Olapa Asan was the world's most famous archaeologist, he discovered a lot of relics from past civilizations such as the forgotten Ember race, which was a race of humans with a slightly pale green skin, the Atuk tribe of South America, a tribe consisting of women who specialized in diamond arts. He also discovered the Holy Grail which caused a huge uproar in the world.

Asan won the Nobel peace prize for his humanitarian works in Africa and in the Middle East. It is not an exaggeration to call him an OP (over powered) of a man, although he turned 60 years old this year, he still maintained the Casanova looking physique of his youth, though his face was no longer as handsome as before, he possesses a mature lady killer aura that hardly any man could compete against.


After months of preparation and exploration in that Amazon jungle. Asan and his team had finally gotten into the ancient grounds of the Iluminaçào tribe.

"Hahaha... Finally after months of exploration we are finally here".

Asan could not hide the joy in his voice on getting into the ancient grounds. Asan and his team explored the ancient grounds for clues of the hidden tunnel of the Iluminaçào tribe. Few hours into their search a crew member suddenly shouted.

"Boss! Boss! I have found an underground tunnel!"

with the crew member sudden shout, Asan and the other rushed over quickly.

On getting there Asan could not hold back his joy as he laughed out loud.

"Hahaha.....Good work Jimmy ( crew member who discovered the tunnel), all of you stay back! I'll go in first to observe what's in there! Remember the emergency signal in case anything happens! Everyone setup camp while I am gone".

Asan gave some stern instructions to his crew members and dived into the underground tunnel.

It was totally dark inside the the underground tunnel, Asan could not help but murmur to himself.

"What a dark tunnel, I wonder what I'll find this time, hehehe.... i really can't wait to see the treasures of the tribe... I can't wait for the discover party, i wonder if the Magret twins will attend"

As an old Casanova, Asan couldn't help himself from having wild thought of the South American beauties who will be attending the discovery party, when he finally reveals the treasures of the Iluminaçào tribe to the world.

Although, Asan is a well known Casanova, he would not let his 'third leg' take over his senses while on the job, he quickly put aside his wild imaginations in his head and took out a flash light from his backpack moving deeper into the tunnel.

After walking for 3days. Asan could not see any signs of the tunnel exit, he couldn't help but curse out loud.

"Why the f*** is this tunnel so damn deep, I don't believe I your grandfather will not make it to the end ".

Being an archaeologist was a somewhat boring profession, only those with inhuman level of perseverance, determination and are strong mentally are able to stand out, Asan being the world's best archaeologist had all these attributes in 'truck loads'.

After cursing a bit more, Asan gritted his teeth and discarded some of his heavier equipment and moved on deeper into the tunnel.

After walking for another 6 days he still could not see any sign of the tunnel exit, he went on for another 2 days and he still could not see any sign of the exit.

Just as he was preparing to give up, he saw an intense white light coming from deep within the tunnel.

Asan's eyes lit up, as they could not hide the wild joy in his heart, he quickened his pace as he moved closer to the source of the white light.

After walking for another 10 minutes.

Asan came to sudden stop this was because there was a huge gorge in front of him with a few solid platforms rising from the depths of the gorge for one to step on.

Asan took in a breath of fresh air.He mused for a while before he pointed his flash light into the gorge hoping to see the depths and if possible what was in it.

As the light traveled through the pitch black darkness of the gorge. Asan was frightened to discover he could not see the bottom.

"What a deep gorge, I can't imagine what would happen if someone falls into such a place".

Asan retracted the light from the gorge. He mused for a bit and decided to try his luck with the platforms.

He was no stranger to danger. with his mind settled and prepared. Asan took a few steps back to build up momentum for the jump to the first platform, which was just a few meters from him.

Just as he was about to jump. he heard a slight rumbling sound from within the depths of gorge.

Asan halted in his steps as he cautiously looked downwards into the gorge. He could not believe his eyes, when he looked into the gorge.

There was only one emotion written all over his face and that was Extreme fear. Asan was so afraid he lost control of his legs, as they became a little bit wobbly.


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