Dungeon Chef

by YesorNo

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Dungeon Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

The world is a Dungeon. The Dungeon Core shattered long years ago in an event called the Splintering. The shards of the Core scattered across the world. The large ones formed mini Dungeons of their own. The smaller ones turned into Skill Shards.

The inhabitants of the world can fuse with Skill Shards to get skills. Duh. But there is a catch: each skill shard when fused with its owner requires the owner to eat certain magic rich foods in order to grow and improve.

That's where the Dungeon Chefs come in.

Our MC travels back in time from the future and uses his knowledge to free humanity from the oppression of the other races.

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Quick first impressions

Classical story of powerful character returning back in time to when he was powerless.

First impression:

  • Characters motives are clear without being cliché and the few others seemed as fleshed out as the protagonist.
  • Worlbuilding is hinted and boy does it look intriguing
  • Prose is well written with good description and a clear picture of thought process. Especially like the sand part.

Worth giving it a try

Great expectations for the long run. 

  • Overall Score

I'll probably change my rating later.

Okay... I will admit that I was hoping that this was a story about how Anthony Bourdain or some other famous chef became a dungeon core and began to create levels devoted to cooking.  

Alas, this is not that story.  And I will admit that I almost gave up at the reference to "

Even after his ominous reputation for using the blood of his foes as kitchen ingredients spread to the ears of the Orc Chiefs and they bayed for his blood in return." which sounded like the author was trying way too hard.

But I kept going, and I have to admit that I kind of like what I read.  The idea of skill shards fascinates me.  Therein lies the material that will make or break this admittedly over-written fiction.

I didn't really enjoy chapter 1, but by chapter 3 I was enjoying myself.  So who knows.  Hopefully, we have another winner here.

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Story seems nice. The medic was a good start- his skill was cool, and his usage of it was even cooler, which sets the standards of the quality of the world pretty high. It's well written, and by that I mean grammatically it doesn't make me want to gouge my eyes out. Beyond that I'm not a great judge. The main character preserves, which I think is the most desireable trait, and the one readers can't help admiring or cheering on. I think this is especially true in a grimdark story. Revenge isn't the healthiest thing to have, but it has both the best of and worst of intentions so I'm down. I am worried about the sexual content tag. I suppose I don't know whether I stand in the majority or in the minority on this either. It's a good story either way.


Looking forward to more chapters than 7!

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Story generated a good vibe from the get go.  

Characters (at least the named ones) are fleshed out on motivations and a sense of drive.  Though most is only from the perspective of the MC.

The imediate changes from the original timeline lead toward a break in the title from the story.

Overall a good start to a hopefully good story.

Grammar and punctuation are clean.  Not a translation.

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Definitely a recommendation

I won't explain the story, that is a task for the description to handle. I will say, however, that the story is realistic in a fantasy setting, and that says a few things. The author has paid attention to detail and it shows.

Style is above the usual RoyalRoad novels. You will be held against your will, by your will, to read this novel. Have some important stuff to do? Well, too bad, can't stop till it's over.

Grammar is mostly perfect, and I noticed only two mistakes or so. The mistakes were small enough to not impact reading experience, so full points for that as well. 

Well, here we reach a tricky point in character. There are some that will say something about "one dimensional characters" and some that will sing songs of joy about how amazingly well every character is presented. Well, whatever they say, I don't really care, but here is the thing; eight chapters in the story is a bit too little to say anything about proper character development for my liking. That said, if we do really go by the characters that were focused on and expanded upon, the author has done an amazing job in just eight chapters. 

Overall? It's a solid five. The description promises and the story delivers. Even if you're not entirely sure about reading the novel with its description, give it a go. I guarantee that you will fall in love with the story from these eight chapters I have read, solely.

  • Overall Score

I'm not gonna give a very in depth review, since the story only has 11 chapter at this time.

That being said:

Characters: As said in all other reviews, the characters have been delved into quite a bit given how few chapters have been released; power relationships have been fairly clearly defined, and motivations are clear. (Though some are shoved down your throat sometimes... show don't tell)

Plot: The foundations to the story are set very well. Throught the motivations mentioned earlier, as well as a clear path to follow in the form of the magic system, you have a storh with few contrived elements. (I'll be getting back to the magic system in a sec)

Grammar: The grammar is surprisingly good for a non translated novel. No glaring spelling errors, nor is there a constant shift of tenses, something which is a common problem in many other novels. With some edditing, deffinetly publishing-standard writing.

Worlbuilding: The story is set in a grimdark fantasy world filled with magic. Certain locations are name-dropped, indicating a possible plan of the geography within fhe desert, and a wider world outside the desert is hinted at quite early in the story. That being said, you're not exposed to many elements of the world early on, so the author has alot to work with. Then there's the magic system, which deserves a section of it's own.

Magic: Honestly for me, the magic is the best part of the story. I personally enjoy the realism of the story, as well as the explenation of the skills and power levels. The idea of skillshards needing to feed, or how mana is the extra energy of your body which can be lossed if you don't replenish it is amazing. The skill system woth its risks and benefits and the need of a balanced skillset to make a dungeon is great to me.


All in all, the story is one of great potential which i plan on following. Author san don't let me down here.

(Forgive any glaring issues or straight up bullshit in this review, I'm just a 15yr old jackass bored enough to review work of such quality that I could never emulate )

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It takes a special type of story for me to read it, one that just hooks you at the first chapter and doesn't dissapoint after, not even one chapter. It's been a while since I found of those: This is it.

The grammar is superb, the story is excellent, Characters have goals and backstory, constant progression without rushing... I found myself begging for more at chapter 12.

The on thing that I believe makes this story is the fleshed out characters. More oftne then not I start to read something and it's all MC, then I drop.

Good worldbuilding, the "System" as well. 

I can't wait till you release more.


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MOAR. I like the fact of the weak and common shards used in a clever and VERY interesting way. Like the old medic, hopefully the MC will get on of those too.

Jon Landers
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There's going to come a day where I look at this story and I think, "How did it get here?" When that day comes, I can only imagine it's going to be an absolute joy to come back to these early chapters and reread them.

The first moment that I knew that this story was going to hit me was actually on the first page. The description of the orc, Gura, right at the beginning of the story was something else. It hinted at things to come very soon.

Really, there's not much happening so far. In eleven current chapters, the story is still very much beginning. Lord almighty, though, there is a wealth of talent being shown by YesOrNo in these few chapters so far. Of this world, I already feel I know so much, but the mystery is still strong.

Sand's story is one that I'll be following for quite a long while yet.

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I am writing this review after the release of chapter 12. 

Each day I check to see if a new chapter has been released. I am loving this fresh fantasy take and I cannot wait to see how the story unfolds. I don’t think I have seen enough development out of Sands for me to become attached to him as a lead character, however that is not unexpected and it will definitely come as the story progresses.

Give this fiction and read and review! I think it will be something great, and I hope you all do to.