The Godly Protector

The Godly Protector

by Tyroth Gideon

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The World of Aethion, is home to many wonders absent from the mundane world we live in. It is home to monsters and magic, but also so much more. Aethion, is a place of rich culture and beauty, both in its inhabitants and its scenery. Humans exist in Aethion, but they are not the only inhabitants. There exist the long lived and beautiful Elves, the industrious and trade minded Thangar, as well as other races of a more alien nature to us, such as the reclusive and enigmatic insectoid Nah’ni.

Despite the overwhelming beauty and exoticness, it is a harsh and dangerous place. Though the gods have Blessed the Races, some more than others, they are not selfless, in Aethion, the strong must struggle for their strength. This is not always the case, there are those who are Blessed by the Gods, these individuals are rare, but they are more talented and generally stronger than others, in certain ways. The other exception, are the Summoned, also called Heroes, they are brought into the world by the Gods, through the Races of Aethion.

The First Summoning was of a man from Earth, he was a Japanese born man, from the Warring States era. He was blessed by many Gods, and was astonishingly powerful in battle; he fought against the First Demon Lord. Demon Lords were the Titles given to Monsters that evolved to become near godlike in power. This Demon Lords name was Rahdon, well, that was the name he gave himself, he was an actual demon, but not all Demon Lords are Demons, there have been Ogre Demon Lords, and even Goblin Demon Lords.

After the man killed Rahdon, he founded a country, the Drakon Empire, the Land of Dragons. It took heavy influence from his experiences in Japan, and was a feudal nation. It has remained a great power over the years, and has helped the world as a whole. It is one of the reasons that when the Overflow came, the Countries, Nations, and Empires of Aethion performed a Summoning. That was nearly millennia ago, and a general peace has reigned between the countries.

In recent years, skirmishes have happened between several of the Countries, just as War was to begin, the Overflow struck once more. Though Dungeons and the monsters within are a potential source of strength for the people of Aethion, they are dangerous. The most dangerous aspect of them however, is the Overflow, a period of time, usually after a Demon Lord is killed, when monsters usually confined to Dungeons and Labyrinths burst forth.

Though there is once more a threat against the Races, they are still far from united. Many of the Countries have performed the Summoning to bring Heroes, both to fight the Overflow and as a defense against other countries. More than one Deity has created a Hero for their own goals, but not everything will go as planned.

This is a rewrite of a story I posted here before, that story was Fate of the Summoned.

Though this story will have harem and be a hero summoning story, I hope to not follow too many of the clichés, though a few might be present in some shape or form. That being said, appearances can be deceiving, so try not to take some of the characters at face value initially.

There will be no concrete Schedule, especially as i have no internet connection at my place of residence. 

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