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Chapter 39: When a door closes a window opens



Riku's sword descended down at frightening speed and just as it was about to make contact and cleanly chop off Dro's head, a sudden thought flashed through his head, "I don't want to die!" Subconsciously using his only self-defence skill which in actuality he used as the thought formed in his head; not after. Because if he used the skill after the thought, he would have without a doubt died.

<Blood Puddle>

<-0, Dro>

Vampire onlookers widened their eyes in shock as they didn't see a head roll down the ground but instead saw a Progenitor turn into a puddle of blood. All of them gulped down their salivas and stared wide-eyed at the puddle of blood.

Turning into a puddle of blood, Dro wasted no time. He moved in a random direction as he had no time to think where to run to, he only needed a direction – any direction. Moving away from Riku, one word repeated itself in his head on a loop, "Run!"

Riku frowned not getting the result he wanted. "You dare to resist an execution?!" he shouted looking at blood puddle that was getting farther and farther away. He scoffed; extended his right hand and a spear of blood appeared in it, "Anyone that will be in the way of my spear once he returns back to his true form will die!"

Vampires hearing this paled; they all ran away from the moving blood puddle as fast as they possibly could and just before Dro turned back, there wasn't a single Vampire who was in 20 yards range of him.

Dro turned back from the blood puddle to his normal form; Riku smirked and threw the spear he held in his hand.


The spear flew through the air impaling Dro right through the heart.

<Blood Spear, Critical>

<-956,348, Dro>

<You have died>

Dro's eyes closed and then a short moment later his eyes opened again; a notification message followed.

<King Yama's>

Dro's eyes widened in shock, "What?! Didn't I die?! Why was I teleported here?!" He questioned the air in shock; then he saw what was before him. Before him, stood a huge desk at which sat a fat 10 meters hight giant with grey skin, wrinkled old face, two black horns, black long hair and a black beard.

<King Yama, Level ??????????>

The giant picked up a book which was placed at the edge of the table. Flipped it open and started flipping through the pages.

"What is happening here? What is this? Why am I here?" Dro thought confused.

King Yama stopped flipping through the pages and looked down, "Dro, a Vampire. In your life, you have accumulated 200 prestige points." The giant smiled and nodded, "Since you were a hero, who was known to the world you can be reincarnated and before you ask, I can't resurrect you. The story of Dro the Vampire has ended and a new one has to begin and it will begin from zero."

"What?!" Dro mumbled shocked.

"Didn't you hear me?" the giant sighed, "If I wasn't clear, I apologise. Let me start over—Dro, you are the hero with the most prestige points throughout all the lands and realms. Because of your achievements in life, you can be reincarnated as whatever race you want. Well, there is also an alternative option, you can reject my offer to reincarnate but if that would to happen I would destroy your soul, as sending you to one of the hell realms would be an insult to your great name. So what will it be, will you reincarnate or do you want me to extinguish your soul."

<Choice Quest Received>

<Option 1>




<Option 2>

<Don't Reincarnate>



<Quest Accepted>

"This is not even a choice," he thought and said, "I will reincarnate"

<Option 1 Chosen>

<Quest Completed>

King Yama nodded, "A wise choice by a wise hero. As you were the most prestigious hero, I will offer you three strongest and noble races, any other race besides these three would be an insult to you and I won't accept it."

"Before that can I ask something?"

"Certainly hero."

"Does everyone that die get a chance to be reincarnated?"

King Yama shook his head, "No, only heroes that collected prestige in their life can get reincarnated"

"So as long a 'hero' collected at least some prestige through each of their lives can continue being resurrected?"

"No—Each lifetime you have to overpass what you were before."

"What happens to those that can't get reincarnated?"

"They are sent to one of the hell realms to be tormented until end of time."

Dro frowned; then nodded, "I understand. I am ready now."

"I won't die again. I will save Fina from her imminent death. I will kill Riku for killing me and Erylis for ordering my execution!" he thought.

"Your first choice is a Dokalfar, the oldest and most noble race of elves. Your second choice is Lich although not noble but they are arguably the strongest race of all. Your third choice is Werepire, this race went extinct and is long forgotten by all. They are the Vampire ancestors. Which one will it be?"


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