This country is not that different from Japan. Moving is very tiring,first England then Japan now here *sigh*.

Today shouldn't be that bad, since it's the first day. I will need to make new friends again *shivers*. I was already dressed in my uniform and was ready to go to school.I rode my bike and went to our coffee shop near a mall. When I entered someone BUMPED INTO ME, I dropped some of my things. *Tch* this bloody wanker.

"Im sorry, im sorry I didn't see you"
You already have glasses and yet you still bump into people.
*scoffs* neh it's alright, I responded. After helping me pick up my stuff, she rushed out of the coffee house. Hmmm she has the same school uniform as me.

I ordered coffee and I saw my dad sitting next to the window reading a newspaper.
"Morning dad" he set aside the newspaper and greeted me.
"Are you excited to go to school" dad said. "A tad" not really though, "remind me again why we had to move here in the first place?"
"For the millionth time dear, your mother wanted to visit her friends and family before we go back to London"
"Yeah I know but why do we need to come with her?"
"Because we're family now of course, look at the time you should head to school now" her dad said
"Yeah sure, bye then"
"Take care"

I rode my bike and headed down to school, shit I'm a few minutes late.I arrived at school and looked for my classroom. "finally I found it"

I saw a student who walked inside the classroom, so I followed him.

The teacher spoke,please introduce yourself. He was talking to the guy I followed. After he finished talking I finally went inside and a lot were looking at me. Jeez a lot of them were staring and talking with each other.

omg she is so pretty...dude look....

*internally screams* wtf is happening
Her palms are sweaty,knees weak,arms are heavy, mom's spaghetti, she's nervous

But on the surface she looks calm and ready

Mr Geller: What's your name?
Erica: My name is Erica, Erica Kousaka

(Kate's POV)
What's goin-

...HOLY SHIT.....she..she...looks like...OMG REINA (hibike euphonium)

Alex: ok WHAT?!..........WTF SHE LOOKS LIKE
Alex: she doesss omg

(Erica's POV)
Mr. Geller: Are you British? tell us a little more about yourself

Kate and Alex: *fangirling* *blushes*

Erica: umm, well I grew up in England. I left there when I turned 13 and went to study in Japan.

Kate and Alex: *giggles* hihihi

Erica looked at Kate

Her again? Why the hell is she giggling and looking at me?!

Mr Geller: is that so...alright, you can seat wherever you like.

It's not like there are anymore vacant seats....nevermind there's one next to that girl with the long black hair.

(Narrator's pov lolz)
The girl with the long black hair was Yui. While Erica was walking towards her seat, Hinata asked Kate and Alex.

Hinata: Why the fuck were the two of you giggling like little children?

Kate and Alex were still fangirling

Hinata: jeez HEY!
Kate: ohh sorry, she looks like that girl from an anime we watch And WE LIKE HER
Hinata: im guessing it has something to do with a yuri ship?
Alex: absofuckinglutely
Hinta: jeez

A lot of introduce yourself later it was now time for recess

Fuck im hungry kate thought.
Kate glanced at Erica and thought that she should invite her to eat with them.

Nehhh I have trouble talking to people. I'll let Yui talk to her.

Kate: hey Yui let's invite Erica to eat with us
Yui: heyy, by us you mean me right?
Kate: hehe yeh
Yui: sure why not
Kate: great, alex and I will head down first.
Yui: ok

Alex and Kate left and Yui talked to Erica.

Erica always has a poker/serious face that's why people find it hard to talk to her.

Yui: hi you're Erica right?
Erica: wow someone talked to me, "Yes you're Yui right nice to meet you"
Yui: nice to meet you too, do you want to eat with us?
Erica: I'd love to
Yui: Great! You really do have a British accent
Erica: *laughs* yeah

They went out of the classroom when Hinata jumped out of nowhere and scared Yui.

Hinata: hahahaaha you should have seen the look on your face.
Yui:ha..ha..ha anyways Hinata this is Erica
Hinata: oh hi you're the new student right?
Erica: yep
Hinata: are you joining us to eat?
Erica: yeh, thanks for inviting me again Yui
Yui: oh no need to thank me,it was actually Kate who said to invite you.
Hinata: kate?! Hahahaha really?
Yui: yeh shocking right

Hmmm...this Kate girl must be lovely Erica thought

They finally reached the cafeteria

(Alex and Kate were already in the cafeteria looking for food)
Alex: you know now that I think about it, she doesn't really look like a 100% like Reina
Kate:*scoffs* obviously, she's from an anime
Alex: yeh I know that but her eyes are different
Alex: *startled* jeez dude what?
Alex: i wish you luck my friend
Kate rolled her eyes

Alex already bought food while "Ughhhhhhhhhh" kate said in a very irritated manner. Thay sat down, Kate was still moping. "I wanna go home" kate said.
"We all do" alex said. Kate sighed. She rested her head on her arms and closed her eyes because she was pissed again.

Alex: wake up they're here
Kate: i dont fucking care about who's here
Alex: *rolls eyes* whatever you say dude

Erica did not buy any food because it all looked unappetizing while Yui and Hinata brought their own food.

Yui: They're sitting down over there.

They walked to the table and sat down

Yui: Erica this is Alex
Alex: sup
Erica: "that's the one who was giggling with the wanker", Hi
Yui: and this one is Kate
Kate:.... *was still sleeping*

Kate forgot that Yui invited Erica. Hinata stepped on Kate's foot aggressively.
Kate finally sat properly

Kate: OW WHAT THE FUCK????!!!

*Awkward silence*

Kate looked at Erica..."OH SHIT" Kate said.
Kate:...Hi...I'm Kate...n-nice...t-to meet you.

Great you embarassed youself AGAIN, anxiety said.

Erica: Hi nice you...too...?

Look at how she reacted MY GOD KATE, anxiety said.

But the real reason Kate reacted like that was because the girl that bumped onto her in the coffee shop,giggled and stared at her was the same person who invited her.

Yey coincidences Kate thought

Hinata finally broke the silence, "let's enjoy our meals" hinata said. Then she saw Erica and Kate did not have anything to eat. I wanna crawl in a hole and die hinata thought. But the three of them gave Erica and Kate food so in the end they all ate something.

The recess was awkward but they still made a few jokes and enjoyed their time nonetheless.

It was finally time to go home since it was a half day. They said goodbye to each other.

(Kate's pov)
Hinata was waiting for their driver to pick her up, Yui and Alex walked home together since they both ride the same train. While I walked alone to the bustop near the mall. While I was waiting for the bus to arrive, I saw Erica walking towards a coffee shop.

"Huh? That coffee shop seems familiar". The bus arrived and she got in.

Wait a minute....was she...nehh...OHHHHH MY GOD...she was the one I bumped into.

She facepalmed herself because she wasn't able to notice that.

What an idiot *laughs at herself*. She plugged her earphones again and clicked on her playlist. The song Love is Mystical by the Cold War Kids played.


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The 11th Hour Bastard @The 11th Hour Bastard ago

The character interactions were pretty good. I could learn from this.