Kano's Necromantic Comedy

by LWEndless

Original HIATUS Action Drama Sci-fi Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Grimdark Magic Non-Human lead Post Apocalyptic Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Humanity has died out, leaving only a slew of failed biological creations behind. Designed to replace their masters, these broken creatures make up the last remnants of civilization. Kano, a fractured soul that bore witness as humanity’s last hope was snuffed out, lives out her days in the barren world.

Jaded beyond belief, she’s become a shell of her former self in the new world full of senseless slaughter and absurd horrors. Caught up in the plans of necromancers, mad biological craftsmen that possess miraculous technology, she stumbles upon helpless beings which force her to confront who she once was and how far she has fallen.

Cover by CristianAC.

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Pure enjoyment at the end of the world

This review has a lot of unnecessary words, because all that truly needs to be said is this -- stop wasting your time reading this review when there is a fantastic work of fiction sitting right in front of you that you could be reading instead.

Overall: Kano's Necromantic Comedy is a truly unique and utterly sublime creation. It revels in crashing the ridiculous into the ordinary, giving a sensation of living the post-apocalypse through the casual eyes of those who are a product of the delightfully fucked-up world.

The whole work has this tone of aggressive apathy, of a future which has given up on itself but those living in it are still scrapping to get by. Everything feels at once dirty but functional, repurposed but essential, fundamentally broken but still living a daily existence. It's not something you see out of post-apocalypse scenarios often, and here, executed so well, makes the work feel so real and lived-in as a result.

Characters: We are immediately introduced to Kano, and my goodness is she delicious. Cocky, utterly amoral, and the best kind of wish fulfillment, she gives an immediate impression of being a badly broken person with none of the moping baggage that typically accompanies such a character. In just the first few chapters, she goes through wanton destruction, teammate abuse, murder, drug use, mind-fucking, and human slavery without so much as batting an eye, yet remains relatable just because of how damn funny, proactive, and engaging she is.

Other characters are similarly interesting, messy, and nuanced, and it feels like nobody is exactly as shallow or exactly as deep as they appear to be. Kano's perspective is fascinating, because she cares so little for others, and hers is the perspective we ride, we know there's more to everyone she meets...but fuck you if you think Kano's going to make it easy for you to learn.

Instead of a negative, this really just serves to strengthen Kano's character while making other characters and their backgrounds tantalizing; dodging info-dumps and giving a strong in-universe rationale to hanging out with a bunch of people we honestly don't know that well that quickly. By the time a character is interesting enough to Kano for her to deign to learn about them, we're already well-invested in them enough to care.

Style: If I could give one category six stars, this would be it. The author has mastered the use of understatement and developing characters through their thoughts and actions to such a degree that several times while reading, I had to stop and process just how many things LWEndless was getting done with so few words.

The writing is tight, using descriptions sparingly but sufficiently to draw the scene, and everything is funny, whether contextually, humorously, or absurdistly.

Grammar: Not without flaw, but better than you're likely to find on RRL. Completely readable.

Story: So far, the story moves quickly and constantly remains interesting. Kano's decisive nature means that unlike many stories where a protagonist will drag their feet, Kano tends to run in first and worry about everything else second. It's refreshing, and feels like there's always something going on even when not much actually is. Small events become big events because of the world's dysfunctional insanity, but even so, nothing is ever drawn out or melodramatic.

Overall: Kano's is fantastic and the quality is something I'd expect out of a published work, not a random undiscovered story on RRL. Please do yourself a favor and read it for yourself and have the opportunity to get lost in this immensely crazy, utterly messed-up, and completely unique world.

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All right,

Having read all of Book 1, I'm really enjoying the story thus far. The thing that stands out most is the setting: 

For starters, the world has ended and pretty much all the humans are dead. And its not via typical Zombie apocaplypse, but rather through unintentional apocalypse via god damn techno-necromancers. How cool is that? Life is gone, but something that looks a lot like life continues. There are ghouls which are a lot like people, and the necromancers which basically rule society. And strange beings like Kano, who are neither human, ghoul, nor necromancer. The concept of society somehow functioning despite everything being undead is awesome and pretty well fleshed out. I very much like how soul-based technology is a thing, as the soul is a domain typically reserved for magic.

All in all, the story is fairly straightforward. But the whismical fantasy expertly meshed in is what makes this a great read. It always has you begging for just a little bit more detail, which is how I like my stories.

With respect to characters, I found most of the character concepts interesting. Kano stands out the most, with her unusual and unclear past. Just when you think you know her a little better, another layer appears. Just when you think she's just a nihilistic sociopath, emotions appear.

The original story, I would have given it a 4.5, but after going through beta reading and editing, the quality definitely shines through. The subtle changes midway through the story and the revamped ending have made Book 1 so much better.

If you want a whimsical dark fantasy with an MC that kicks ass, takes names, and would honestly chew bubblegum if she had anyway, this story is for you. Plus. TECHNO- NECROMANCERS!

  • Overall Score

Read 10 chapters but can't get my head around it. I fail to understand what the story is supposed to be about. Nothing makes sense to me.

  • Overall Score

Apocalypse Please

When you first begin reading Kano's Necromantic Comedy, it is a little overwhelming. By nature of the post-apocalyptic setting, the content is filled with senseless slaughter and depravity. However, all this darkness is offset by the brilliant writing style - it is morbidly humorous and is weirdly light. The protagonist, Kano, provides a refreshing take on a post-human world, lacking any traditional markings of humanity.

In summary, Kano's Necromantic Comedy is definitely worth a read.

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Feels a lot like dystopian biopunk and that one cyoa with bio-undead and synthetic souls.

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Suited for side, not for main caharacter

Think about the stereotypical racist old man.

Add a few gallon of narcissism and delusion of grandeur.

Sprinkle him with a little (or lot) of being a druggie.

Replace old & man with 20 something looking & and woman.

And instead of racist, she is 'soul-ist'.

There, you have the MC.

2 instead of half star since she hasn't raped anybody in the one and a half chapter I was able to stomach.