The Strongest Skill: Getting rich while becoming stronger

by Kinu456

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Romance Harem LitRPG Male Lead School Life Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

The Edited version of the first two volumes will be posted on a separated release named The Strongest Skill [Edited]

[Congratulatins!! you have levelled up]

[Skill Replication has levelled up]

[Skill Replication allows you to replicate any one of the abilities of the opponent]

[Please choose the ability you want to replicate]

[1. Passive Regeneration]

[2. Stone Skin]   

At his death's door, Muto Kenshin, a low levelled Hunter with a crappy skill who was struggling for a living discovered a blue window floating over his head.

Realizing that his life has now become a game, he takes full advantage of it to become stronger and earn money.

Read how he rises up from being a poor waste to a truly rich and strong Hunter, all while wooing countless girls with his charms.  


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. What are these boxes? ago
2.Checking out the features ago
3. A call from little sister ago
4. The three Quests!! ago
5. Continuous level up!! ago
6. An Upgrade in Power!! ago
7. A Boss has appeared! ago
8. And the fight begins ago
9. The Struggle for victory ago
10. Shocked!! ago
11. Chapter 11 ago
12. First Encounter ago
13. Elevated Status ago
14. WILL ago
15. Understanding Will! ago
16. Joining the Government ago
17. Overpowered Title! ago
18. Zombie Lord! ago
19. Aizawa Maria ago
20. Aizawa Maria(2) ago
21. Aizawa Maria(3) ago
22. The Specter Guardian(1) ago
23. The Specter Guardian(2) ago
24. Specter Guardian(3) ago
25. The Specter Guardian(4) ago
26. The Hidden Floor(1) ago
27. The Hidden floor(2) ago
28. Overdoing it! ago
29. The Unbeatable Zombie Guardian ago
30. Trust and Friendship! ago
31. Fierce Struggle! ago
32. Dungeon Heart ago
33. The Boy Inside The Red Crystal ago
34. Thoughts of a woman! ago
35. Decision ago
36. Ellie ago
37. A happy family, the decision ago
38. Rage! ago
39. The Dungeon Break(1) ago
40. The Dungeon Break(2) ago
41. The Dungeon Break(3) ago
42. Roxe, The rogue Dungeon core ago
43. Unbeatable Enemy! ago
44. The Contract ago
45. Let’s start ‘Round 2’ ago
46. Round 2 ago
47. Killing Roxe(1) ago
48. Killing Roxe(2) ago
49. The Dungeon Break(5) ago
50. The Longest Night(1) ago
51. The Longest Night(2) ago
52. The Longest Night(3) ago
53. The Longest Night(4) ago
54. The morning after the Night ago
55. Where is Kenshin!? ago
56. Akari's Return ago
57. Reunion! ago
58. Two Pretenders! ago
59. Bonds! ago
60. Doi's Shock! ago
61. A Dark Gathering ago
62. Kenshin’s status! ago
63. A picnic at Dungeon!? ago
64~65 ago
66. Their first times!! (3) ago
67. The art of Killing Monsters ago
68. Time to Return! ago
69. Counting the Money! ago
70. The elegant witch!! ago
71. Challenging Level 3 dungeon again! ago
72. Washing away the shame! ago
73. The Bad luck of Three-Eyed Monkeys ago
74. Run!! The Fire’s Here!! ago
75. Realization! ago
76. The one who started it all; saves them all! ago
77. Destructive Energy Manipulation ago
78. The hidden cave path ago
79. It’s a snake, right? ago
80. Burning ago
81. The Lunatic Pyromancer!! ago
82. Slaps! ago
83. Their Past(1) ago
84. Their Past(2) ago
85. Their Past(3) ago
86~87 ago
88. Conspiracies! ago
89. Conspiracies(2) ago
90. To The North ago
91. Natasha ago
92. Destiny Calling? ago
93. Setting Out ago
94. Into The Zone ago
95. Power of WIL ago
96. -Killing With Just A Thought!- ago
97. -Forming an Intent!- ago
98. Searching for the settlement ago
99. Vera's Power ago
100. -Entering The Hidden Settlement!- ago
101. Third mission! ago
102. Fight! Fight! Fight! ago
103. Exploding Apes ago
104. The Frog at the Bottom of the well! ago
105. -Kenshin’s Plight!- ago
106. 20% ??? ago
107. Rampage ago
108. Vera's Side ago
109. Vera's Side(2) ago
110. That Purple Light ago
111. Death(1) ago
112. Death(2) ago
113. Being Alive Again! ago
114. Gone Mad ago
115. DemiGods ago
116. Improvements ago
117. Second Class Advancement ago
118. Beautiful Picture ago
119. Vera's Thoughts ago
120. Vera’s Surprise! ago
121. Kenshin's plan ago
122. Fully Unsealed(1) ago
123. Fully Unsealed(2) ago
124. Decision of higher ups ago
125. A new skill ago
126. Arrival of Elites ago
127. The Adams Couple and Lyda’s problem ago
128. Like a twitching monkey ago
129. Lyda wrecked! ago
130. Lyda Wrecked(1) ago
131. Lyda wrecked(2): An untimely intervention ago
132. Meeting Natasha Again ago
133. A Weird new Skill! ago
134. Copying without any shame ago
135. Unreasonable Woman! ago
136. Preparations ago
137. An Eccentric Duo ago
138. Fight of the powerhouses(1) ago
139. Fight of the powerhouses(2) ago
140. Breaking the second pentagram ago
141. Luck! ago
142. Ultimate Destruction ago
143. The Mastermind ago
144. The Golden Skull Organization ago
145. Tired to death ago
146. Chapter 146 ago
147. The Darkness that shrouded the Sky! ago

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review as of chapter 9

i stumbled upon this fiction with high expectations, seeing as it was number 1 on trending works. sadly it did not deliver, for me atleast.

i give it a low to average rating as the style seems quite „childish“ to me.

the grammar is an ok i suppose. it is readable, but one has to expect a mistake every few sentences with this fiction.

Additionally, there are also many concepts that werent thought through, in my opinion.

The money system.

The lvl system. Why does he have a luck stat and no int, wis or charm stat at the beginning.

His skills are inconsistent. Passive regeneration was supposed to regenerate 2 health every 10 sec, now in chapter 8 or 9 it says every 4 minutes. The skeleton boss‘s health is also inconsistent going from 1000 to 400 and back to 1000 on chapter 8 or 9. Metal hands skill gets called metal arms skill in chapter 9.

These are also not the only cases of such inconsistencies....

how come he has a status? His replica skill doesnt hint to it having such an extra feature... how come the hunters association has knowledge of lvls when nobody can see those? (Status beeing an abnormal thing to the mc)

Choice of terms (rpg-game). Shouldnt an rpg world not think of games that are similar to their reality as an rpg?

Nonetheless, i think its ok as a fiction for the author to train his/her writing skills.

If there are any question as to why i gave a certain raiting dont hesitate to pm me.

best of luck in your journey as an author.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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The author is clearly into this, and that's alright.  It's good to want to write, to create something.  But for a story on the trending page, I expected *way* more.  The grammar is a nightmare, the formatting is impossible to follow, and the constant stat screens shown for tiny changes are super annoying.  Not to mention, the system itself doesn't make any sense, and almost none of the mechanics of the world are explained in a meaningful way.  Why do they have cell phones and also dungeons?  Why is he already level four when he just got a system, which apparantly no one else has, even though everyone has a skill?  It's a total lack of worldbuilding, and really dragged me out of the story.

Keep writing, friend.  But do so with an eye to your own improvement.  I think you've got some cool ideas in you, but you need to refine them.

  • Overall Score

It doesn't need a proper review

This novel:

  1. Has chapters that are around 1000 words long each, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, if it wasn't that often a lot happens in one chapter and that everything is narrated with the descriptive skills of a five-year-old child who's writing in his diary: Dear diary, the world has changed! There are bad monsters now! But monsters are in Dungeons! Me is hunter! Me has sister! Me gets money! Me risks life! But me has a super-powerful skill now! Praise me!! Look at how cool me is!
  2. Yeah... the grammar's terrible, it gave me nightmares.
  3. A nearly-nonexistent story, which surprisingly wasn't born from an idiotic mind... not complitely at least, half of it was pretty much copied from other novels: hey look! There's a guy that's a young adult which just happens to be an orphan with a sister and so has to work hard to earn money! (The Legendary Moonlight Cculptor / Super Gene) Hey look! He is also an hunter who goes into ranked dungeons to fight monsters using a unique, overpowered, ability he awakened recently! (Skill Maker / Evolution Theory of the Hunter / A Monster Who levels Up). Hey look! He's been saved by a powerful person who also just happens to be a beautiful girl nearly his own age! (Do I really need to write anything here? I don't think it's necessary)
  4. The system he gets his powers from is the most normal and boring type, there are many novels that do a better job with complicated systems they have created and I think you're more likely to enjoy reading than this: on RLL: (The legend of Randidly Gosthound / The new world / Threadbare / Everybody Loves Large Chests) on NU: (Everyone Else is a Returnee / The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time / Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? /  I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated) and MANY more, if none of these are to your liking (which is unlikely to happen as I tried to put novels as different from each other as possible) then you can just ask on NU's or RRL's forums for help.
  5. There are few characters and those few that I have read about I wish they didn't exist, at all. I can't call them two-dimensional because manga characters which don't feel that real can still be entertaining in their own way, in this novel nobody has a fucking personality they're all just annoying, also while at the start the author barely describes them, when he actually tries to make them more... likeable...? Real...? Anyway the attempts are so forced and mediocre that it just makes things worse.
  6. This novel has nothing special, just by reading the title I could easily assume it is inspired by the average JP novel, and by reading it I confirmed my hypotesis.

This novel is severly lacking, it's not original, ineteresting or well-written, if I wanted to I could hit that advanced review button, but why should I do so? That half an hour I spent reading enough chapters to judge this novel was wasted, and the author doesn't seem inclined to edit even a single chapter or opting for a rewrite. Spending more time to write a longer review is pointless, I just decided to write something because I don't want people with high expectations trying to read this. For me this is one of those few novels that just make me want to say just don't read it, it's a waste of time.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Would not recommend unless fixed

There are a lot of grammar issues. A lot of the math that goes into the stats don't add up. There are a lot of inconsistencies throughout the story. There is also the problem of the author telling and not showing. Literally spoon feeds info slowly and deliberately, almost like the author is only doing it to fix plot holes retroactively. I wouldn't recommend reading this story unless it gets a lot of fixes

  • Overall Score

started off great, then devolved into mediocrity

it honestly started great, the concept was good, the potential for getting too op was capped with his skill not working on skills at a higher level, and the story was wellbuilt with him having to care for his sister...


then you threw it all away... it stated with the "vicious eyes" that were repeated twice, really obviously, in the same chapter, almost immediately following one another. 

then you threw away the plot to help the sister by making the teacher a scammer... strange plottwist, but not that bad.. except...

you used it as an excuse to advance the plot too quickly, suddenly giving him a title that was way too OP and giving him all day to go in a dungeon without worries. 

then, after the first boss, which was an "impossible event" you introdce not one, but two more bosses, together with a girl, whose entrance was so forced the chapter told me to call the cops for a rape! 

honestly, i think you were a bit too enthusiastic too play with the powers and stuff and forgot about the plot. 

i still give two stars, since the writing itself is good, and the style is nice.

Mighty Moushie
  • Overall Score

Just couldn't get into it

So I only made it through chapter three, and just couldn't get into it.  The grammar mistakes are just too frequent to really get into a groove, which is sad.  It seemed like it had a good premise to start.

  • Overall Score

How is this on the popular page

Common plot line, basically took things from novels/animes and threw it together.

Author doesn't know how to do simple math, nothing adds up.

The characters are only as intelligent as the author, and the MC is really, really stupid.

As of chapter 12 no character development.

I'm done.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Interesting concept, but couldn't make it past chapter 2.  Tenses shift, dialogue is sometimes missing quotation marks and often lacks the direct link to who is speaking.  Makes you have to guess what is going on in the conversation.  Some sentences are simply nonsensical.  


If you author got an editor to go through and smooth things out, it might be worth salvaging. If you get irritated by very poor grammar, this story will jerk you out of your immersion.


Also, you spend a lot of time telling us instead of showing us.  It makes the flow choppy and feels like some of the translated chinese lit where the difference between two things is like heaven and earth (Telling us) instead of taking the time to think through and explain how two things differ (showing us).


Good luck and hope you continue writing.  Seems like a lot of others are really enjoying it.

  • Overall Score

Even though it doesn’t have too many chapters but the story progresses to slowly and the world you’re trying to build seems really cliche like a lot of similar novels there doesn’t seem to be anything really unique about it.

  • Overall Score

Sorry. Alot of grammer errors. Ill try to be constructive. Gold not golds. Gold is the singular and plural form of the word. Lay or laid not lied. Exp or xp not exps. Also i noticed alot of unneeded repeating in the 1st few chapters. You explain thibgs once and then a paragraph later you restated it but in a different way. Lastly there are a few sentences that could be edited to be clearer. Otherwise i enjoy your book. 


Update. I stopped reading for awhile to allow chapters to build up. I have to say. This story is going down hill. The grammer is getting worse. By that i mean the sentences just dont flow. You read it and the. You reread it a couple of times and think to yourself how can i make this hash make sense.. sorry but im going to unfollow.