Aspect of the Beast

Aspect of the Beast

by J Reyten

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

This story is being rewritten! The new version, A Price in Memory, can be found here

 I highly suggest you read the new version as this one won't be completed. Also, there has been a lot of changes so you won't be able to continue with the other where this one left off.

A soldier dies on a battlefield, his body broken but his mind at peace. He died for the only thing he truly cared about, his family.

In a different world a talented mage completes his life’s work, an entire rebuilding of one of the greatest ancient spells, resurrection. Bypassing the stringent requirements, he attempts to make this great magic accessible to the masses, and by doing so earn his place in history.

But lost to the passage of time is the reason for these requirements. Not to unnecessarily complicate this great magic, but to ensure the transfer of only mortal souls.

For there are things that dwell in the realm of the dead that should never be allowed to cross over.

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J Reyten

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Solid Worldbuilding With A Captivating Character

This story does a lot of things well and a lot of things right all while putting out the kind of work that feels effortless which is a feeling that requires a great deal of effort to actually achieve! I need to throw a curse word out to show how serious I am about what I'm about to say: right from the prologue this writer shows he isn't fucking around. And from that well executed beginning the writer gives us a story with a main character we care about as they discover a harsh world I'm eager to watch them explore. It was a real pleasure reading this and I'm eagerly waiting for more. 


Sword and Socery. But more Sword. And Beasts

This is story about a guy who died but got pulled back into a new world, and a new body. It is a story that we have all heard before, but it is a story told well. The world is captivating and dangerous, with even the most docile beasts capable of killing. If you like a story of survival against the odds, if you like great action and adventure, and if you like beautiful rich worlds, then this is a story for you.


In most reincarnation stories the memories of a bodies previous host are glanced through “assimilated” and ignored. Unlike most reincarnation stories this one makes use of the memories as an important character development tool in a way that increases the depth of the character and show a kind of slow merging between the memories and personalities that draws you in in and lets you know the character better


A light in the Darkness

Hey, what's up

Someone reincarnates/summoned to another world and has to brave the dangers of monsters, men and his own duality to survive. I really lived this story, the Author weaves his tale in a way that forces your mind to see it vivdly. to my knowledge there was no plotholes, inconcistincies or info dumps. the plot has so much potential to go different ways keeping it mysterious but not vague with enough foreshadowing and clues to make you stand on your toes for more. In addition long chapters of 4k words or more, that leaves you with more than enough to chew on.

What facinates me more are the characters. simply amazing, you make unique and memorable characters in just few lines, I remember that old mercenary thinking about bitter memories, he was just a fleeting character not to be encountered again, but I remember him. I know the hunter with dady problems, the leader lost in the past, the awkward but caring scout and even the thieving innkeeper.

Worldbuilding isn't overly discriptive but informative. Creatures, some are unique some aren't but with a dash of spice.

I read this in stride, never stopped for not understanding something or found a bad sentence, pov changes so smoothly I haven't noticed until someone pointed it out. it was so effortless and easy on the eyes and mind. leaving you wanting more and more.

This hits all my buttons, long chapters, good plot, good characters what is more to ask for except for updates, I checked for new chaps more than I wish to say today...

You'll regret it If you don't even read the prologue that's where you get hooked.

In times like these I feel privileged that I can read such works with losing only time, It's a luxury, really.

Thank you for puting this up, I hope you'll continue writing this till the end.


Just read it. you will like it

First couple of chapters might seem like an old repete, but then you get drawn in and blown away =) Great world, Great characters. It has its own atmosphere and a smooth way of delivering it. highly enjoyable reading.

More please, like 300 chapters if you would.


Since I started the first chapter I was instantly intrigued by the story it kept pulling me in I love where it's heading the grammar is very good and neet I can't wait to see where this story leads.


A brilliant world from a worthy perspective

Short first review and personal opinion. Chapter as of review:12.


This is novel is a wonderful original piece with hints of The Witcher(a dark monster world kinda vibe, with a living world full of prejudice and an oblivious or ignorant ‘common’ people just trying to live).  

-There are a lot of things done well, but a major reason I adore it so far is it gives you character progression with nice pacing and solid foreshadowing.   -Avoids info dumps that aren’t used as opportunities to also inform a character on a situation and build micro ticks for the characters and their relationships. -Does not overdo or overuse perspective changes(they tend to be for showing that these experienced hunters have long and storied lives that brought them to where they stand). The characters are not just filler for the MC. 


Interesting if a little flawed Grimdark

The story is okay,the atmosphere is quite heavy and captivating, and charactersation is also excellent.Except for some minor hiccups and editing issues it is quite enjoyable.It is quite early to give more detailed review