Manifestations of faith: Return of the creators.

Manifestations of faith: Return of the creators.

by dantereinhardt

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

There are times we realize that faith is the most important thing. The gods only exist because of our faith.

But when those above Gods return, only then will we realize how important faith is, and how it can even cause the end of the world.

When a man that was used by the Gods and raised as a weapon realizes the truth about the actual situation of his world, he will embark on the road of revenge.

But while seeking revenge, he will discover the power to avoid the end...


This is a novel about gods, faith, family, wars, humanity, and trauma. And also about the puns that supreme beings make when they look at us.

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J Pal

Interesting but difficult to get into

The author puts together an interesting premise and story but falls short with his characters and style.

The narrator struggles to stick to a single tense, it shifts between past and present often. Accompanied by the Light Novel like style (lack of paragraphs) makes it difficult for me as a reader to immerse myself in the story.

The dialogue needs a lot of work so the characters can shine, they come across shallow at the moment. However, that's nothing a good editor and a rewrite can't fix. The narration has its comic moments which is a plus and helped me continue reading.

After saying all this, I'll also add that I am not the story's target audience. It seems very Japanese Light Novel inspired considering the language used and the way the author describes a lot of things (narrator fearing a nosebleed because of how attractive a woman is). The story could eventually grow to become a big hit with them if he wrote the content in a prose-like format, fixed the dialogue and grammatical issues because it looks like he has a pretty solid story/premise hence I gave him a good rating for that category.