It was finally morning even though it was still dark outside. Kate's alarm clock was ringing,at firt she pressed snooze. 5 minutes later her alarm clock was ringing again,she also pressed snooze.

It was the 6th time she pressed snooze fucking hell. "GET THE FUCK UP" her older brother shouted. Kate immediately jumped out of bed.It was already 5:30 am some of you might think that's hella early but her school was far.

"Jeez no need to cuss" kate said. "Says the person who can't survive one day without cussing" her brother said. Kate rolled her eyes.

Her brother was not in the same school as kate because he was already in college. He woke up her little sister because he was asked to not because he cares.

After thinking of how to murder his brother, she went to the bathroom and took a shower brushed her teeth yada yada.Then got dressed in her uniform,her uniform consists of a white short sleeved blouse with a teal green tie,grey short skirt,of course socks they didn't care if it was short or long black or white.

She looked in the mirror and fixed her brown hair. She wore her black framed glasses.

People say my eyes are so beautiful because my eye color is purple but my fucking eyesight sucks.

She didn't get a chance to eat because the bus arrived, she rushed out of the house and ran to the bus stop. The bus was not a school bus so it was filled with adults. She rode a bus because there were no trains near her house. Her destination is a mall near her school.

*She checked her watch* 6:02 one hour of travel. She put on earphones listening to her playlist called "Hellz yeah music". She Looked at her surroundings while "Arc NorthMy Love ft. Jonört" played.
It's getting brighter by the minute.

*1 hour later*
The bus stopped,they arrived at the mall.

(Kate narrating)
"Shit im hungry" well time to look for somewhere to buy breakfast. I found a coffee shop near the mall,since the actual mall was still closed. I bought coffee and sandwich. After eating I stood up and went to the door. I was not really paying attention then I suddenly bumped into someone. Oh no, oh shit, what a dumb fuck you are anxiety said.

Kate: "Im sorry, im sorry i didn't see you".
Unknown:*scoffs* neh it's alright.

I helped her get her things. After that i said sorry again and immediately ran out of the coffee house.*heavy breathing*......*sighs* well im never gonna go back there again.

"I finally reached the path" path to heaven FUCK NO, PATH TO HELL . This path leads to our campus.The breeze was cool and the road was covered im trees. It's like something you would see in a cliche movie. Some of the students were riding a bike but most of them were walking. A few minutes of walking and i have arrived.

Am i ready? I don't really have a choice. I walked inside the gates and proceeded to go to the lobby. I saw Yui talking to some of our old classmates. She hasn't noticed me yet.

Kate:psst Yui
Kate: yep where are the oth-
Kate:.....i'm sorry,who are you?
*Yui laughs*
Hinata: ouch that hurts it's me Hinata duh
Kate:....*confused look* huh?........WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENDED TO YOUR FUCKING HAIR???
Hinata: hahaha your reaction though, I dyed it.
Kate: it sure looks dead (cuz dyed/died)
Yui: it's the first day of school pls no puns
Alex: hahahaha back at it again with the puns.
Kate: you fucking dyed your hair too?? You look like Karma (assassination classroom) wait actually you look like 707 (mystic messenger)cuz of the glasses
Alex: yeh i was bored
Yui: so what's new with you guys?

*we talked and laughed a lot about what happened to each of us during summer*

Yui: look the teachers are here
Hinata: they're telling us go to class now
Alex: *sigh* torture

We finally went to our classroom

The four of us sat in the back. Alex was behind my seat but we were both next to the window while Yui and Hinata were on our left side. The class was very noisy until the teacher spoke.

Teacher: hello everyone my name is Ross Geller you can call me Mr. Geller. I can recognize all of you because I taught all of you History last year but there are 2 new students this year.

*the door opened* we were not really paying attention at who was being introduced.

Mr. Geller: everyone pay attention!...please continue.

*Kate pretends to listen*.Ugh im still hungry I wonder what i should eat for snacks today hmmmm.

*the class became noisy*.... omg she is so pretty...dude look....

What's goin-

...HOLY SHIT.....she..she...looks like...


A note from Diedyesterday

/sooo wassup hehe...the playlist kate was listening to is real you can search it on youtube. 


Look for Died yesterday (yt channel) and look at the channel's playlist/

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