The 7 Realms

by Mrdojo

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Reincarnation Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Olapa Asan gets transported into another world, when he comes in contact with a strange white gem stone.

He wakes up to realize he is in a strange new world, a world which is not as technologically advanced as earth but 70% of the people utilize strange powers from the realms to do basic things of life. This is a world where the strong reign supreme.

The 60 years old Asian is now 10 years old.. What the hell is happening.


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I Am Ascending (IV)
Word Smith (IV)
Group Leader (II)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Contact ago
Contact Part 2 ago
Contact part 3 ago
World of Realms ago
Am I Dead? ago
Bridge Between Worlds.. ago
Divine Eagle Sect. ago
10yrs Old again ago
3 YEARS!!! ago
Two Options ago
A Cultivator ago
Decision ago
A New Beginning - Welcome to Hell ago
A Helper Disciple ago
Brotherhood of Empires ago
First Fight? - Too Easy!!! ago
First Kill? ago
Lu Hao's Rage ago
Helper Disciples Division part 1 ago
Helper Disciples Division part 2 ago
Most Wanted ago
Pain!!! ago
I'll Remember This ago
Identity Token ago
I knew it - Found Him ago
Undercover Identity ago
New Goals ago
Mortal Alchemist ago
Meeting Xaoi He Again ago
A Thousand Books ago
Undercurrent Part 1 ago
Undercurrent Part 2 ago
Orbs of Enlightenment - What A Monster Part 1 ago
Orbs of Enlightenment - What A Monster Part 2 ago
Rejection ago
Mysterious Old Man ago
Millions of books..... ago
Greedily Assimilating – The Search for Ye Qiu ago
Going into Hiding ago
Do You Want Me To Grow BOOBS!!! ago
Poison? - The World of Realms ago
Let Everything Be One ago
Departure – Northern Mountains [2 in 1] ago
Side Effect – Deathly Forest ago
Tempering the Mind to Temper the Body ago
The Mystery of the Mind – Conquering the Mind ago
Massacre ago
Remembering Elder Chen's Words ago
Conditions For Success [2 in 1] ago
Life Gates - Life Energy ago

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