The King is Back

The King is Back

by TheSilentOne

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Life in the forest is all that the unnamed boy has known for all his life. After being abandoned by his parents years ago, his only salvation is the martial art and books that his father left him. One day, after encountering an unforeseen incident, the boy learns of his true lineage in a secret kingdom which is more technologically advanced than the rest of the world. 

Important Note: This is going to be an evolving story as I write. I am sure many of you will have plenty of criticisms for the earliest/earlier chapters and some of them are justified but I intend to continuously improve as I progress through the story. I hope you stick with me until then. 

Features: Technology Gap, Mechs in a Fantasy World, Conspiracies and Mysteries, Epic Adventures!

Note: Mechs will be featured but it is NOT the main thing about this story. There will be extended periods of time of a more grounded story rather than mech warfare. But worry not, there will also be times of full-on glorious mech battles so keep reading!

Cover art from an artwork done by Adam Burn. I do not own any of the copyrights of the image. You can find his artworks here:


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Table of Contents
38 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - A Lonely Life ago
Chapter 2 - A New Adventure ago
Chapter 3 - Arrival ago
Chapter 4 - The Truth ago
Chapter 5 - The Exiled General ago
Chapter 6 - Before The Journey ago
Chapter 7 - Onward To Estalia ago
Chapter 8 - Pesky Bandits ago
Chapter 9 - Big Trouble In Little Lebourne ago
Chapter 10 - The Raid ago
Chapter 11 - A New Legend ago
Chapter 12 - Family's Pride ago
Chapter 13 - The Mercenary Guild ago
Chapter 14 - A Looming Mystery ago
Chapter 15 - Encounter With Darkness ago
Chapter 16 - A New Incident ago
Chapter 17 - The Call of N'yoleh ago
Chapter 18 - I Am Braum ago
Chapter 19 - Awakening ago
Chapter 20 - An Unwanted Revelation ago
Chapter 21 - The Rescue ago
Chapter 22 - The Orphans ago
Chapter 23 - Neversummer-bound ago
Chapter 24 - The Bodyguards ago
Chapter 25 - Strike Team ago
Character Illustrations Part 1 ago
Chapter 26 - Art of Seduction ago
Chapter 27 - Approaching Enemies ago
Character Illustrations Part 2 ago
Chapter 28 - Campfire ago
Chapter 29 - Seaside Beauty ago
Chapter 30 - Torture ago
Chapter 31 - Doubts and Conviction ago
Chapter 32 - Secret Mission of Royal Proportions ago
Chapter 33 - a Day to Remember ago
Chapter 34 - First Contact ago
Chapter 35 - The King of Estalia ago
Hiatus and Second Project ago

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This story is too cool

This review is after 6th chapter. Many might disagree with the score due to the story being fast paced but I think its too early to judge and the author is also aware of it. I really like the idea of the story where there are mecha and magic plus MC's country being high-tech gives rise to many interesting scenarios. Maps and images of the weapons are very appreciated. To sum it up, I would really like this story to be featured in top-rated in future.


While the story is okay the style is not. The pace feels rushed and gives a feeling of let's get this done quickly. The characters aren't interesting, but the grammar is good. I'd recommend adding a few chapters between chapter 1 and 2 in which you build up Braun's character more and give more information about his parents amd the world. I'd also change his reaction to the girl. He goes along with her too easily.


Medieval Fantasy + Sci-Fi Future Goodness

I really love how this story has a fantasy world which blends a fantasy world with futuristic technologies like having mechs and some of the character's equipment like the mana gun, the exoskeleton armor, and my personal favorite the vibrosword. I also like how the author makes each character balanced so everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and no one is truly overpowered, which is a good thing. I feel that the pacing at the start of the story was a bit too fast but after around chapter 6-7 the author slowed down the pace and really makes the story very enjoyable to follow.

Overall I think this novel is a very entertaining read and it's great if you guys love a blend of medieval with futuristic technologies. I hope the author maintains this great pacing and I look forward to more.


This review is more to balance out others ridiculously positive ratings.  This story isn't perfect, hell there are no perfect stories on RRL.  As such this one has A LOT to improve upon.


I get the feel the author hasn't yet found his/her personal style as of yet.  Reading it is giving me the itch in the back of my mind that this will just be another bland weaboo story.  Where there are a few good ARCS then it just kind of goes on and on because there wasn't a planned or well thought out conclusion.


While... capable of being understood it's just that.  It reads like the author has an idea of what he/she wants to say, with an idea of how to say it, but because he/she did not grow up speaking english the story is written in a manner that no fluent native would actually speak in.

Hmm, the best way to think of it is when comparing differing dialects of another language together, although similar: many dialects have very very different sentence structures etc.


The story itself is actually quite interesting and could be very unique although the lack of style and the grammar issues make reading the story a struggle.


If you have seen one generic weabo main character you have seen them all.  Or that's my current feeling when it comes to this characters archtype.