My First Party Member is a Slime

My First Party Member is a Slime

by FullxTilt

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Enter a dungeon, find a suitably rare treasure and exchange it for your freedom. Until then, you won’t be protected by human laws. You may as well be another monster wandering the dungeon.

A young man is thrown into a dungeon with one goal—return to the surface! He quickly learns that other raiders can’t be trusted. But if he can’t party up with humans, then what about a monster?


Updates twice a week - Monday & Friday.

That's the minimum, sometimes there will be extra chapters.

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Tilted Penguin

Word Count (11)
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Table of Contents
39 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - You've Seen Me at My Lowest ago
Chapter 2 - You Want What I Want ago
Chapter 3 - You Can Trust Me ago
Chapter 4 - You Will Fight Me ago
Chapter 5 - You'll Be Safe ago
Chapter 6 - You're Going Further ago
Chapter 7 - You Aren't Lucky ago
Chapter 8 - You're an Odd One ago
Chapter 9 - You Deceived Me ago
Chapter 10 - You Are Wrong ago
Chapter 11 - You Returned the Favor ago
Chapter 12 - You Belong to Me ago
Chapter 13 - You're Being Hunted ago
Chapter 14 - You Remembered Your Purpose ago
Chapter 15 - You Monster! ago
Chapter 16 - You're Dangerous ago
Chapter 17 - You Joined the Party ago
Chapter 18 - You Kidnapped Me ago
Chapter 19 - You're the Phantom ago
Chapter 20 - You Cleaned Up ago
Extra 1 - Theo, Nico & Vivian's Equipment ago
Chapter 21 - You're Stronger Than You Think ago
Chapter 22 - You Caught Up ago
Chapter 23 - You're in the Jungle ago
Chapter 24 - You Went Slime Hunting ago
Chapter 25 - You Made a Deal ago
Chapter 26 - You've Changed ago
Chapter 27 - You're Obsessed ago
Chapter 28 - You Aren't Fair ago
Chapter 29 - You Lied to Yourself ago
Chapter 30 - You Will Die! ago
Chapter 31 - You Have Regrets ago
Chapter 32 - You Cleared the Rain ago
Extra 2 - Third Layer Equipment ago
Chapter 33 - Your Value is Incalculable ago
Chapter 34 - You Are a Survivor ago
Chapter 35 - You Are Qualified ago
Chapter 36 - You Can't Plan for the Worst ago
Chapter 37 Delayed ago

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Getting Interesting

I'm usually not one for reviews, but so far this story is interesting. In the first 6 chapters you can easily see each character's motivations, and while there have only been a few characters I can still remember all of them. The plot, while simple enough, is only getting started, and I have high expectations for the rest of it. I'm looking forward to this, and I know there are a bunch of people who don't read a story until there's at least one review, so I'll be that first reviewer.


No, seriously. I don't usually write reviews, especially not when an author is explicitly asking for it, but this one is something else. This is one of those.

The characters all act naturally and consistently (!), and the non-human party member is portrayed very well; I especially like the gradual learning process that is very noticeable.

The world is described and showed on a need to know basis with interludes strewn about to reinforce the world and characters, but it never feels forced or rushed. (In case you need me to spell it out for you, that translates into "No infodumps".)

I've literally not spotted a single grammatical error or typo in the 150 pages that I've read until now. For RRL, that's pretty amazing. And not only the grammar, the style and flow of the story also put it very clearly ahead of many, many other fictions on here.


It just…feel…correct.

Reviewed at: Chapter 37 Delayed

50 characters needed to post a review and all I wanted to say was "Good, very good"

It got its hooks and tentacles in me right from the start and I really hope you wouldn't leave it unfinished.

I have little doubt it will be among the top fictions here sooner or later.

edit: Unfortunately, hiatus


Stupid decisions are justified by the value of human life (Even the slime agrees that human life is vastly more valuable than that of monsters). The resulting problems to the party are resolved through a band-aid called plot armor.