Ravenport: Luna's Awakening

Ravenport: Luna's Awakening

by Inkpunch

Life is kind of a bummer for eighteen-year-old Luna Oswald. She works dead-end job, has a less than supportive family and feels like she's nothing special. And it looks to be another boring Christmas Eve in the year 2059. Just as she gets off from work and prepares for another night of surfing the internet, she's sent out to gather firewood with her step-brother.

While out, the two stumble across a secret ritual that ends with Luna being transformed into a werewolf and running for her life. She manages to stumble into the city and eventually onto the car hood of Miguel Morales, a cybernetic ex-cop determined to find the crime boss responsible for murdering his family. Together, the two must search the city for clues while also keeping themselves safe from other supernatural threats and keeping Luna's monstrous form a secret.

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actually dares to be passionate and unique

Reviewed at: Epilogue: S.O.S.

So many works on this site just follow whatever the latest trend is, but this here is proper fiction. It absolutely bleeds passion from every chapter, and you can instantly tell this is something special. It mixes a setting unique even to the veteran urban fantasy reader, with even more unique characters that feel like they're right in the room with you. I love how the author isnt afraid to get creative with the near-future werewolve idea, but the take on werewolves themselves is also amazing (luna fumbling around in the book is heckin cute, morales is also believable as heck, sakura doesnt get a lot of screentime but shes a strong character too). I love me a good werewolf novel, but so many of them are either gore and murder fests, or copy and paste romance novels. But this is what it should be, a unique take, with a unique relationship between the MC and their own nature. 

To top it all, this book doesnt fall short on the structure and writing. Sure theres an error or two each chapter, but most of them are just a missing helping word or 1 letter typo, and you only notice them at all because of how strong the rest of the writing is to compare them to. The style is easily comprable to several professional authors ive seen, heck, some of them could probably learn from this on how to set up the overall flow. The introduction in particular was done excellently, it gives you a glimpse into her life to see where shes coming from, then throws her into a new one for contrast (i know a lot of fiction does this, but here it actually works for once).

This is the kind of thing i love this site for, why i spend hours each day combing through the different lists. For these ever-so-rare works of pure creativity. Thank you for this, ill be watching for the next issue. 


I loved this story. I don't know why there are no other comments, it's a story on the same level as a novel. very good work, simple and pleasant reading. I found this story while researching originale werewolf stories.I especially recommend this story for those who enjoy a good werewolf story, which is fun and doesn't look like Twilight xD I had fun, thanks for reading.