Greg Veder vs The World

by zfighter18

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy LitRPG Male Lead Secret Identity Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The average person can easily understand that when it comes to living in a villain-infested, crime-filled city like Brockton Bay, treating life like a game can get you killed.

It's kind of ironic, then, that Greg Veder has always been far more serious about games than he ever has about life. (Worm/The Gamer AU)

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Chapter Name Release Date
Tutorial 1.1 ago
Tutorial 1.2 ago
Tutorial 1.3 ago
Tutorial 1.4 ago
Tutorial 1.5 ago
Tutorial 1.6 ago
Grind 2.1 ago
Grind 2.2 ago
Grind 2.3 ago
Grind 2.4 ago
Grind 2.5 ago
Grind 2.6 ago
Cutscene: Text Conversation ago
Buff 3.1 ago
Buff 3.2 ago
Cutscene: Ricardo Montez ago
Buff 3.3 ago
Buff 3.4 ago
Buff 3.5 ago
Cutscene: Air is the Worst Element ago
Cutscene: Model Friendship ago
Buff 3.6 ago
Buff 3.7 ago
Buff 3.8 ago
Buff 3.9 ago
Buff 3.10 ago
Buff 3.11 ago
Buff 3.12 ago
Cutscene: Heated Words ago
Buff 3.13 ago
Cutscene: Funny Feelings ago
Aggro 4.1 ago
Cutscene: I AM THE NIGHT! ago
Aggro 4.2 ago
Aggro 4.3 ago
Aggro 4.4 ago
Cutscene: Ninja Magic and Stabby Things ago
Cutscene: Knight In Plastic Armor ago
Aggro 4.5 ago
Cutscene: I Need A Hero ago
Aggro 4.6 ago
Aggro 4.7 ago
Aggro 4.8 ago
Aggro 4.9 ago
Cutscene: A Mother Worries ago
Cutscene: Viral ago
Cutscene: Ssssssmokin' ago
Aggro 4.10 ago
Aggro 4.11 ago
Aggro 4.12 ago
Aggro 4.13 ago
Aggro 4.14 ago
What Could Have Been (Original Ending to this Story) ago
(Canon Sidestory) Throne of Heroes I: A Hero's Summoning ago
Aggro 4.15 ago
Cutscene: Understandings ago
(Non-Canon) What If: A Darker Path I ago
Aggro 4.16 ago
Aggro 4.17 ago
Aggro 4.18 ago
Cutscene: Brockton Truck Simulator ago
Mob 5.1 ago
Mob 5.2 ago
Mob 5.3 ago
Mob 5.4 ago
Mob 5.5 ago
Mob 5.6 ago
Mob 5.7 ago
Cutscene: Mission Control ago
Mob 5.8 ago
Mob 5.9 ago
Cutscene: Introspections ago
Mob 5.10 ago
Mob 5.10b ago
Mob 5.11 ago
Cutscene: Implacable ago
Cutscene: Triage ago
Mob 5.12 ago
Mob 5.13 ago
Cutscene: Glorious ago
Mob 5.14 ago
Mob 5.15 ago
Mob 5.16 ago
My Friend Greg (Non-Canon Sidestory) ago
Mob 5.17 ago
Cutscene: Parahuman Response Team ago

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I have never read Worm, and even without the, no doubt important, background information from that series, I am loving this one.

The character is just strange enough to be interesting.

The story seems well thought out, or at the very least well written enough to hide its flaws.

The grammar is immaculate.

And all in all it's a good fun read!

Minutiae Idiosyncrasy
  • Overall Score

This story brings a smile to my face.

 I must say, this is one of the only stories on Royal Royal where I can say I like it without faults rushing into my mind. This story doesn't seem to have any faults that are large, I mean, the grammar is great, no spelling mistakes that i've seen, and the characters are all individual.

I must say, Greg is quite a great Gamer, and I can't wait to see what other adventures he has.


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Holy hell, this is good!

I've always thought that a good story doesn't have to br original in it's ideas, it's how its written. You, my friend, are a great writer in the making!

The only thing needed is to proofread the story as there are a few errors here and there. But other than that, I have no real criticism.

  • Overall Score

I love it so far. I know that this is a fan-fiction base on the Worm series, but it is written well enough to stand on its own.

Somethin Somethin Dead People
  • Overall Score

Extremely Fun, Lovable Main Character

The main character is a lovable ball of weird, the story and world are very interesting so far. There is also no need to know about the source material at all, and I personally think its made it an even better experience, because someone who is well-versed in the source material will recognize certain things and be able to deduce a lot, whereas I was always curious about this new part of the world opening up. If the rest of the novel is of even similar quality to where I've read up to, the 31st record or whatever, then the novel would deserve a medal put on the home page of RR.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Seriously this is amazing

Ive never read Worm before but I have read the Gamer. My original fear was that this book was just another copycat of either or both of the previously mentioned stories. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This book is definitely one of the best I’ve ever read in this website in the four years I’ve been here I can’t wait to see how this pans out

Zombie Unicorne
  • Overall Score

Don't need to know the orginal to enjoy this

I don't know the original story was about but despite that I very much enjoyed this story. I guess thats what seperate a good fanfic to a midiocre one and I applaud the author for such a accomplishment.

Pls keep going.

  • Overall Score
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hearty read! recommendation is in order!

thx for all the hard work until now!

review as of chapter 4.2

loved it. Had some laughs. Read it with a smile.

no real suggestions from me, havent found any problems at all.

it was just a nice hearty read, which necessitates my scoring.

i hope for many more chapters and would love to see this fiction until the end

with thx


  • Overall Score

A quirky story that seems to be getting better as the series progresses. 

Enough action to keep things interesting without hampering the story and world building.

Definately worth a look if your after something a little lighter then some of the darker/broody stories on this site.

  • Overall Score


I love stories like this and i think this one is turning into my favorite after just one chapter.