengthen their bond would have been appreciated.

I dunno, maybe im just picky. Im not a pro critic so take this review with a grain of salt, i just think that the story needs a bit more colour.


I enjoyed it thoroughly, I hope you continue the story at some point is great.


I have read a lot and I mean A LOT of Naruto fanfics. In my opinion this is pretty good. I hope that you will complete this!!


Love this naruto story great OC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This story is progressing nicely,  and I love every chapter of it.